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How to install on iPhone bar style Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In the latest generation MacBook Pro appeared interactive touch panel touch Bar, replacing the standard function keys. When any program is not active, it duplicates the standard number keys previous...



Named the main threat to Apple. And it’s not Samsung

Samsung is considered to be the main competitor of Apple. Corporation of Cupertino has matured and now prefers not to risk and to maintain the current status, at the time,...



A source at Foxconn announced details about iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, AR-glasses and the Apple keyboard E-ink in the new MacBook

While some analysts assert that Apple has reached the limit, while others argue that the iPhone 8 will push the capitalization of the company to new heights, close to the...



How to watch the broadcast of the presentation of the WWDC 2017 on iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Apple TV

Monday at 20.00 Moscow time will begin the presentation of new Apple products. The company will broadcast worldwide developers conference live. How to watch the live coverage of WWDC 2017...



Apple gave the Russian woman new top-end MacBook Pro instead of the old defective models 2011

Service center told the story about how Apple helped the owner of a 2011 MacBook Pro edition to replace a broken laptop brand new MacBook Pro with Touch panel...



10 new products of Apple, which is expected in this year

In early 2017, Apple introduced a new “budget” iPad, iPhone 7 in a red case, a collection of straps for the Apple Watch and the updated Mac Pro. What to...



Apple has begun extensive testing iOS 11 ahead of WWDC

Apple conducts extensive testing of the new mobile platform for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It is reported resource iDropnews with reference to the logs of your server. Apple developers...



A major manufacturer has started selling screen protectors for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro

While Internet users are talking about the iPhone 8, Apple is preparing another novelty – a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Information about the preparation of the gadget came from another...



Americans were not allowed to marry his MacBook – he’s a minor

The office of the attorney General of the state of Utah urged the court to reject the claim of the former military Prosecutor Chris Sevier, who is seeking the right...



Apple started preparing the Fairgrounds McEnery to WWDC 2017

The world conference for developers (WWDC 2017), which annually holds the Apple to show their new products, will open next Monday, so the company is already gearing up Expo McEnery...



Samsung is preparing Galaxy S8 in the color “rose gold”

After the advent of smartphones Apple in “rose gold” coloring the steel mass to introduce Android-producers. Now the trend has caught up to Samsung. Apple, as you know, produces not...



Twelve South has launched a new BookArc stand for MacBook and MacBook Pro

To give the workplace the missing Zen designed a special docking station for MacBook. They come in handy for users who use a laptop in conjunction with a monitor, keyboard...



Nvidia has introduced a technology that can turn any MacBook into a gaming computer

Apple has never released a gaming laptop. Even the top-end MacBook Pro according to their graphic characteristics do not meet the requirements of modern 3D games. One reason is that...



Media: Apple begins production of Siri Speaker, the announcement will take place at WWDC 2017

The annual WWDC is primarily devoted to new operating systems as Apple, but in the past it has repeatedly made in new hardware. According to the source, which opens June...



New MacBook, iPad and Apple Magic Keyboard declassified a week before the official presentation

A week before WWDC on the website of the Eurasian economic Commission has information on new Apple devices. The products in question have been certified in Russia. Apple usually uses...

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