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The reaction of companies to the introduction of a “tax on Google” in Russia

From 1 January 2017 in Russia will come into force so-called “tax on Google”, which will affect foreign companies that provide Russian customers of electronic services. To raise prices for...



This disposable world: how Apple and other companies began to deliberately produce non-repairable equipment

The tendency of mobile manufacturers to create more compact and slim models gradually caused insurmountable obstacles for the non-repair of such equipment. In some cases the gadgets turns out to...



7 Russian counterparts macOS and Windows: why do they exist?

In the Wake of talk in Russia about import substitution, increasingly emerges the theme of rejection of the products of American companies in the IT sector, and government agencies from...



Do we need such Nokia?

The once powerful brand, according to leaks, will present its flagship smartphone. A commercial version of a novelty is expected to debut at MWC 2017, which will be held in...



Top major differences between Mac and Windows-PC

The history of the development of modern computers – it is an epic war for market share between Apple and Microsoft. In this competition make the next move. Microsoft released...



iOS called “a powerful weapon of the West” against Russia

The browser edition Rusvesna called American iOS weapons the Western world against Russia. After all, Apple has accumulated in the cloud storage and email server huge amounts of information, “not...



The cash reserves Apple has exceeded the total cost of the most expensive companies of Russia

Apple reported on financial stocks for the last quarter of the current fiscal year. For the last three months in the accounts of the California giant has accumulated $237,6 billion,...



The President of “Barcelona” gave New year to all the players and coaches of the club for the iPhone 7

The President of football club “Barcelona” Josep Maria Bartomeu after the victory over Espanyol (4:1) in the match of the 16th round of the championship of Spain congratulated the players...



“Shouting won’t help”: Tim cook explained why he agreed to meet with Donald trump

Apple CEO Tim cook explained his participation at the meeting of the representatives of the largest IT companies with U.S. President Donald trump the need to engage with the authorities...



Can Nokia to challenge iPhone?

Next year, Nokia received a hefty slap in the face from Apple, and then destroyed by ruthless managers Microsoft apparently has something deeply personal to all smartphones in the world,...



Apple refused to create a registry of Muslims at the request of Donald trump

Apple, Google and Uber, whose leadership joined the Advisory Board created the elected President of the United States Donald trump refused to create a registry of Muslims on the proposal...



Apple lost the court “patent Troll” who bought 2000 patents of Nokia

The company Core Wireless has won a lawsuit from Apple accusing it of violating patents. The plaintiff operated the patents of Nokia company, which in 2011 gave her the right...



Edge browser from Microsoft will soon begin to block Flash by default

Microsoft has joined Apple, Google and Mozilla, announcing a rejection of the use of Flash technology. The company will begin to block Flash content in the new version of the...



Skype for macOS discovered a vulnerability that allows to write down calls and intercept

In the official Skype app for Mac has a security vulnerability that allows to obtain virtually complete access to the application without authorization. According to experts Securitylab, the vulnerability exists...



Trump discussed with Tim cook and the heads of other leading technology companies in the U.S. innovation and job creation

The US President-elect Donald trump met with the heads of major American technology corporations in new York, among whom was the head of Apple Tim cook. According to The Wall...

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