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Apple близка к тому, чтобы перевести Mac с чипов Intel на собственные ARM-процессоры

Самая дорогая в мире корпорация обладает огромной властью над поставщиками компонентов для мобильных устройств. В начале недели Imagination Technologies Group объявила о том, что в ближайшие два года Apple откажется...



Russians need to admit Apple is guilty of fraud with the amount of available memory on iPhone

The Presnensky district court of Moscow has transferred hearings under the claim of the Russian Dmitry Petrov for Apple and its reseller re:Store on the inadequacy of the iPhone’s memory...



In the Internet appeared the screenshot of the start menu redesigned interface, Windows 10

In the Internet appeared the screenshot of the updated interface of the operating system Windows 10. If this information is confirmed, then soon Microsoft will Refine the design of their...



Windows 10 is four times more popular than macOS

According to official data published by Apple and Microsoft, audience operating system Windows 10 is four times higher than that in macOS. In September last year, the company from Redmond...



Microsoft has released an application for iPhone with artificial intelligence

Microsoft released a new app Sprinkles that allows you to shoot and process photos on the iPhone. The program uses machine learning for the selection of captions and stickers to...



A patent Troll is going to ban sales of iPhones due to patent infringement on cards and upgrades “over the air”

Apple once again became the victim of a “patent Troll”. As reported by MacRumors, the iPhone maker sued the company Uniloc USA. She accused Apple that its devices use technologies...



Dock DeX for Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in late April and will cost as percomputer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure or, at least, unpopular. Samsung demonstrated their vision of this concept. Together with...



5 features we expect in iOS 11

5 June will open the annual conference for developers WWDC 2017. At this event Apple will unveil a software update for the iOS platform 11. The first version of the...



10 features of Samsung Galaxy S8, which is not in any iPhone

On Wednesday, Samsung showed the world its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+, which will be released in our country at the end of April. The device is equipped...



Apple criticized the decision of Donald trump to cancel Obama decree on combating climate change

Apple is going to stick to the Plan of clean energy (Clean Power Plan) Barack Obama, under which greenhouse gas emissions are the



Apple in the new ad tries to convince that the iPad Pro is better of your computer [video]

Apple has a complicated relationship with the concept of PC two-in-one. The Corporation is carefully not called iPad Pro



Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 – the battle is declared open

Flagship smartphones of the latest generation Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+ – serious competitors of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Announced on Wednesday the South Korean new interesting...



Apple is no longer the most expensive company in the world

It is considered that Apple is the most valuable Corporation in the world. This is true, judging by stock exchange quotations, its market capitalization is estimated at $730 billion, Its...



FT: Apple more than a year working with the augmented reality glasses, the release should not wait until 2018

In the past, Apple has repeatedly expressed its interest in augmented reality (AR). At the same time, recently, the network appeared a lot of conflicting information concerning the company-developed solutions....



Microsoft will release the China special version of Windows 10, not spying on users

Microsoft is finalizing a special version of Windows 10 operating system, created at the request of the Chinese government. Modification of OS approved by the authorities of the country, will...

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