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Problems connecting LG monitors UltraFine 5K can occur without affecting the router

As we wrote, the LG monitor UltraFine 5K, developed by Apple, exclusively for use with the MacBook Pro, designed to replace the Thunderbolt Display, is criticism of users due to...



MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was much more than expected in the Apple

Now Apple is regarded primarily as a manufacturer of smartphones, but the company computers, despite the delay with the updates that are in demand. From the recent financial report, Apple...



LG says that the new 5K monitors UltraFine problem with interference due to closely spaced fixed router

In late January, we wrote that owners of the LG monitors UltraFine 5K complain of problems with the device and connected MacBook Pro. Complaints were quite a lot, but no...



ARM chips, Apple may appear in the updated MacBook this year

Apple is designing its own chips for laptops of series MacBook and MacBook Pro, reports Bloomberg, citing informed sources. The company’s goal is to reduce dependence on its main supplier...



“Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro”

Journalist resource Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino has tested the new MacBook Pro. As an experiment he decided to use on the laptop is Windows 10 instead of the native macOS....



In the US, students were forbidden to take examinations on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Several us States have banned students to use on exams a MacBook Pro equipped with a touch panel of the Touch Bar. This publication reports Engadget. As you know, MacBook...



Problems with the UltraFine 5K monitors from LG arise from the close of router

Together with the new generation MacBook Pro last year Apple released a 27-inch 5K monitor LG UltraFine designed for these laptops. In December, after initial delays in procurement LG UltraFine...



A new tactic for Microsoft in the battle for the attention of fans of Apple technology

Sales of Microsoft in the 4th quarter reached $1.3 billion, showing annual growth of more than 40%, and revenue teams Surface for the full year was $4.3 billion OEM market...



Apple creates a “smart” loop for the next generation of MacBook

As you know, the new MacBook Pro Apple offered a complete redesign of notebooks to reduce the thickness of the device. Today it became known an interesting design feature of...



USB-C Power Meter allows you to identify faulty cables and adapters that can damage your MacBook

USB-C, which features a 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro, while only gaining popularity, so the question of laptop accessories is quite acute. Despite the convenience and versatility of the connectors,...



Mac owners complain of serious problems with monitors LG UltraFine 5K, and Apple removes it

Last year, in addition to the new MacBook Pro Apple introduced a 27-inch 5K monitor UltraFine LG, designed for these laptops. Of course, this is not an Apple 5K Cinema...



Pleasant things that we took from johnny Ive

In recent years, for some strange reason, Apple “wins” the users of their products many small but pleasant things which were allocated to the technique of the company over competitors....



12.5.5 iTunes became available for download on macOS and Windows

Following the release of the updates to iOS and macOS 10.2.1 Sierra 10.12.3 Apple updated the media player iTunes. Version 12.5.5 the developers have implemented security enhancements and improved performance....



The owners of the 12-inch MacBook massively complain about sticky keys on the keyboard

MacBook owners complain of problems with the keyboard of



The release of macOS Sierra 10.12.3 error correction

After iOS 10.2.1, watch OS 3.1.3 and tvOS 10.1.1, Apple has issued a public option macOS Sierra 10.12.3 designed for Mac users. The update was released a month after the...

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