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The Belgians offered to equip MacBook additional movable screens [video]

Belgian company Sliden’Joy offered an interesting alternative to the monstrous static monitors for which you want to look for a place on the desktop. This alternative are additional portable screens...



On the issue of minimalist coasters and a set of plugs for MacBook collected almost twice the required amount

On the website Kickstarter succeeds at raising funds for an original accessory for the MacBook folding prop and a set of plugs for the connectors. A set called MacBook Mate...



iOS 9 vs Android M: which platform is better?

Recently Apple announced the ninth edition of iOS, but Google has shown the public a prototype of a new Android phone with the code name “M”. Both OSes live beta...



Media: Apple launched the production of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

In late June, sources Bloomberg announced the launch of the first production models of the iPhone 6s to feature Force Touch, which determines the force pushing the display. According to...



Case adapter for MacBook protects from damage the power cable

The cables from the charging cords from the headphones and other cables, randomly twisted in the bag, wear out over time. Cause damage to the accessories is not properly stored....



Jonathan Ive officially became the main Director of design Apple

Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, been with the company since 1992 and have developed the appearance of most products of the company, received a new position of senior Director in...



Apple will change the batteries in their products while reducing capacity by 20%

The batteries of mobile devices are unpleasant with time to lose capacity, therefore the use of gadgets with non-removable batteries users often add an extra headache. This week, Apple changed...



Microsoft wants to buy an AMD, a manufacturer of graphics for Mac

Microsoft to acquire the company AMD, KitGuru reports citing its own sources. Negotiations began several months ago, but it’s hard to tell with confidence, what was the outcome. AMD along...



Apple will announce the second quarter results on July 21

21 July, late at night Moscow time, immediately after the closing of stock markets Apple will announce financial results for the third quarter of 2015. According to analysts at research...



12-inch MacBook charged using an external battery and USB-C cable new flagship OnePlus 2 [video]

Last week, OnePlus began an advertising campaign, timed to coincide with the upcoming announcement of its new flagship smartphone OnePlus 2. This means that during the remaining time before the...



Windows 10 will be sold on a USB stick

July 29, Windows 10 will be available for download, however, to purchase the operating system will be in retail stores. This usually means buying the DVD, but this time Microsoft...



In St. Petersburg two men beat COP for MacBook Air

Who would have thought that the theft of the MacBook Air will end up in a fistfight with the police with the use of an air gun and two criminal...



OS X El Capitan Beta 2 available for download

Simultaneously with iOS 9 beta 2, Apple has released to developers the second beta of OS X El Capitan. Build is available for download on the official website of the...



Published a list of computers compatible with the Metal in OS X El Capitan

The new version of the operating system for Mac computers – OS X El Capitan – according to Apple, provides users with a variety of enhancements in the areas of...



Surface Pro 3 ahead of iPad Air 2 in the test for performance

Experts resource Whitch? ranked the most productive in the world of tablets. In the Geekbench benchmark, with which the test was flagship tablet, iPad Air 2 lost leadership Surface Pro...

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