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Microsoft copied another feature of macOS to Windows 10

Microsoft released a new test build of Windows 10, which users found a familiar operating system macOS function. We are talking about the technology of “picture in picture” implemented in...



Tim cook: Steve jobs would love Apple Pencil

After leaving as head of Apple Steve jobs in 2011, Tim cook officially became CEO. As observers, on the post of CEO cook makes the company more open and tries...



Word, Excel, and PowerPoint received the support of the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro

Presenting a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple demonstrated several third-party applications that work with the brand the touchpad laptops. Many developers have expressed a desire to get the API...



Apple received 92% of global operating profit from smartphone sales

Thanks to flagship smartphone the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple managed to increase its share in the revenue in the global smartphone market. In the final quarter of...



Apple, Google and Facebook went to court because of the migration of the ban trump

The largest U.S. technology companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter sent a conclusion regarding the adverse impact of the immigration decree of the President of the United States...



Four myths about MacBook, or how to switch from PC to Mac and survive

In modern conditions marketing has become a formidable weapon. The PC market is very tough competition. For some manufacturers, there is an army of fans who await the release of...



Apple TV vs Nintendo Switch: what to choose?

With each update to the Apple TV device is more like full-fledged gaming console. Meanwhile, Nintendo releases a new Nintendo console hybrid Switch that can be used both offline and...



Russian Twitter user has posted an ISO image of an early build of Windows 10 Cloud

As you know, in the latest test builds of Windows 10 have found mention of the new operating system Windows 10 Cloud. Apparently, this OS will resemble the Windows platform...



Named the 5 main advantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 on the iPhone 8

Samsung always focuses on the hardware of their devices, and the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 will probably be one that combines all latest achievements in the industry. There will...



The apples in the debt: Apple has completed the placement of bonds by $10 billion

Apple has completed the placement of bonds by several billion dollars. Thus, the company seeks to diversify its sources of funding. The iPhone maker has joined the ranks of companies...



Apple, Google and Facebook are preparing an open letter to Trump demanding to remove immigration ban

The largest American IT companies, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are preparing an open letter in connection with the decision of the President of the United States Donald...



How to run Internet Explorer on Mac

Microsoft has developed a special software tool RemoteIE, which allows you to run Internet Explorer on computers and mobile devices running macOS, iOS and Android. It does not require the...



Google overtook Apple and became the most expensive brand in the world

Google in 2017 became the most expensive brand, shifting from the first line of Apple. This is stated on the report of the research company Brand Finance. For 2016 the...



Apple is looking for legal grounds for cancellation of the migration ban trump

Apple lawyers develop a strategy for the abolition of the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump about the ban on entry for citizens of certain countries....



The largest application developers join the fight against the immigration ban trump

Airbnb, Netflix, GitHub, Google and other big companies have opposed the migration of the decrees of Donald trump. American Union civil liberties in one weekend received six times more donations...

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