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Google will compete with Apple for mobile video

Major Internet companies Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Mozilla, Cisco, Intel and Netflix have teamed up in “the open Alliance media” to create a new free standard for Internet video, which will...



IPhone users call the best app to replace the standard iOS

Apple is famous for the optimization of the software in accordance with the requirements of the hardware. However, not always these same programs, or applications, convenient and efficient, and therefore...



In the network appeared the first photos of the “frameless” Nokia C1 smartphone

As is known, of his intention to return to the smartphone market Nokia has stated very publicly. To represent the first device the company will be able only after about...



Microsoft announces new Skype for iOS with interface, “created specifically for the iPhone and iPad”

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of Skype for iPhone. Skype 6.0 is the new edition of “the most popular means of communication in the Network”, being...



Endangered species: why the market falls premium Android smartphones

Many analysts note that “award”, “top” and generally expensive Android smartphones sold is not the same as before. Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, almost all manufacturers of expensive phones on Android...



The hybrid tablet and laptop with 4K display from Toshiba will become a competitor to the MacBook and iPad Pro at the same time

Toshiba announced a hybrid tablet and notebook with a 12.5-inch display that supports a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K). The media are already calling the model Satellite Radius...



Main developer Apple Music and Beats 1 Ian Rogers joined LVMH

One of the top managers of Apple Ian Rogers has resigned two months after the launch of streaming services and Internet radio stations Beats 1. As it turned out, his...



Apple sued 1.7 million rubles from the Russian online store for using the word “apple”

Arbitration court of Moscow has collected 1.7 million rubles on the suit with Apple Moscow four legal entities, owning an online store that sold counterfeit products marked brands Apple. About...



Windows 10 ahead of the popularity of Windows 8 and Vista, but still lags behind OS X

The beginning of the month is traditionally the period when it is possible to analyze the performance of the operating system market from StatCounter. These analysts suggest that the spread...



A former Apple fan explains why he “hated” company

Political commentator Kevin Drum over ten years was a loyal Apple fan. Nonetheless, obsessed with total control nature “Apple” of the company eventually began to irritate columnist until he finally...



Apple is developing augmented reality glasses

Analyst gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has information according to which Apple is working on its own consumer devices augmented reality, reports Holographica. Munster pointed to a number of facts...



MTS launched LTE network in the Moscow metro

MTS has announced the launch of the first 4G LTE network on the territory of the Moscow metro. The network is already available in the lobby, on the escalators and...



Apple did not have time to transfer the personal data of Russians in Russia until September 1

From 1 September in Russia comes into force the law “About the storage and transfer of personal data”. It requires all foreign companies that own email services, social networks or...



Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: performance comparison

Because Microsoft’s share on the operating system market exceeds 90%, when the company releases a new version, users begin to compare it with the previous version of Windows. This time...



Microsoft has allowed to disable automatic app updates in Windows 10 Home

Users of the operating system Home Windows 10 is not allowed to disable system updates, and recently it became known that application in Windows Store they are also updated automatically....

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