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Why do you need a new lamp? As a Mac user tried to switch to MacBook Pro 2016, and it did not work

I think everyone, and maybe not just faced with an overwhelming desire to upgrade your laptop. You want diversity, new features and functionality. Someone just tired of your old gadget...



New concept shows iPhone jubilee 8 c frameless screen and a dark theme design

The designer of the Arab Emiratov Ahasan Husi has prepared a concept of the new Apple smartphone with a display “edge to edge” and additional functional area under the screen....



Opinion: Mac is losing the battle Windows is because of the attitude Apple users

For decades, PC users and Mac were eternal debate. The second was an excellent platform for the conflict, provoked by the open rivalry between bill gates and Steve jobs. Now,...



Apple resumed sales of LG monitors UltraFine 5K after solving problems with interference from the router

Apple resumed sales of LG monitors UltraFine 5K in retail stores in the United States and Canada. Sales were discontinued in mid-February after discovering problems in their work. After the...



“The PC is being reinvented and it will make Apple”

Well-known American journalist Walt Mossberg did a column for The Verge, in which he shared his thoughts about the future of personal computers. Mossberg believes that manufacturers should rethink the...



What to expect at the spring presentation of Apple?

It so happened that the spring presentation, Apple did not have a recurrence, so that in Cupertino are preparing at this time hard to say. However, the company has sufficient...



Wireless controllers Nintendo Switch hooked up to a Mac

In addition to the 6.2-inch tablet, including basic hardware, package new Nintendo game console Switch includes connected right and left joysticks, Joy-Con, which can be connected to the console itself,...



7 misconceptions about macOS among Windows users

It is no secret that Microsoft operating system enjoys a large part of the population. Primarily this is due to the method of distribution of the OS. But competition is...



Should I buy a 32-Gigabyte iPhone 6 in 2017?

It is no secret that Apple products are practically not represented in the budget segment. While some people buy the iPhone because of its user-friendly interface, performance, or ecosystems, while...



Poll: will you wait for iPhone 8 if it goes on sale 1-2 months after the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus?

This year, Apple may deviate from the usual schedule of release of new iPhone. Presenting in September an updated iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and radically new iPhone 8, the...



Media: production of the iPhone 8 with a built-in screen fingerprint scan will start in September

Mass production of the iPhone 8 will start in September this year, reports DigiTimes, citing sources close to Apple. If the information is confirmed, then sales of the new generation...



Photo: Nintendo Switch can be used as external battery for MacBook Pro

The first buyers of Nintendo Switch discovered an interesting feature of the device. It turns out that connecting a console to MacBook Pro with USB type-C can charge the battery...



Apple added to the list of obsolete products, Apple TV 2G

Owners of Apple products may obtain service and spare parts at authorized service centers within 5 years after the product is discontinued from production. Two years later, Apple discontinues support...



Google announced the cessation of production of laptops Pixel

In 2013, Google released a rather controversial laptop Chromebook Pixel for serious money. They say that 85% of the users of this device were employees of the company. Two years...



Apple next week will resume selling monitors LG UltraFine 5K

Apple will resume selling monitors LG UltraFine 5K, sales of which were stopped after discovering problems in their work while near Wi-Fi routers. To order the devices will be on...

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