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Does it matter the screen size of the tablet?

Want to get a tablet? Then decide what size screen will suit you. The display of the tablet is directly dependent on the use of portable devices: for travel, for...



How to build a Hackintosh with GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: practical experiment

Modern Macs have the same components, and personal computers personal computers. Then why macOS can’t work on a PC? In fact, software platform Apple can be used on modern PCs...



ProBack case Cover for iPad Pro do Apple Pencil with a more functional and secure

Along with the iPad Pro, Apple introduced a digital pen Apple Pencil. Despite all the advantages of the accessory, it is characterized by a number of design flaws concerning storage...



Top 5 major competitors MacBook Pro

Notebook manufacturers are trying hard to fill their models with modern technologies: devices have touch screens that can transform into tablets, and battery life to almost a day. In the...



Apple has begun selling restored 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar

At the beginning of last month, Apple began selling MacBook Pro restored new generation without Touch Bar. Compared to completely new laptop user restored the device could save about $400...



Why I will never go back to a Windows PC

Last year, Apple, among other things, introduced a new generation of professional notebooks MacBook Pro, and “most advanced” desktop operating system macOS Sierra. The combination of just these facts is...



Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 has no chance to replace the computer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure. Samsung with the launch of the flagship Galaxy S8 demonstrated their vision of...



All you need to know before installing Windows 10 Update Creators

The official release of Windows 10 Update Creators will be held on April 11. Before you install the update on your Mac or PC, we recommend you to read the...



5 useful chips macOS, you need to know about

Mac computers have many features that make their use more convenient. MacDigger offers five particularly useful techniques. Use “Search” to access the dictionaries Perhaps, everyone is faced with the need...



Socks for iPod, sneakers, psychedelic iMacs: 10 strange Apple products

Since Steve jobs returned to Apple, “apples” produced one hit after another: the release of the next iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, each time becoming a sensation. However, over the 40...



Why iPhone need 8 connector Smart Connector from the iPad Pro?

This week, media reported insider about the new smartphone iPhone 8, the authenticity of which, however, has not yet been confirmed. We are talking about the emergence of a new...



When disappear iPhone: what will replace the modern gadgets

One day the iPhone will become obsolete and will take pride of place in museums next to the pagers, faxes and modems dial-up. Probably this will not happen very soon....



iPhone 8 will receive connector Smart Connector for wireless charging and virtual reality

According to the latest insider reports from the fronts, in September, Apple introduced the “iPhone custom”. Camera iPhone 8, which is also called the jubilee iPhone X, looks like a...



Mac mini next generation will no longer be a “mini”

Price compact desktop Mac mini starts with a mark of 39 990 rubles — this is the most affordable Apple computer. Its dimensions case measures 197 x 197 x 36...



VMware and Samsung Galaxy S8 to turn into a full-fledged computer

VMware and Samsung announced the conclusion of partnerships with the aim of providing users with new capabilities for a unified work with smartphones and desktop computers. It is noted that...

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