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Apple accused of copying features Windows and Android for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

A number of users who watched the WWDC presentation 2015 Monday, we are convinced that many Apple ideas for their new operating systems, the company borrowed from the software Google...



Apple radically updates the cloud infrastructure in anticipation of the launch of a new music service

Apple radically updates the server infrastructure and modernizing its data centers in anticipation of the launch of a new music service Apple Music, reported Bloomberg on Monday. The initiative is...



The iOS market share is growing, Android and Windows Phone is losing popularity

At the time, as the proportion of devices with the iOS operating system in the market is growing, smartphones, Windows Phone is rapidly losing ground. Observers connect this to delay...



Microsoft launched a web version of Skype

Skype users have been able to make calls directly from your browser without having to install the application on your computer. Microsoft has opened a public beta version of the...



Apple has registered in 2015 in 3 times less patents than Samsung

The U.S. patent office has updated the list of companies that have registered the most patents in 2014. It is believed that the total number of patents is a key...



Study: Samsung caught up with Apple’s level of customer satisfaction, the iPhone 6 lags behind the Galaxy Note 4

The organization of American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) conducted an annual satisfaction survey of users of different smartphones. At the top of the ranking of mobile device manufacturers, a majority...



7 things you have to decline during the transition to Windows 10

This week, Microsoft outlined the timing of release of new operating systems and conditions to upgrade to Windows 10. The platform will go on sale July 29, 2015. Owners of...



Microsoft has eliminated the vulnerability, which can be used to “kill” Skype

Microsoft quickly fixed the bug in the Skype application, allowing to call the person a failure in the application using the message consists of 8 characters in sequence. The problem...



Apple vs. Google: who’s who borrows ideas?

Last week, Apple fans accused Google of that Corporation is copying ideas from Apple company. This week already users who prefer devices Google, argue that Cupertino shamelessly steals the unique...



Samsung Galaxy S6 could not beat the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in terms of sales in April

Line of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S6 after entering the market in April, are unable to surpass sales of last year’s flagship iPhone 6. It is reported by the research Agency...



How to claim your free copy of Windows 10 right now

Yesterday the head of Microsoft developing Windows Terry Myerson called the official release date of Windows 10. The update will be available on computers and tablets on July 29. During...



How do iMac: photos from the factory Apple in Ireland

Journalists resource Irish Examiner visited the Irish Apple office, located in cork. The campus employs about 4,000 employees. Hence, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad oversees its activities throughout the...



Microsoft bought the Wunderlist task scheduler

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of the German company 6Wunderkinder, which develops cross platform task scheduler Wunderlist. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources. The sum of...



8 the most anticipated features in iOS 9

Every year since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple releases a new version of mobile operating system. The same will happen this time: in a week we...



Official: Windows 10 will be available for download on July 29

The release of the new operating system Windows 10 will be held on 29 July this year. This was stated by the head of Microsoft developing Windows Terry Myerson. The...

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