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Apple figured out how to turn your iPhone into a full-fledged laptop

Apple has patented innovative accessory that allows you to turn the iPhone and iPad in the likeness of a MacBook. Mobile device in case laptop play the role respectively of...



The number of games for Mac on Steam crossed for 4500

If five years ago someone said that in 2017, the Steam will be four and a half thousand for Mac, few would have believed. Now it happened, however much enthusiasm...



How to install a Game Boy emulator Giovanni on the Apple Watch

Last week MacDigger told about the new Giovanni Game Boy emulator for the Apple Watch. The application can use anyone absolutely free, as all the source files are on GitHub...



Officials in Russia have detained for receiving a bribe MacBook

Perm senior official is suspected of receiving bribes in the form of MacBook, according to the publication Mediazavod. Model MacBook is not given, but named the price is more than...



Why Apple won’t release a truly professional MacBook Pro?

Recently Dell introduced the 15-inch Precision 5520 laptop with the latest Intel Xeon processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics and a 4K display for users who work with graphics. “If Dell is...



How to speed up charging iPhone 3 ways that really work

The process of charging the iPhone shrouded in mystery, although most of us charge the device every day. For example, why the smartphone is charged quickly, if you connect it...



Hackers broke into the Touch Bar the new MacBook Pro at the Pwn2Own competition

At the annual Pwn2Own contest hackers broke into the Safari browser and the panel Bar Touch in the new MacBook Pro. Using more than 10 vulnerabilities, they got root access...



Experts: Apple lowers the price of AirPods and Apple Watch

According to the report Neil Chiberta of Above Avalon, Apple has set low prices for AirPods wireless headphones and smart watches Apple Watch, to attract new users. According to the...



Mac Pro 2013 may be the last in the line of the most powerful desktop Apple

Last update Mac Pro took place far in 2013, and so far Apple has not released any successor to the ageing model of the computer. At the latest shareholder meeting...



How to buy a Xiaomi laptop Air 12 for the price of the manufacturer?

Is it possible to save money when buying a Xiaomi laptop Air? It is possible if to use the offer of the online shop GearBest. Interesting promotion applies to a...



AirPods wireless headphones: whether they are worth such money?

It’s been three months since the release of wireless headphones AirPods, and people still ask the question, “and if they are worth their money?”. The answer is Yes and no....



Apple out the window: how and why to install Windows 10 on MacBook Pro 2016

Not so long ago Apple released the new generation of MacBook Pro. Laptops got, perhaps, the most significant upgrade in the history of this series. And it is not only...



Apple has no equal in the quality of technical support

If you purchase a new computer for you, the priority is the quality of technical support, in accordance with the latest rating Laptop, you no doubt need to pay attention...



“Apple gave up”: the developer explained why he went back to Windows after years of Mac use

Developer and journalist Owen Williams really wanted to try the tooth virtual reality. But couldn’t because his MacBook Pro with her friends. Williams expected that Apple will offer new and...



Apple started selling the MacBook Pro recovered in 2016 discounted to $390

Apple has decided to please fans of “Apple” technique, proposing a model of refurbished laptops MacBook Pro of the sample 2016. The size of the discount is $390 or 12%...

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