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Synaptics equipped with the Spacebar touch surface [video]

Synaptics presented SmartBar technology, which allows to increase the speed of typing on the keyboard. The company converted the Spacebar to touch the surface for gestural control. Specialists Synaptics propose...



Moky: the world’s first invisible keyboard with touchpad [video]

The company Innopresso announced a keyboard that combines the functions of a traditional input device and the touchpad. Accessory got the name Moky (“motion keyboard”). In Moky under pressing the...



Banned BlackBerry, the Typo keyboard will appear in the online Apple store, but only for iPad Air

A few days after the devastating defeat in the court of BlackBerry manufacturer of covers for keyboards for iPhone announced the proposal for tablet owners. We are talking about the...



Batteriser will increase the autonomy of the Apple keyboard and mouse 8 times

US scientist has invented a device, can significantly increase the service life of any disposable batteries. According to the developer, the use of Batteriser will extend the battery



BlackBerry wins preliminary injunction banning sales of Typo keyboard for iPhone

Last year BlackBerry sued Typo on the company that produced special covers with mechanical keyboard called the Typo Keyboard Case, which were intended for the iPhone. Canadian company emphasized that...



Official: Windows 10 will be available for download on July 29

The release of the new operating system Windows 10 will be held on 29 July this year. This was stated by the head of Microsoft developing Windows Terry Myerson. The...



Smartphone Lenovo Smart Cast will turn any surface into a touchscreen [video]

Lenovo has developed SmartCast is a concept smartphone with built-in laser projector. Users will be able to play on a virtual piano and work on the projection keyboard. Smartphones already...



Apple added the symbol of the ruble on the keyboard of new MacBook

Apple struck on the keyboard of new MacBook symbol of the ruble, established by the Council of the Federation in the past year. A sign is placed on the key...



The Force Touch display on the iPhone 6s will combine the advantages of the screens of the Apple Watch and new MacBook trackpads

It’s no secret that one of the features of the next generation iPhone will support Force Touch technology. Rumors that Apple is going to use their communicators are sensitive to...



Touch keyboard on the new MacBook will replace the touchpad

Apple received a patent for a keyboard for computers, which works on the principle of virtual keyboards of the block. The gadget combines the input device with the traditional mechanical...



As BlackBerry underestimated the iPhone and lost everything

In 2007 BlackBerry underestimated the capabilities of the iPhone, which led to the loss of the mobile market. Canadian manufacturer was convinced that the business users, which focused on the...



Keyboard SwiftKey got a store themes

The developers of SwiftKey — one of the best alternative keyboards for iPhone and iPad — has expanded the capabilities of the application. New version of the program, which debuted...



How to install a font from Apple Watch to iPhone and iPad, without waiting for iOS 9

It is no secret that especially for smart watches Apple Watch, Apple has created a font with which notifications are shown on the screen novelties. Today it became known about...



KFC built in Bluetooth keyboard in the trays, so people are not making a mess on the screens of smartphones [video]

The KFC chain of restaurants in Germany was placed in trays Bluetooth keyboard — instead of the usual paper pallets. The idea of the company is to allow users to...



Keyboard Click Wheel for iPhone allows you to enter text using the iconic wheel control iPod

Developer Adam bell has released a new keyboard for iPhone-inspired Click wheel. This element is one of the recognizable features of iPods. Apple initially used it to iPod mini first...

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