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Spigen introduced the first dock headphone AirPods

The range of Spigen, a manufacturer of accessories for Apple, new original product. The manufacturer introduced its first docking station designed for wireless earphone Apple. When the user pulls out...



Murtazin: iPhone has long been a benchmark for the market of Chinese smartphones can do even more, and cost twice cheaper

Today the iPhone was 10 years old. The original model and subsequent Apple devices have become kind of a cult: despite the high cost and not the broad functionality of,...



Users of MacBook Pro laptops find inside the mysterious coins

Buying brand new MacBook, users seldom decide to dismantle it. Recently, some users choosing to view the inner workings of Apple computers, was found inside coins of unknown origin. A...



How to prove the advantages of Android fan iPhone

“The iPhone is an expensive and pretentious”, “I love you live Wallpaper curve and the ugly”. Your friend came into the store, looking in the window, the seller does not...



MacBook Pro saved the life of an American during a shooting at the airport in Florida

On Friday at the airport of the resort city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida shooting occurred. The assailant was detained by the police. According to the Sheriff of Broward County,...



IHS: Apple to reduce orders of screens for laptops in 2017

In 2017 Apple will order 13.6 million displays for laptops, according to a report by research firm IHS. A year earlier, the orders for screens for MacBook amounted to 16.2...



OWC DEC will improve the MacBook Pro 2016, making it thicker [video]

The owners of the new MacBook Pro, which has no interfaces except USB-C, it is possible to bring the laptops to the state more with the word “Pro” in the...



Panasonic introduces the Lumix camera DC-GH5 with the ability to directly connect to MacBook Pro via USB-C

Panasonic at CES introduced a 2017 top-end camera of format Micro Four Thirds model, the Lumix DC-GH5. Unlike many other cameras on the market, interface connector USB mini replaced was...



Speck released a transparent protective cases for MacBook Pro and iPhone 6/6s/7

The company Speck has introduced two new case for the MacBook Pro and iPhone, which provide protection to laptops and smartphones from Apple mechanical damage. The announcement of the accessories...



MacBook Pro tense: Acer has introduced a laptop with a 21-inch curved display, Intel chips Kaby Lake and the GeForce GTX 1080 graphics in SLI

Acer at CES 2017 in Las Vegas introduced the world’s first notebook with a curved display, 21 X Predator and two GeForce GTX 1080. In Predator used curved 21 X...



Kingston introduced the “world’s largest” USB flash drive with capacity of 2 TB

How much memory your Mac? 256 GB? 512 GB? Kingston has unveiled the world’s largest USB flash drive that is designed to completely solve the problem of shortage of space....



The OWC adapter for new MacBook Pro will provide users with a wide range of connectors and up to 4 TB of flash memory

OWC, known in the market as manufacturer of accessories for Mac, has expanded its activities. The aspiration to correspond to modern market trends, the manufacturer decided to launch a new...



Intel has announced a full line of processors Kaby Lake for the new iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro

Intel at CES 2017 officially unveiled the seventh generation of Core processors. A formal announcement of the solutions under the name of Kaby Lake was held in August last year....



Device for $100 that turns MacBook Air into a touch-screen laptop [video]

Apple computers don’t use monitors with the touch layer. It is a conscious decision maker who decided to abandon the renovation of the macOS interface. Moving Windows around the screen...



How to enable or disable Turbo Boost on Mac

Virtually all modern Mac computers come with processors that support Turbo Boost technology, the control clock frequency at the request of the operating system. It speeds up your Mac or...

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