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Microsoft began to block updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 on a PC with a processor Kaby Lake and Ryzen

Less than a week after the official end of support for Windows Vista, Microsoft refused to upgrade the operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on computers with new processors....



Microsoft will copy one of the key features of macOS Sierra for Windows 10

In preparation for Windows updates Microsoft often inspired by developments by Apple. It was not this time. In the next major software release will add a feature that debuted on...



The Apple iPad will provide sponsorship of referees and coaches in the NHL during the game

Apple signed an agreement with the National hockey League (NHL), in which all coaches and referees will use the iPad during matches. On Friday, reports The Verge. The coaches, who...



Apple brought in offshore more all of us companies is $200 billion

Apple keeps the capital in the several offshore companies, the report said non-profit organization Oxfam, which is dedicated to the fight against poverty. With the help of special schemes the...



Microsoft: Windows 10 will save $500 in three years

Microsoft said, citing a report from Forrester Research about how much you can save by switching to Windows 10. First, the study was completed in the middle of last year....



Microsoft stops support for Windows Vista

From April 11, Microsoft completely stops supporting the operating system Windows Vista. This is stated on the official website of the company. Basic operating system support for Vista ended in...



The release updates Windows 10 Update Creators

April 11, Microsoft began distributing a major update for Windows 10 – Update Creators. You can install it through “Windows update”. OS became available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and...



The end of the iPad? Why analysts are wrong

After the publication of the study by J. D. Power, the Fortune, the company officially announced that the iPad business suffered “devastating blow”. What exactly is this shot? Firm J....



In the ranking of the best laptop manufacturers Apple dropped from first to fifth place

The well-known magazine about the mobile technology Laptop Mag, amounted to an annual ranking among the best manufacturers of laptops. The last few years, the leader in it was Apple....



All you need to know before installing Windows 10 Update Creators

The official release of Windows 10 Update Creators will be held on April 11. Before you install the update on your Mac or PC, we recommend you to read the...



Facebook stood on the account in Russia to pay a “tax on Google” followed by Apple and Microsoft

Social network Facebook has risen on account of the Russian tax service for payments on the territory of Russia, the so-called “tax on Google”. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with...



As a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10 Creators Update

Updated Windows operating system 10 Creators Update was available as a free update to users of devices on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. This is the resource Softpedia. Users of...



When disappear iPhone: what will replace the modern gadgets

One day the iPhone will become obsolete and will take pride of place in museums next to the pagers, faxes and modems dial-up. Probably this will not happen very soon....



Apple warned Mac users about incompatibility of the Windows 10 upgrade Update Creators Boot Camp

This week the long-awaited event: Microsoft has completed work on a major upgrade to Windows 10. Assembly 15063, signed by both Creators



Microsoft for the first time surpassed Apple in the rating of user satisfaction for tablets

The first time when Microsoft is ahead of Apple in the rating of customer satisfaction, compiled by J. D. Power and Associates. Manufacturer iPad scored 6 points less than the...

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