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Published the results of a study of the audience of Telegram in Russia

In late may, the author of the SMM channel in the Telegram began the study of the audience of Telegram in Russia. By the end of June the study was...



iPhone 7 is the most popular Apple smartphone. It sold better than the previous iPhone

Apple reported for the third quarter of 2017 financial year. In addition to data on sales and profits, Tim cook has shared some facts about the current Apple products. Sold...



Looked like the Apple website in 1998?

On Reddit he remembered what was like in a year when Steve jobs introduced the first iMac desktop computer. via Reddit For 19 years the company has changed its...



The developer story about some of the features Apple HomePod

Developer Steve Trouton Smith has studied Apple’s firmware code HomePod and told about some features of smart speakers from Apple. He found that the basis of the HomePod firmware became...



Apple may build large plants in the U.S.

Apple does not renounces the idea to collect the iPhone on the territory of the United States. This was written by The Wall Street Journal in an interview with Donald...



Apple released macOS High Sierra beta 4

At the same time with iOS 11 beta 4 to developers update became available macOS High Sierra beta 4 for Mac computers. At the time of notes it can set...



“Why I’ll never buy a MacBook Pro in top-end configuration”

It is believed that when a new technology is to focus on the top configuration, to extend the life of your device. Browser Business Insider Antonio villas-Boas explained why he...



Fans of Windows called 8 reasons to abandon macOS and for all to return to “Windows”

History of development and formation of the two most popular desktop OS is macOS, and Windows – are closely interrelated. These platforms initially different concepts: the developers at Apple and...



Microsoft said that Windows 10 is five times more popular than macOS

According to official data, worldwide there are about 100 million active Mac users. Microsoft in a recent interview said that the number of Windows 10 users exceeds 500 million. Taking...



Apple fans said that they hate the most in the company’s products

It is no secret that Apple’s most loyal users. Samsung produces a lot of different devices, simultaneously making fun of Apple fans that, in its opinion, will you buy any...



How to update macOS with one command in the Terminal

The update of the Mac operating system means the App Store is about 30-40 minutes. Not many people know that an update can be performed much faster and use the...



Apple has closed 84 vulnerabilities in iOS and macOS 10.3.3 Sierra 10.12.6

On Wednesday, Apple released updates operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. In total the company has eliminated 138 10.3.3 vulnerability in iOS, macOS Sierra 10.12.6,...



VKontakte has released the final version of messenger for Mac, Windows and Linux

“VKontakte” has completed testing of its messenger VK Messenger for desktop operating systems. The developers announced on the official page of the project. In the new version of VK Messenger...



Apple builds the first Chinese data center in Guizhou province

Apple is ready to implement tougher legislation in respect of data storage in China, opening its first data center in China. The company from Cupertino has confirmed that the allocated...



5 hidden features of your Mac that you didn’t know

Many users who once went on macOS, don’t go back to other operating systems. However, not all users know what they are capable Apple computers. Below are five useful features...

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