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Новый iMac Pro получит процессоры Xeon E3, до 64 ГБ ОЗУ, графику AMD и USB-C, релиз в октябре

Недавнее обновление рабочих станций Mac Pro на практике оказалось техническим обновлением. Ранее Apple подтвердила, что готовит полный редизайн десктопов с собственными мониторами и пообещала представить новое поколение профессиональных iMac. Сегодня...



Apple близка к тому, чтобы перевести Mac с чипов Intel на собственные ARM-процессоры

Самая дорогая в мире корпорация обладает огромной властью над поставщиками компонентов для мобильных устройств. В начале недели Imagination Technologies Group объявила о том, что в ближайшие два года Apple откажется...



The world’s most powerful Nvidia Titan Xp 3840 CUDA cores will be compatible with Mac

New Nvidia Pascal Xp will be compatible with Mac computers, thanks to new beta drivers Pascal, which will appear in April. This was reported on the official website of the...



Apple Pay became available to customers of Gazprombank with MasterCard

The holders of MasterCard, issued by Gazprombank, had the opportunity to use the payment service Apple Pay. This is stated in the press release of the company. Add in service...



2 reasons to buy a Mac Pro 2017 and 3 reasons to wait for the new Mac Pro

Yesterday Apple announced the Mac Pro 2017 — the first update of professional workstations over three years. As a rule, it becomes a reason to buy the device adeyinka there...



Windows 10 is four times more popular than macOS

According to official data published by Apple and Microsoft, audience operating system Windows 10 is four times higher than that in macOS. In September last year, the company from Redmond...



Apple explained why the iMac won’t get touch screens

In addition to the radically redesigned Mac Pro before the end of this year Apple is going to release professional and iMac. Contrary to the expectations of some analysts, the...



How to fix black screen when waking Mac from sleep

Black screen when exiting sleep mode — quite a common problem among Mac. When you try to “Wake up” the computer, the user sees a blank screen and the computer...



Apple has patented a Magic keyboard with integrated Touch panel Bar and scanner Touch ID

An optional touch display Touch Bar above the keyboard was the main innovation of the MacBook Pro. It will display a variety of tools depending on the running program. According...



Apple may return the magnetic MagSafe connector on the MacBook

In the autumn the presentation last year, Apple announced a new MacBook Pro, which unfortunately most fans of the computer equipment of the company are deprived of the proprietary MagSafe...



When Apple will release an iPhone with macOS?

The smartphones today is continuously increasing performance. Multi-core processors, GB of RAM and permanent memory. Some models have displays with resolutions higher than laptops and desktop monitors. iPhone 7 with...



All laptop manufacturers except Apple, 2-3 times overstate the actual battery life

The British publication Which?, regularly testing the autonomy of mobile devices and laptops, has conducted a study of the most popular models of portable computers to determine the leader in...



How to enable Night Shift in Sierra macOS on unsupported Mac

Updating macOS Sierra 10.12.4, which debuted earlier in the week, a new Night mode Shift is used to adjust the color temperature of the screen depending on the time of...



Apple updates iWork with support for Touch ID for password-protected documents

Apple has released an update for the corporate office of the iWork app Suite, designed for iOS and macOS. Release improves compatibility with updated operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac,...



As Apple hinted at the title of the new jubilee iPhone, and no one noticed

This year Apple will release three new smartphones: the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and the flagship model, often referred to as Network iPhone 8. The latest device is expected...

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