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“Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro”

Journalist resource Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino has tested the new MacBook Pro. As an experiment he decided to use on the laptop is Windows 10 instead of the native macOS....



Microsoft will introduce in April a new operating system Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft is developing a new operating system. This is indicated by reference to a mysterious Windows 10 Cloud tools developers OS and configuration files product keys. According to Mary Jo...



A new tactic for Microsoft in the battle for the attention of fans of Apple technology

Sales of Microsoft in the 4th quarter reached $1.3 billion, showing annual growth of more than 40%, and revenue teams Surface for the full year was $4.3 billion OEM market...



Trump’s decision to close the US from foreign programmers may pose challenges for Apple

The administration trump has prepared a presidential decree, which introduces new rules for the distribution of work visas H-1B foreign programmers. As reported by 9to5Mac, this decision might relate to...



How to free download disk image Windows 10 (ISO file)

Not many people know that Microsoft has provided a free download of Windows 10. Everyone who is planning to put the OS on a new computer or run “Windows



The Danish authorities proposed to consider Apple and Google in a new kind of States

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Denmark considers transnational corporations are a new kind of States. The government introduced the post of “digital Ambassador”, who will deal with the cooperation...



Apple iTunes will transfer related to international assets in Ireland

Apple has a special position in Ireland, which have caused the claims of the European Commission. But this does not prevent copertina continue to transfer their assets in a European...



iPad today celebrates its seventh birthday

Seven years ago, on 27 January 2010, Steve jobs announced the first iPad, which revolutionized the computer market. A device that can combine the functions of the desktop, e-reader, and...



Apple, Samsung and Microsoft stood on the account for the payment of a “tax on Google” in Russia

The Federal tax service (FTS) has identified Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Netflix and a further 12 companies for the payment of a “tax on Google”. This follows from the...



Apple joined the organization for the study of artificial intelligence involving IBM and Microsoft

Apple joined the non-profit organization for the study of artificial intelligence “Partnership on AI”, which consist of Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook and Amazon. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to...



Apple released a public version of macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 1 with mode Night Shift for Mac

In the past year following the release of the beta version of iOS 10 developer Apple first launched the public testing of its mobile and desktop operating systems. Today, the...



Utility Wine to run Windows applications on a Mac received the support of 64-bit and Retina display.

Outdoor Wine project dealing with the integration application program interfaces (APIs) Windows family of operating systems Unix/Linux, announced the release of Wine 2.0. For the new version are more than...



Poll: do you use Night Shift in iOS? Plan to use in macOS?

This week Apple released the first beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4 for developers, which will be available to all Mac owners in the coming months. Any major changes the update...



Apple came in second place in sales of smartphones in Russia

Apple by the end of 2016 took 11.1 per cent of the Russian market of smartphones in pieces – its share grew by 3.5%. This is reported by “Vedomosti”, citing...



Media: the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be transformed into a computer

Despite all the efforts by Samsung, the upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 known to almost all. As The Guardian reports, citing informed sources, the company plans to introduce two...

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