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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 – the battle is declared open

Flagship smartphones of the latest generation Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+ – serious competitors of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Announced on Wednesday the South Korean new interesting...



Apple is no longer the most expensive company in the world

It is considered that Apple is the most valuable Corporation in the world. This is true, judging by stock exchange quotations, its market capitalization is estimated at $730 billion, Its...



FT: Apple more than a year working with the augmented reality glasses, the release should not wait until 2018

In the past, Apple has repeatedly expressed its interest in augmented reality (AR). At the same time, recently, the network appeared a lot of conflicting information concerning the company-developed solutions....



Microsoft will release the China special version of Windows 10, not spying on users

Microsoft is finalizing a special version of Windows 10 operating system, created at the request of the Chinese government. Modification of OS approved by the authorities of the country, will...



Three easy ways to free up space on iPhone

Lack of free space for storing content — a common issue for all smartphone users. Hundreds of users expressed their outrage on Twitter at the beginning of the year, when...



“Why I’ll never switch to Android and Windows”: the confession of a fan of Apple

MacDigger in the community in “Vkontakte” flashed “Why Apple fans are called a “sect”? This opinion is really popular. But according to the classification of sects Apple — not exactly...



Videofact: iPhone 7 launched the worst Microsoft operating system

The authors of the project Hacking Jules installed a Microsoft operating system on the iPhone 7. Enthusiasts showed the process of installation, start up and failure of Windows Vista in...



Users filed a class-action suit against Microsoft due to the loss of data on your PC after upgrading to Windows 10

Illinois residents filed a lawsuit in Chicago against Microsoft because of problems with the upgrade to Windows 10, reports Securitylab. Upon application of the plaintiffs, the upgrade caused damage to...



Maybe if the CIA can hack your iPhone? What you need to know about the second part of “hacker archive” WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has shared classified information about how the CIA hacked the device Apple — iPhone and Mac — using their tools and malicious programs. As US intelligence tied to the...



BMW revealed their vision of the future in 100 years [video]

The BMW Group has published a video which demonstrated how to change people’s lives in the future. More specifically, the automaker introduced the draft technologies that may become available to...



Microsoft gave Tim cook a free Surface Pro 4

Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly criticized the Surface, comparing them with a toaster-fridge, but during a recent trip to China he had to spend some time with one of...



Apple will also introduce augmented reality technology in iPhone 8, and then release the “smart” glasses

Apple CEO Tim cook has previously made public statements about the fact that given the choice between augmented and virtual reality company will prefer the first because it has much...



Microsoft has released an application that will help Mac users to switch to Surface

Microsoft began preparing to migrate users from Mac to her own devices. The company wants to make the process easier: move user data from Apple computer on Surface is possible...



A source at Apple told the details of the unique capabilities of the iPhone camera 8

Bloomberg analyst mark Gurman, is known for his accurate insights on the characteristics of the new devices Apple has issued a new report stating that the iPhone 8 will be...



Wikileaks has described the conditions under which he will discover Apple and Google hacking the secrets of the CIA

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange promised to provide access to hacking tools of us intelligence Apple, Google, Microsoft and other IT companies. However, he put forward a number of...

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