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Experts: iPhone 8 will combine the best features of Samsung flagships

New smartphone Apple will get OLED-display, wireless charging and will lose Lightning connector in favor of USB-C. In this case, the display device is curved at the edges. According to...



Kingston began selling “the world’s largest” USB sticks with capacity of 2 TB

In January at CES 2017, Kingston has introduced a series of flash drives DataTraveler Ultimate GT, which included a model with a record capacity of 2 TB. After nearly two...



Apple can leave the Lightning connector in the iPhone 8, but add the adapter for a USB cable-C

This week, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal wrote that Apple intends to abandon the Lightning connector with the release of the next-generation iPhone, replacing it with universal USB port-C....



Why it’s time to move with Lightning-to-USB-C in iPhone 8 and the new iPad

Tuesday edition of the WSJ had circulated insider that the new generation iPhone will lose the Lightning connector and will get a USB port C. In particular, it is argued...



Photo: MacBook Pro blew up in the hands of the owner

Apple should be interested in the incident, the culprit of which was lit-up MacBook Pro. The case occurred in the United States and probably would attract to much attention, if...



WSJ: iPhone 8 will be equipped with a USB type-C instead of Lightning and a curved OLED display

With high probability instead of the Lightning connector the next generation of Apple’s smartphone will be equipped with a USB type-C and will switch to OLED displays. This writes the...



Another manufacturer of Windows-based PC following Apple has built a fingerprint scanner into the laptop

Apple repeatedly sets trends for the entire IT industry. In recent years we have evidence of mass borrowing of innovations from Retina displays and 64-bit processors in smartphones, ending with...



Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac in history

MacBook Pro last year received the biggest update in the history of the series. And it is not only a radically new design, a new set of ports and improved...



Opinion: the way Apple is forcing professionals to abandon the Mac in favor of Windows-based PC

A big change with Mac are rare. After Apple inaugurates a new computer for several years, it is updated internal components and the case and a set of interfaces remain...



The new concept shows the future iPhone 8 c edge-to-edge screen and iOS 11 [video]

French designer under the name Ears4D published on YouTube a video which shows the concept of the new Apple smartphone with a very narrow frame of the display and an...



Apple has extended the replacement program displays MacBook Pro with peeling anti-glare coating

In the fall of 2015 after numerous complaints, Apple has acknowledged the problem with the flaking anti-glare display MacBook Pro and launched a program to replace the displays. Today, the...



8 things to do immediately after installing Windows 10 on a Mac

To install the Windows 10 operating system not only on PC but also on Mac. Computer users there are two ways to use a virtual machine or system application Boot...



New keyboard Apple for Mac users envy Windows

A key innovation in the MacBook pros was an added touch-a touch-screen located above the keyboard. Panel Touch Bar are various tools. The panel is fully customizable and its contents...



The 2016 MacBook Pro owners report problems with keyboard

MacBook Pro users 2016 complain of problems with the keyboard. According to reports on the support forum Apple, the keys on notebooks of the professional series have a tendency to...



The concept of the iPhone 8 with “functional area” and edge-to-edge design [video]

Artists from the project, Tech-Driven Times published a new concept art of the iPhone 8. When you create a work, they were guided by available information about the future flagship...

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