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A source at Foxconn announced details about iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, AR-glasses and the Apple keyboard E-ink in the new MacBook

While some analysts assert that Apple has reached the limit, while others argue that the iPhone 8 will push the capitalization of the company to new heights, close to the...



Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 complained about a bad problem

In March this year, Samsung showed the world its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. After the presentation of a new product called hardly the best phone on the market, but...



Twelve South has launched a new BookArc stand for MacBook and MacBook Pro

To give the workplace the missing Zen designed a special docking station for MacBook. They come in handy for users who use a laptop in conjunction with a monitor, keyboard...



New MacBook, iPad and Apple Magic Keyboard declassified a week before the official presentation

A week before WWDC on the website of the Eurasian economic Commission has information on new Apple devices. The products in question have been certified in Russia. Apple usually uses...



Appeared on the market the tablet under the brand name “iPad”, but Apple are unlikely to ban it

Apple has always jealously defended their copyright on certain designs or brands and usually gets her way. Even in China, where justice often took the side of local producers, the...



5 gadgets that Apple should be ashamed

In recent years, Apple has secured such credibility that all of its new products are waiting as manna from heaven. But few people remember that was the “Apple” giant, and...



The network leaked the first images of the smartphone LG V30 in the form factor slider with two screens

A reliable source of rumors Evan Bless published in his Twitter account the first images of the smartphone LG V30, which is codenamed Project Joan. Apparatus for rendering has the...



More than one billion Android devices in jeopardy due to critical vulnerability

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of California, Santa Barbara have discovered a new class of attacks on Android smartphones, which is called Cloak and Dagger. It...



The main invention of Steve jobs, which you did not guess

The role of Steve jobs in the IT industry is difficult to overestimate. The founder of Apple over four decades has put his hand to many products ranging from Macintosh...



Apple has not abandoned the idea to release a MacBook without a keyboard one touchpad

The size of the trackpad in the MacBook Pro last generation has exceeded all reasonable limits, but Apple, apparently, wants to go even further and replace the entire panel with...



Surface Laptop vs MacBook: which laptop to choose?

What is the best MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook…Laptop or Surface? Now that Microsoft has entered the market of laptops, the choice is as ever complex. At first glance, the...



Microsoft says that new Surface Pro is 1.7 times stronger and 35% more Autonomous than iPad Pro

Today, Microsoft at a special event in Shanghai has introduced a new tablet computer Surface Pro, abandoning the title of “Surface Pro 5”. During the presentation, the company compared the...



iOS 11: what users expect from the new Apple platform

Approaching WWDC 2017, at which Apple is expected to introduce a massive upgrade of the software platform for the iPhone and iPad. Reviewers CultofMac conducted a study in which he...



Mistake: in Germany, vintage Apple computer has sold 7 million, want for 12 million

At auction in Germany for €110 000 (about 7 million rubles at current exchange rate) sold one of the first Apple products – computer, the Apple I. this is stated...



In the network leaked press photos of the new tablet Microsoft Surface Pro

The publication Venture Beat, citing the famous insider Evan Blass published a series of pictures of the new tablets Microsoft, which will be a further development of the product line...

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