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What you want to see in the new iPhone 6s?

Have you already decided what you want from the new iPhone 6s? If you decided to make a list of the required functions of the new items, what would it...



FCC has unveiled a new Apple wireless keyboard and Magic mouse 2

Apple prepares to release new accessories with a Bluetooth connection. As it turned out 9to5Mac, the company registered with the Federal communications Commission U.S. Federal Communications Commission, FCC) two new...



Apple redesign: how to change the Apple website since 1997

For nearly 15 years we live in the new Millennium, but did not seem to notice anything new. The chasm between past and present is easy to notice, if you...



Alive Time: live time

What is the duration of the day and night in a certain point of the globe varies depending on date and geographical coordinates of that point (latitude and longitude) is...



Motorola accidentally revealed the second generation of smart watch Moto 360

“Smart” watch Moto 360 is considered to be one of the most beautiful gadgets on Android Wear, and a docking station for wireless charging products can even envy the owners...



Apple wants to turn the cabin of the electric vehicle in the cockpit of a fighter

Apple is working to bring the technology of jet fighters on the dashboard of his car. According to The Washington Post, the company’s specialists are working on a transparent display,...



Proactive assistant iOS 9: a function that is able to read minds

In iOS 9, Apple has added a function that predicts mood and desires, facilitating the use of gadgets and making life easier. The user is presented active recommendations based on...



Compare iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The announcement of the flagship phablet Galaxy Note 5 was, perhaps, the most discussed event of the month. It showed right along with the Galaxy S6 edge+ last differs curved...



Is it true that Apple is worth more than Russia?

Russian “Gazprom” more than 7 times inferior to Apple by market capitalization, however, far exceeds the manufacturer of smartphones in real value. “Mystery? The paradox? Not at all,” – say...



How to roll back iOS on iOS 8.4.1 8.4 on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad users who have installed the new update iOS 8.4.1, there is a possibility to roll back to the previous version of the



Siri saved the life of 18-year-old American, who dropped the truck

Voice assistant Siri on the iPhone saved the lives of the American. The function came to the rescue of a resident of Tennessee, when there was no help. 18-year-old man...



In the web interface of iCloud, there was a feature to recover deleted files, contacts and calendars

Apple has added iCloud restore of the data. Now users can recover accidentally deleted files, documents, contacts and calendars. The function of the “Time Machine for iCloud” drew the attention...



Apple will reduce the production of the iPhone 6s 6%

On the eve of the announcement of the iPhone 6s, continue to receive all new information about the flagship smartphone Apple. Another revelation shared company Bluefin Research Partners, which received...



Citizen of Belarus came to the emergency room, saving on the branded charger for iPhone

Deciding to save money on the power adapter for iPhone, a resident of Belarus ended up in the hospital, Onliner reports. The savings amounted to a few tens of dollars....



British designer introduced the concept of dynamic icons for iOS

British designer Matt Sayward developed the concept of application programming interface for iOS that allows you to create dynamic icons, reports Lookatme. His development he called IconKit. According to Saward,...

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