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Cydia 1.1.19 had the opportunity of personalization interface

The Creator of Cydia Jay Freeman has announced a new version of the jailbreak store. In version 1.1.19 developer changed the method of execution of the program code, allowing to...



Apple has developed a way to transfer files through a handshake

Apple received a patent for a new method of data exchange between mobile devices, dubbed “the Transmission of information between devices by using gestures. Gesture-based information exchange between devices in...



“You’ll wonder how you lived without it before”: the official review of iOS 9 from Apple

“Every day you will notice new improvements in iOS 9. To use apps more often. And work with new multi-tasking features on the iPad more efficiently. The more you use...



10 tweaks that make it worth jailbreak [video]

Despite the fact that Apple continues to improve iOS operating system, the number of users who do not wish to be linked to online catalog the App Store, not less....



Top 50 tweaks for iPhone and iPad, compatible with iOS 8.3 [video]

About three months it took for hackers to create a jailbreak for iOS 8.3. Utility TaiG 2.1.2 allows hacking iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running on the latest version of...



Telegram has launched a platform for creating “smart” bots

The developers of Telegram messenger has announced a platform for the creation of buddy-bots that can interact with external services and applications. The service starts, timed to coincide with release...



Surface Pro 3 ahead of iPad Air 2 in the test for performance

Experts resource Whitch? ranked the most productive in the world of tablets. In the Geekbench benchmark, with which the test was flagship tablet, iPad Air 2 lost leadership Surface Pro...



5 reasons to wait for iOS 9

At a conference for developers WWDC 2015 was shown the new version of iOS that represents an important update for mobile OSes Apple. Major release of iOS 9 can not...



StiKey: keyboard with stickers for iPhone and iPad

Modern Internet user rarely expresses his emotions in words and more uses emoticons, funny “gifs”, stickers. In order to quickly share images and has been designed keyboard StiKey. In the...



What is the future of Apple computers

Despite the overall decline of the PC market, sales of Mac computers is growing. However, experts believe that Apple in the future is to abandon their production. What is the...



How to get a free copy of Windows 10 without legal Windows 7 or 8

Microsoft 29 July this year released the final version of Windows 10 as a free update for devices on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and Windows 7, and Windows 8.1...



The journalist explained why he abandoned his MacBook Pro in favor of “grombala”

Edition lookatme told the story of journalist James Kendrick, who replaced his working 13-inch MacBook Pro on chromebook Acer Chromebook 13. Well explained and described, as is the work on...



How to turn OS X in OS X Yosemite El Capitan right now

It’s no secret that the new version of OS X, El Capitan, providing “the MacOS users” various improvements in terms of functionality, convenience of use and performance, based on current...



Tacos, unicorn and amphora on the keyboard: in the Unicode standard added more than 40 new Emoji

Organization the Unicode Consortium has published a list of new icons from the eighth edition of the Unicode 8.0). In the symbol table added about 40 new emoticons, including images...



Top best new features of iOS 9 in the form of a GIF-animation

Yesterday MacDigger published an article titled “45 hidden features in iOS 9 that were concealed by the Apple”, which contains the unique features of the new mobile platform Apple. The...

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