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Duplicate File Finder: new free app to delete duplicate files on Mac

Based on the title of the application Duplicate File Finder you’ve probably guessed what this app. A new free solution for Mac solves the problem of duplicate files that clog...



The designers have introduced the concept of a “smartphone dreams” – the iPhone iOS 8 to 11

The resource Demonstrates introduced the concept of the iPhone 8 running iOS 11. The authors have taken into account all the leaks that were previously announced by the insiders. A...



Word, Excel, and PowerPoint received the support of the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro

Presenting a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple demonstrated several third-party applications that work with the brand the touchpad laptops. Many developers have expressed a desire to get the API...



USB-C is not a death sentence: an overview of the hub Prolink MP421 c USB Type-C to USB 3.0 4x

USB type-C steady steps wins the market, and gradually replaces the previous one, but still a very popular third version of USB. The need to upgrade peripherals and storage devices...



In the code 10.12.4 macOS beta found references to a new generation of MacBook Pro with Intel Kaby Lake

As you know, Apple’s competitors in the PC market is used in new laptops Kaby Lake processors from Intel, while the “Apple” giant for the latest generation MacBook Pro chose...



Apple launched the campaign Back to Uni 2017: gift cards in $50 and $100 to the iPad and Mac

Apple has launched its customary for US market and Europe of discount program Back to Uni, which is aimed at students and teachers. The action takes place in New Zealand,...



Four myths about MacBook, or how to switch from PC to Mac and survive

In modern conditions marketing has become a formidable weapon. The PC market is very tough competition. For some manufacturers, there is an army of fans who await the release of...



How to determine the wear level of the battery of the MacBook

Laptops are all good indicators of battery life, but batteries MacBook, unfortunately, is not eternal. After a certain number of charge cycles they lose their capacity, and subsequently require replacement....



Apple planned to use the Intel Kaby Lake in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Many manufacturers on the Windows PC announced their new notebooks with Intel processors Kaby Lake. Apple for the latest generation MacBook Pro has chosen not the new Intel Skylake. As...



Problems connecting LG monitors UltraFine 5K can occur without affecting the router

As we wrote, the LG monitor UltraFine 5K, developed by Apple, exclusively for use with the MacBook Pro, designed to replace the Thunderbolt Display, is criticism of users due to...



MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was much more than expected in the Apple

Now Apple is regarded primarily as a manufacturer of smartphones, but the company computers, despite the delay with the updates that are in demand. From the recent financial report, Apple...



LG says that the new 5K monitors UltraFine problem with interference due to closely spaced fixed router

In late January, we wrote that owners of the LG monitors UltraFine 5K complain of problems with the device and connected MacBook Pro. Complaints were quite a lot, but no...



iPad do not need anyone else?

As we reported earlier, Apple reported for the first quarter of the 2017 financial year, in which she set a record for iPhone sales. In that time, sales of iPhone,...



ARM chips, Apple may appear in the updated MacBook this year

Apple is designing its own chips for laptops of series MacBook and MacBook Pro, reports Bloomberg, citing informed sources. The company’s goal is to reduce dependence on its main supplier...



“Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro”

Journalist resource Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino has tested the new MacBook Pro. As an experiment he decided to use on the laptop is Windows 10 instead of the native macOS....

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