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6 functions for which it is worth to install macOS High Sierra

In early June, Apple announced a new version of macOS desktop platform, which has received the name of High Sierra. Immediately after the announcement was released the first beta version...



Apple new iPhone 7 is told about the unique features of the application Photo [video]

Apple has released two new promotional videos that focused on the function of the “Memories” feature, which automatically creates a special collection of the most important photos and videos. Videos...



Telegram starts the function block bypass on smartphones

Administration service Telegram will add support of proxy servers for SOCKS5 Protocol in a future update of the app for smartphones. It is stated in the Telegram public Info, which...



Phone 8 could eventually get the name “iPhone Decade Edition”

Scheme naming the “Apple” of smartphones this year are likely to change. According to tradition, when after the iPhone 5 was announced the iPhone 5s and after the iPhone 6...



Apple released macOS Sierra 10.12.6 beta 4 for Mac

On Monday Apple released the fourth beta update macOS 10.12.6 for Mac computers. New firmware debuted a week after the previous one, the third Assembly. It is available only to...



One of six working Apple I computers was sold for 20.5 million rubles

Last week held an auction Christie’s, which was sold to a rare item: one of the six surviving working computers, the Apple I. the cost of the machine amounted to...



Popular solution for file encryption, Boxcryptor is available on Russian language

A popular tool for file encryption, Boxcryptor is now available in Russian, with support for new features Smart Sync Dropbox and Cloud Boxcryptor is a convenient solution for data...



Published a list of devices that support the formats HEVC and HEIF in iOS and macOS 11 High Sierra

Changes in new operating systems, iOS and macOS 11 High Sierra quite a lot, but most of them will remain invisible to users. For example, iPhone, iPad, and Mac moved...



AirPlay 2 iOS 11: functionality, features, compatible devices

2017 at WWDC Apple announced new operating system iOS 11 with a huge number of innovations. One of the key innovations was the 2 AirPlay, which can stream video and...



Poll: do you buy the “smart” column with the HomePod?

After the release of the Amazon Echo and Google Home Network persistently circulated rumors that Cupertino is working on its own smart speaker with a Siri support. During the opening...



IOS 11 might tell us about the iPhone 8

2017 at WWDC Apple introduced many new products, but special attention is iOS 11. To a large extent because it can hint us on some of the iPhone 8. Last...



Stealth-action game Hitman will be released on Mac on June 20

On 20 June on the Mac will be released the first season of the stealth ekshena Hitman. Porting deals with Studio Feral Interactive, which has managed to introduce MacOS users...



New 4K and 5K iMac cannot be used in target display mode

Since 2009 the iMac has supported work in target display mode. The user can connect a legacy monoblock to another Mac via the Mini Display Port or Thunderbolt, and thus...



Apple AirPort is not in the number of home Wi-Fi routers, which for years was hacked by American intelligence agencies

The project WikiLeaks released a new batch of CIA documents from the array under the name of Vault 7. The new collection includes several dozens of documents relating to the...



How to migrate from the beta version of iOS 11 for the official release

When Apple releases the next iOS update, many users are tempted immediately to try it out by installing the beta version for developers. It is worth remembering that this is...

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