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Apple has blocked the Pangu jailbreak in iOS update 9.1

Apple has blocked the Pangu jailbreak in iOS update 9.1, which debuted on Wednesday, October 21. The company has eliminated the vulnerabilities that were used by hackers to create a...



Apple releases iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple has released a public version of the update iOS 9.1. To install the update on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To synchronize the gadget is running a new...



IOS 9 jailbreak Pangu 1.1 with bug fixes available for download

A group of hackers calling themselves Pangu, has released a new version of the tool for untethered jailbreak iOS 9. The Pangu update with sequence number 1.1 fixed all the...



OdysseusOTA 2 allows you to roll back from iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 [video]

Earlier this month, Apple stopped signing iOS 8.4.1, which means the inability to roll back with iOS 9.0 and newer versions of the OS to the previous version of the...



How to install Kodi on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9 [Cydia]

Kodi is a popular media player to manage videos, photos and audio content that may reside on a computer, optical disc, on the Internet or on any PC in the...



Does the jailbreak on iOS 9 [video]

Each time after the release of iOS hackers released the tools to jailbreak. With their help, users can bypass the operating system and install apps and tweaks which are not...



Saurik has updated Cydia Substrate and commented on the complaints on cyclic reboot device

The Creator of Cydia Jay Freeman, known as Saurik, has released a new version of Cydia Substrate. Updated framework on which are based most of the jailbreak tweaks, has received...



We have released a new version of Activator with support for iOS 9 and 3D Touch gestures [Cydia]

Owners of iPhone and iPad in iOS 9 jailbreak is already actively using the development from Cydia. Today, Activator is one of the oldest jailbreak Addons for iOS received support...



Top 5 free jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 [video]

Users, actively practicing the jailbreak, long time ago a collection of favorite tweaks. First place on “jailbroken” gadgets. Unfortunately, not all of presented developments in Cydia compatible with iOS 9,...



How to enable quick answers for WhatsApp in iOS 9 [Cydia]

WhatsApp – world’s most popular mobile messenger. Today it is used more than 800 million people. It is not surprising that in Cydia you can find many jailbreak extensions for...



Top 10 Cydia repositories for iOS 9 – 9.0.2 [version 2015]

Apple continues to develop iOS to add new features and missing functionality; however, the number of users who do not wish to be tied to the permitted source, not less....



How to turn any iPhone on iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s

25 September Apple started selling the iPhone 6s is next generation smartphone operating system iOS 9. A new modification of the devices contains several unique features and differs from its...



iOS 9: do we need jailbreak?

Every year less and less users of devices subjected to the procedure of jailbreak. And it’s not even that the software to find “holes” all the more difficult. Not at...



10 tweaks for iOS 9, which is the reason for jailbreak

Despite the fact that Apple continues to improve iOS, users of jailbroken devices is not reduced. On the contrary, judging by the number of downloads Pangu9. What attracts users in...



Apex 2 with iOS 9 is available for download in Cydia

While fans software modding deliberate about the jailbreak for the new iOS 9, the developers continue to release a new unofficial app and update the old ones. Today the infamous...

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