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Apple and Samsung losing out to competitors from China

Smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2017 increased by 4.3% and amounted to 347,4 million units. But the leaders of the market in the face of Samsung and Apple...



Top 5 major competitors MacBook Pro

Notebook manufacturers are trying hard to fill their models with modern technologies: devices have touch screens that can transform into tablets, and battery life to almost a day. In the...



Apple increased its share of the smartphone market in Russia by Chinese brands

Smartphone manufacturers of the second echelon, a year ago it occupied almost 70% of the Russian market, began to take positions. While Apple and Samsung at the end of March...



Top best tablets in 2017

The tablets are firmly entrenched in the market of mobile gadgets, significantly surpassing laptops. Updates range of different brands, each year – with the news of the current 2017 to...



Apple is not on the way with the manufacturers of Windows-based PC

Manufacturers of personal computers who did not reach the corporate segment of the market, may face the need to consolidate or terminate its existence in any other way, as rising...



Mac sales grew by 4.5% amid falling global PC market

The world market for personal computers continues to stagnate, despite all the efforts of PC manufacturers, the report of the analytical company Gartner. Despite the trends, Apple has managed to...



“I abandoned Safari in favor of Opera and completely happy”

If you believe the ratings, Opera is not the world’s most popular browser. However, despite the beauty of Safari and Chrome attempts to be less greedy, she deserves to give...



In the ranking of the best laptop manufacturers Apple dropped from first to fifth place

The well-known magazine about the mobile technology Laptop Mag, amounted to an annual ranking among the best manufacturers of laptops. The last few years, the leader in it was Apple....



All laptop manufacturers except Apple, 2-3 times overstate the actual battery life

The British publication Which?, regularly testing the autonomy of mobile devices and laptops, has conducted a study of the most popular models of portable computers to determine the leader in...



Samsung Galaxy S8 when compared with the iPhone 7 impressive performance, but not battery life

Recently the Vice-President for product strategy of Samsung, said in an interview that the company has a dream — to win the Apple. Presented on the flagship Galaxy S8 is...



Apple in the new ad tries to convince that the iPad Pro is better of your computer [video]

Apple has a complicated relationship with the concept of PC two-in-one. The Corporation is carefully not called iPad Pro



Whether Apple followed by Windows manufacturers to release a MacBook with built-in LTE modem? [poll]

Undoubtedly, most users choose a MacBook because of their compact size, handy and user-friendly operating system. As a rule, the owners of portable Apple computers prefer to work in the...



What would you change in the iPad Pro?

Apple has not sent out invitations for a spring presentation, rumors of which go lately. The company plans to present a new line of iPads that Tim cook has high...



In 2017 Apple will open four new centers of research and development in China

Apple plans in 2017 to open in China two new research center. According to the plans of the company, they will undergo practical training the graduates of Beijing University, Tsinghua...



The most popular in China, the smartphone will release in Russia

The smartphone companies Oppo and Vivo can officially appear in Russia, according to RBC with reference to the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. The mobile operator is negotiating the cooperation...

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