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What would you change in the iPad Pro?

Apple has not sent out invitations for a spring presentation, rumors of which go lately. The company plans to present a new line of iPads that Tim cook has high...



Google released messenger without a keyboard, which translates the voice into text and puts Emoji

Startup Area 120, owned by Google, has released a new app for messaging Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger. Novelty is a reinterpreted version of the messenger, a feature of which is...



Named 10 the main advantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 on the iPhone 7

Less than two weeks Samsung will present its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. As at the moment this unit is regarded as the most advanced in the family of the...



“You deserve better”: HP offered to exchange iPhone on Windows 7-the flagship of Elite X3

HP has launched an original campaign to promote flagship smartphone Elite X3. The company has offered to exchange the iPhone 7 on the program trade-in on a branded device running...



Kaspersky Password Manager: secure password Manager for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Passwords — the basic, most important and at the same time, probably the most unpleasant part of the protection. Short passwords are easy to remember, but using them is dangerous;...



8 functions and features from Android that Apple needs to copy iOS 11

Hard to call it Android lagging behind iOS. In many aspects of the operating system Google is not just equaled the ease of use with the “Apple” platform but surpassed...



Apple out the window: how and why to install Windows 10 on MacBook Pro 2016

Not so long ago Apple released the new generation of MacBook Pro. Laptops got, perhaps, the most significant upgrade in the history of this series. And it is not only...



Mechanical Bluetooth keyboard Lofree displays a set of text on the Mac to new level

If the design and aesthetics of the 21st century makes you feel bad and want something new and original, keyboard from the company Lofree for you. This solution combines elements...



Found a way to include in iOS 10.3 the hidden keyboard for easy typing with one hand

In January of this year in iOS 10.3 beta found a hidden mode of the keyboard on the iPad. A special mode is intended faster and easier typing holding the...



PROMT has released an extension for instant translation of messages in iMessage

PROMT released a plugin for translation in the messenger iMessage. The extension lets you instantly translate the messages without switching between applications. According to research by the international human rights...



Become known three functions, which can get Android 8.0

At the moment Google is preparing for the announcement of the Android operating system 8.0, which will be officially presented a month earlier iOS 11. The publication VentureBeat described three...



Elite Keylogger: a powerful Keylogger for Mac [+5 promo]

Spy apps is not primarily a bloody gun anarchist hacker or a monitoring tool of the dark corporations, as a convenient means of personal security, in many cases a regular...



Why do you need a new lamp? As a Mac user tried to switch to MacBook Pro 2016, and it did not work

I think everyone, and maybe not just faced with an overwhelming desire to upgrade your laptop. You want diversity, new features and functionality. Someone just tired of your old gadget...



Pavel Durov explained how the intelligence agencies have access to instant messengers on iOS and Android

The Creator of the secure messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, told how U.S. intelligence agencies can access mobile applications. The article with the clarification he posted on his official website. According...



Opinion: Mac is losing the battle Windows is because of the attitude Apple users

For decades, PC users and Mac were eternal debate. The second was an excellent platform for the conflict, provoked by the open rivalry between bill gates and Steve jobs. Now,...

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