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Xiaomi explained why after Apple rejected a 3.5 mm headphone Jack

Flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6, presented earlier this week, deprived of the standard 3.5 mm connector for headphones. Today, the company explained why it took such a very unpopular step....



Why I will never go back to a Windows PC

Last year, Apple, among other things, introduced a new generation of professional notebooks MacBook Pro, and “most advanced” desktop operating system macOS Sierra. The combination of just these facts is...



Apple promises to stop the extraction of raw materials from the Earth and produce all products from renewable resources

Apple has published a report on the achievements in the field of environmental liability for 2017. According to the company, 100% of the electricity consumed by data centers Apple, and...



LaCie introduced the 2big dual-drive Dock with USB support-C [video]

Company LaCie introduced a new model of the popular two-disk RAID network storage 2big Dock. This powerful tool, compatible with USB-C, and is both a docking station equipped with additional...



Desktop Nvidia 1080ti allows 4 times to increase performance of MacBook Pro

Tests have shown that the use of the external Nvidia 1080ti improves performance 15-inch MacBook Pro four times as compared to the integrated graphics Radeon Pro 450. The team



Why Apple refuses to secrecy

Apple in a very unusual manner, has decided to abandon the habit of doing secret future products and tried to dispel the doubts of some analysts that it will focus...



Apple figured out how to increase the autonomy of the iPhone without increasing the battery capacity

Previously received information that Apple is developing its own chips for battery management. As it became known, the company is also working on special software that optimizes the consumption of...



PowerUp: the “smart” in a world adapter for MacBook

One of the main complaints about the MacBook and MacBook Pro — the presence of one of the USB connectors. Yes, this connector allows, by means of adaptors to connect...



7 myths about charging iPhone, in that it’s time to stop believing

Almost everyone nowadays own smartphones, which means regular charging them. Many continue to believe in things that were current in the days of the Nokia 3310. Today following the advice...



Apple is not on the way with the manufacturers of Windows-based PC

Manufacturers of personal computers who did not reach the corporate segment of the market, may face the need to consolidate or terminate its existence in any other way, as rising...



Apple is working on new MacBook Pro models without Touch panel Bar

Apple may release new models of laptops MacBook Pro without touch panel Touch Bar. It is reported resource OSNews, citing close to the company sources. Not all users have warmly...



Users of 15-inch MacBook Pro massively complain about mysterious clicks when using the laptop

The owners of the MacBook Pro, introduced by Apple in late 2016, complain of problems with a laptop. According to the user device from time to time emits strange sounds....



PhotoSweeper 3: the best tool to search for duplicate photos on a Mac [+5 promo]

Problem home archives often is the lack of space, and the appearance of duplicates. From an abundance of caution, users copy the pictures several times, in the end, they take...



External drive Western Digital G-Drive with USB-C port can be used as a power supply for MacBook

Western Digital has announced a new model drives in the family of G-Technology G-Drive, equipped with USB drive-C. According to the company, the product is designed for owners of portable...



“I abandoned Safari in favor of Opera and completely happy”

If you believe the ratings, Opera is not the world’s most popular browser. However, despite the beauty of Safari and Chrome attempts to be less greedy, she deserves to give...

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