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Plug Nope 2.0 web cameras for the day had 20 times more money than planned

This week the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg posted a photo from his workplace, and the media immediately noticed that his MacBook sealed with duct tape, a webcam and a...


Apple received permission to open an Apple Store in India

It’s hard to imagine Apple stores, which, in addition to an iPhone or iPad, on the


Opinion: 3.5 mm audio Jack repeats the fate of the floppy drive

As you know, the next generation iPhone will lose the 3.5 mm


Moto Z proved that the rejection of the headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 will not be a big problem

June 9, Lenovo unveiled a new modular smartphone the Moto Z the distinguishing feature of which was the lack of audio Jack for headphones. Some users praised the Chinese company...


9 applications that Apple killed at WWDC 2016

Each time announcing new software products, Apple comes into the territory of any third party applications. So it was with iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite, so it was with...


The photo was lit 7 iPhone touch Home button

It is known that Apple decided to change the established in recent years, the tradition to alternate the release of a substantially updated numbered iPhone models and slightly improved “S”version....


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the color “Deep Blue” look luxurious

Authoritative MacOtakara claims that Apple intends to introduce another color for the series of its smartphones, which will become standard with the release of iPhone 7


6 advantages of the iPhone 6s against Samsung Galaxy S7

Tradition is to compare similar products that are not only are in the same class, but much borrow from each other, as a result, perceived by many at the same...


Rumors: Apple iPhone 7 will abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C with support for fast charging

In recent years, Apple has steadily reduced the number of interface connectors in the Mac. 13-inch MacBook Pro, released in 2012, there were eight, and thin MacBook Air sample 2015...


Insides WWDC 2016: no hardware innovations, updated design iOS 10, new features Siri

On June 13 in San Francisco will host a conference of developers WWDC 2016. As we approach the date in a network appears more and new information about the big...


External battery with USB Kanex PowerGo-C allows you to fully charge MacBook

Company Kanex unveiled an external battery, intended for 12-inch MacBook. The device received USB type-C, the size of which is three times less than conventional USB ports. According to the...


“As I abandoned the MacBook Pro after purchase iPad Pro”

While many are arguing about if the iPad Pro wide response from the users, the head of Apple Tim cook is confident that the innovative tablet with a diagonal of...


Schools in Maine have abandoned the iPad in favor of the MacBook, calling Apple “a toy”

Long time Apple convinces us that the iPad is the perfect tool for study and work, able to displace laptops. Among those who do not agree with this statement were...


How to use iPhone as a mouse or trackpad

The screens of iOS devices have excellent responsiveness, therefore, ideal for use as a trackpad or mouse. To use iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in a new capacity, just install...


Apple sent two engineers to the home of the composer, who accused her of stealing music from your computer

In early may, American Amateur composer James Spinkston told the story about how the Apple Music barely take his huge music collection that he collected over decades. According to Spinkston,...

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