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Smart ring with fingerprint Token will replace passwords, keys, and credit card

Token is a smart ring with a built-in fingerprint scanner that can open doors, start the car, to carry out transactions by credit card and even to enter a password...



Happy birthday, iPhone! 10 years ago Apple released its first smartphone

Today it is hard to remember what the world was like without smartphones, and the era of handheld gadgets, still should count it from the release of the iPhone. This...



21% of Windows users plan to switch to Mac, from Mac to Windows PC – 2%

Apple is the world’s most successful IT company. Sales of iOS-devices hit records. iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market, iPad is the most popular tablet and the...



Virus-extortionist “Peter” massively attacked Windows computers Russian and Ukrainian companies

On Tuesday, the virus-cryptographer Petya attacked dozens of Russian and Ukrainian companies, according to research company. Among the victims, “Rosneft”, “Bashneft”, shops “Auchan”, Mars, TESA, Nivea, Mondelez International (maker of...



New VR-mode for maps in iOS 11 has caused excitement among the users in the network

Apple working on virtual reality technology for iPhone and iPad. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the new features in Apple Maps, which caused a furor in social networks....



32 TB source code of Windows 10 were in open access, Microsoft confirmed the leak

Open access was a huge part of the internal assemblies and components of the Windows kernel 10. On the website Betaarchive has been downloaded about 32 TB non-public distribution of...



Microsoft has released a selfie editor Face Swap for iOS

Microsoft released a new app Face Swap with the help of which you can not only change your appearance, but also to change the background of a photo to the...



How to switch from a Windows PC to Mac: 15 tips

Windows 7 support has ended, Windows 10 seems awkward and boring, and increasingly users are watching on a Mac running macOS. How to switch from PC to Mac later in...



In Kazakhstan can be illegal to give children iPad

More and more modern parents are trying to reduce the time spent by their children at the screen of smartphones and tablets. In Kazakhstan, decided at the legislative level to...



Microsoft: Windows 10 users should always be protected by antivirus

Microsoft released an official statement regarding the complaint of “Kaspersky Lab” in violation of antitrust laws. In a long statement, the Corporation said that users of Windows should be protected...



Trust rating Tim cook among Apple employees is reduced

Amid criticism of the head of Apple Tim cook from the number of analysts and investors of the company, claiming that he is not Steve jobs, the rating of trust...



Scott Forstall: iPhone appeared out of hatred of Steve jobs to the Microsoft employee

Main iOS developer Scott Forstall fired from Apple in 2012, for the first time gave an interview in California the computer history Museum. A former top Manager of Apple told...



Tim cook: “In the US should be the world’s most advanced government. While it is not”

The President of the United States Donald trump held at the White house the first meeting of the technical Council, which was attended by the heads of 18 major American...



Apple Pencil against the Surface Pen: the battle stylus

Along with the iPad Pro, Apple has released a proprietary digital pen Apple Pencil greatly enhances the tablet. In Cupertino strongly emphasize that this is not a stylus, and something...



Skype was a global failure

Skype users are reporting problems with connection and loss of connection in applications. Problems of video communication service began June 19 and continues until now. Not so long ago, Microsoft...

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