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Jailbreak released for iOS 8.3

Hacker group Taig has released a jailbreak for iOS 8.3. Updated software solution called TaiGJBreak supports mobile operating systems Apple with version 8.1.3 to 8.3 inclusive. In order to perform...



iOS app to view your torrents without jailbreak Popcorn Time downloaded over one million times

In the fall of 2014 online cinema for torrents Popcorn Time has released an app for the iOS platform. The program allows you to watch movies and TV programs and...



The function of “picture in Picture” in iOS 9 hacked to play Doom [video]

Developer Adam bell has hacked operating system, iOS 9, to play the iconic shooter using the function “picture in picture”. Technology developer showed on the video in YouTube. “Hacked the...



45 hidden features in iOS 9 that were concealed by Apple

8 June, Apple announced the new operating system iOS 9 – major release since the launch of the App Store, which has opened up new opportunities and has provided developers...



In iOS 9 support quick responses to third-party messengers

At the time MacDigger published the article “9 features that we expect in iOS 9” and “7 jailbreak features that should appear in iOS 9”. Not all that we expected...



How to turn iOS 8 to iOS 9 right now

June 8 at WWDC Apple announced that iOS 9 is the next version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A new release of the software platform...



The Creator of Cydia Jay Freeman called 5 reasons to jailbreak iPhone

Once a new edition of the iOS hacking community is taken for the development of software solutions for jailbreaking. With their help, users can bypass the security of the mobile...



How to record iPhone screen on iOS 8.3 and 8.4 without jailbreak

In the process of working with the iPhone, it is often necessary to record what is happening on the display of the mobile device. This can be the action with...



Apple Watch hacked to run native applications

Developers Steven Trenton-Smith and Adam bell, with the participation of hacker Saurik hacked operating system watchOS 2 to start a full-fledged native apps. About their achievements, they said on Twitter,...



Apple has returned to iOS 9 feature, but refused it in iOS 5

Apple exploring the desires and needs of users of iOS devices: the obvious example is the new “new” gesture in the standard Photos app in iOS 9. Now in the...



Apple allowed everyone to install cracked software on iPhone and iPad

IPhone and iPad users had the opportunity to download apps on a mobile device to bypass the App Store without being registered in the Apple developer program. This is stated...



Chinese hackers from Keen Team working on the jailbreak for iOS 9

Widely known in narrow circles hacker group Keen Team is going to release a jailbreak for iOS 9. About working on finding vulnerabilities in new software platform Apple she announced...



The developers of Pangu jailbreak will speak at the Black Hat conference 2015

The members of the famous team of Pangu jailbreak has been announced as speakers at the annual security conference Black Hat 2015. A group of Chinese programmers in the composition...



7 jailbreak tweaks that are part of iOS 9

Users of iOS devices are already accustomed to the fact that new features for its mobile platform Apple refers to the jailbreak community is an endless generator of new ideas...



How to install iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad without a developer account [how to]

On Monday, Apple unveiled a new iOS 9, describing the capabilities of the new software, which will be available this fall. Officially OS has been available to developers registered in...

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