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Apple after Google started to collect and blur the personal data of users

In September 2016, Apple has begun testing a new technology for collecting user data, and now are introducing it in their new products. Reported by analysts LeapYear Technologies. Technology solves...



Nintendo announced the app Switch Online, which is designed for use with the iPhone a Nintendo console Switch

Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android. Title the release is scheduled for July 21 this year. The app will be designed to ensure that...



“Glamorous pink nightmare”: the iOS users criticized the new Skype interface

Recently, Microsoft introduced a completely redesigned and updated Skype, which is increasingly becoming a universal means for communication and interaction of users on the



Apple joined the working group on the standardization of WebVR

Apple was among the participants of the working group of the W3C, which develops the draft WebVR. His goal is adding support for virtual reality in the major browsers –...



Safari was more popular than Microsoft Edge

At the beginning of the month the network began to appear the new reports the relative market share of browsers and operating systems. If the segment of OS of Microsoft...



Microsoft will add the old version of Windows reminders updates

Microsoft intends to add in Windows operating system to remind you of updates. Users who stayed on older versions of the OS, will regularly receive a notification to upgrade. History...



Sales of Microsoft Surface devices was lower than expected

Taiwan’s Pegatron faced with a reduction in the number of orders for the Assembly of smartphones and laptops, reports industry publication Digitimes. This is because Apple has not released a...



One of the best features copied from macOS will not appear in the next update of Windows

Update Windows 10 Update Fall Creators will not get one of the most important functions, which was expected, users in a future release. Wrote about this in his Twitter-account Vice-President...



Between your smartphone and laptop: the identity crisis iPad

When Apple only launched the iPad, it seemed that the company was able to offer a convenient and compact device to replace laptops. Sales of the device grew the first...



5 reasons to permanently abandon Windows in favor of macOS

This week on Russia, Ukraine and several other countries were struck by a powerful cyber attack. Hacking virus-the extortioner “Peter” has shown the vulnerability of information infrastructures around the world....



The US eased sanctions against Russia to “Russian is not switched from the iPhone and iPad for Samsung”

In December last year, President Obama signed a decree on the expulsion of the U.S. 35 Russian diplomats. At the same time, the U.S. government banned American companies to maintain...



«Шизофрении нет предела»: пользователь Mac перешел на Windows 10 и рассказал о своих впечатлениях

Журналист Павел Урусов решил устроить себе испытание и перейти с компьютера Mac на Windows-ноутбук. Он рассказал, с какими проблемами ему пришлось столкнуться при работе с Windows 10 и как он...



Too expensive, uncomfortable, bad battery: what critics say about the first iPhone ten years ago

Before the iPhone became one of the most popular devices in the world, many experts, analysts and competitors predicted a complete failure. Today takes the 10 years since the start...



VPN ban in Russia will be hardest hit by the inhabitants of the Crimea

Last time in Russia to discuss a possible ban VPN services, with which users can access blocked content. A law banning anonymizers and VPN in Russia will hit the residents...

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