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What to do if hangs bar Touch Bar to MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with additional display were the main Mac-novelties 2016. But the bar Touch Bar in this case is not screen and control. Like any other software it causes problems....



When Steve Jobs is it: 10 Apple failures

At the time, Apple managed to create a perfect image of the company, each product which becomes a cult. They say now that the company is not the same. That’s...



Notebook Acer Predator X 21 with a curved display will be released in Russia for the price of three MacBook Pro in top configuration

Last week, Acer introduced the world’s first notebook with a curved display, 21 Predator X. Portable computer endowed with a 21-inch display and two graphics cards GeForce GTX 1080. Today...



The dollar approached 59 rubles: when to expect reduction of prices on iPhone and Mac?

In trading on the Moscow exchange on Friday, the dollar slipped against the Russian currency, approaching the level of 59 rubles. Analysts predict a further strengthening of the ruble against...



The new MacBook Pro received a recommendation to buy from Consumer Reports after conducting repeated tests with the updated macOS

Non-profit organization Consumer Reports, defending the interests of consumers since 1936, has revised its previous conclusion and now recommends that the new MacBook Pro to purchase. This is stated in...



The new MacBook Pro were much better than analysts had forecast

At the end of last year, Apple released a radically updated model MacBook Pro, which received a new design, a more productive “stuffing” and the touchpad is Touch Bar. Intelligence...



Dancing Santa Claus made a 12-inch MacBook from a store in Georgia [video]

The dancing man dressed as Santa Claus carried a 12-inch MacBook from the salon is the official reseller of Apple in Tbilisi, Georgia. Footage from surveillance cameras installed in the...



Designer Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar left Apple to Tesla after the Creator of Swift

Devotes years to the design of Apple products Matt Casbolt left the company to focus on creating electric cars in a Tesla



Apple claims that they fixed the bug, because of which the MacBook Pro has discharged faster than normal

When testing a MacBook Pro sample 2016 experts Consumer Reports drew attention to the fact that in some cases the new top-end Apple laptop loses charge unreasonably fast. In Cupertino...



The experts found the explanation of the mysterious coins inside MacBook

The technique of Apple is often criticized for the high cost. Some Internet users believe that this a rational explanation. MacBook owners rarely dig in the guts of their devices,...



People freaked out and sell the iPhone on the cheap

Little to buy iPhone two to three times cheaper than in the store? That was not a fake. These prices are real. The lowest prices on iPhone ads DamProdam. Remember...



Sony has no plans to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack

Sony has no plans to follow in Apple’s footsteps and abandon the usual audio Jack for connecting headphones into their smartphones. This was announced during a press conference in Japan....



Why Apple does not use the USB-C instead of Lightning for the iPhone?

In the Network there is ongoing debate regarding the decision of Apple to abandon all connectors in favor of USB-C on the new MacBook Pro. Some agree, saying it will...



Consumer Reports agreed to repeat the tests of autonomy of the new MacBook Pro Apple after a disturbance

MacBook Pro sample of 2016 were the first devices of this series that a non-profit organization for the protection of the rights of consumers Consumer Reports did not recommend for...



Recode: Apple close to losing users. CES 2017 is showed

Apple has never participated in CES 2017, but sooner is always indirectly been an important player. However, this year the situation has changed. As Rb says, citing journalists Recode, Apple...

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