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Users found a way to restart a strange one iPhone “SMS”

The user in the Network under the nickname @Adorsed discovered a special set of characters that violates the iPhone. “Must conclude that now anyone can hack a smartphone”, he said....



The Creator of Linux called iOS, Android, Windows and OS X malware”

Richard Stallman, known for his key role in the creation of the Linux operating system, expressed the view that almost any modern platform can be considered malware, and this applies...



Apple released the fourth beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.4

Apple released the fourth beta of OS X Yosemite update 10.10.4 for developers. The release took place two weeks after the release of the previous Assembly and iOS 8.4 beta...



Touch keyboard on the new MacBook will replace the touchpad

Apple received a patent for a keyboard for computers, which works on the principle of virtual keyboards of the block. The gadget combines the input device with the traditional mechanical...



The app in the “Cloud Mail.Ru” for Mac and Windows learned how to create and edit screenshots

Desktop app Cloud Mail.Ru” now allows you to take screenshots and edit them. Screenshots are automatically uploaded to the online storage where you can share them via the Internet. Client...



That means raising Jonathan Quince and why is Tim cook

Design-Apple guru Jonathan Ive, recent years are responsible for the appearance of not only the iPhone and Mac, but also interfaces to the software, got a new post. He was...



Apple has appointed Jonathan Quince the Director of design

Apple has appointed Jonathan Quince, recent years are responsible for the appearance not only of the company’s devices, and interfaces, the Director of design. This was said on Tuesday The...



Released unofficial WhatsApp client for Mac

In the beginning, the creators of the popular messaging service WhatsApp has launched a version of the service that runs in the browser. At the moment, the web client works...



5 best docking stations c Thunderbolt 2 for Mac

It is no secret that many Mac users don’t have enough built-in ports and connectors for connecting peripherals. Manufacturers of accessories that perfectly caught and regularly encouraging consumers various docking...



The controller Aria is mounted on the strap for smart watches and allows it to be manipulated with gestures

In 2013, the company Thalmic Labs has introduced the Myo device that allows you to control various electronics by movements of fingers, hand and forearm. The sensors analyze the position...



SafariStand is a free plugin solves the main problem of web surfing on a Mac

The Safari browser is the second most popular place in the world, second only to Chrome and leaving far behind its competitors. This is the best known and most widely...



The US eased sanctions against Crimea, allowing to use Facebook and iMessage

The U.S. Treasury Department withdrew from the sanctions of the American public Internet services that were not available for residents of the Crimea because of the limitations of the government...



Enthusiast connect Apple Cinema Display to the Apple II [video]

A fan of Apple technology Matt Pearce has put an unusual experiment. He set out to connect an Apple II to monitor Apple Cinema Display. For what purpose? Enthusiast decided...



Priority development of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 will be the quality, safety, and improved support for older devices

Apple will focus in the development of new iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 the quality of work



The browser of the future” Yandex received an anonymous web surfing

“Yandex” has announced an update to its own Internet browser Yandex.Browser, one of the main features of which is a transparent interface. The company has added several new features of...

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