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Experts: release a Mac based on its own processors, Apple is inevitable

Inevitably Apple will release Mac computers with chips from ARM architecture, given how much attention the company recently focusing on the security of their hardware. With such a forecast made...


Media: the iPhone 7 will be a touch Home button and waterproof design

Analysts claim that Apple will change in recent years the tradition of alternating the release of the significantly updated numbered iPhone models and is slightly improved versions that get the...


Griffin has started selling magnetic MagSafe connector for 12-inch MacBook and other devices with USB C

One of the claims 12-inch MacBook was the refusal of Apple’s proprietary magnetic connector for charging laptops in favor of USB connector-MagSafe C. has been used successfully in various models...


What novelties can we expect from Apple at WWDC 2016

Apple is preparing to surprise customers and market professionals. Experts now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of iOS 10 and the television service that the company intends to submit...


Screens for future iPhone and iPad will allow you to feel the image

The displays of new generation, which Apple has patented, superior to existing analogues. The technology, developed by engineers, suggests that the image on the screens of the iPhone and iPad...


Manual cutting pink MacBook has become an Internet hit [video]

Enthusiasts, leading his own YouTube channel called “What’s Inside?”, known for his abuse of computer equipment. New video on proper sawing MacBook using a grinder, quickly gained popularity among the...


Acer has announced a competitor to the MacBook Pro weighing 5 kg and a price of 200 000 rubles

Acer announced a powerful gaming laptop Predator 17X. The model became a follower version of Acer Predator 17, which was presented at IFA in September last year. The device is...


HP wants to turn your Mac into a 44-core Windows PC

New remote graphics HP tool will allow Mac users to access the full power of HP workstations Z that can be equipped with 44-core processors. “HP is ready to upgrade...


The Blink app sends a notification about turning on and off your Mac to your iPhone and iPad

Suppose you have a Mac, which should have only you. To ensure that the system recorded in the log who and when was logged in — you need to configure...


The first benchmarks of the new 12-inch MacBook: 20% increase in the processor is 90% faster SSD

No sooner had Apple to announce a new generation 12-inch MacBook in the Network appeared the test results of these computers in the benchmark Geekbench. This test, conducted by the...


iOS 10 will be released on 13 June: Siri blurted out the dates for WWDC 2016

Voice assistant Siri has announced the dates of the annual conference of developers Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2016. The event will be held from 13 to 17 June in...


Apple told him what the life of the iPhone, iPad and Mac

Short-lived iPhone. It inherits the best features of its predecessor, refined and enters the market for some time to first harvest revenue, and then gradually fall in price and after...


Apple risks repeating the mistake that nearly caused her to collapse

The first thing that made Steve jobs after his return to Apple — simplified overly complex product line. Today the company runs the risk to face this problem: at this...


10 reasons why the 9.7-inch iPad Pro iPad Air 2

At the end of March Apple introduced a new modification of the branded tablet – the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch screen. As the iPad


The number of games for Mac on Steam more than 3 000

On Steam the number of games designed for the OS X platform, exceeded 3,000, according to statistics from popular digital distribution service. In the five months since November last year...

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