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Media: iPhone 8 will receive an OLED display made by Samsung and the 10-nm processor

Apple has not released a new iPhone 7, but the Network has already appeared information about the next flagship smartphone of the company. Analyst San Change in his Weibo account...



The designer showed chic concept of iPhone 7 with a housing in the color Space Black and dark theme

Creating their new device, Apple company often borrows practices and design techniques from existing products. So, the iPhone inherited iPods, and iPads took over the design decisions of the iPhone....



Media: bent from two sides of glass housing iPhone 8 will be the new word in the design of the Apple

As you know, this year the design of the new flagship iPhone 7 will not be radically different from how look models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. A radical change...



Why global changes in iPhone will happen in 2017

Sources familiar with the production cycle of the iPhone, claim that the new generation of Apple’s smartphone externally will not be very different from the iPhone 6 or 6s. Coming...



WSJ: Apple to increase the minimum amount of memory in the iPhone 7 up to 32 GB

Before the official announcement of the iPhone 7 remains two months, so the rumors about the new generation of “Apple” smartphones appear almost on a daily basis. This time they...



Supports Apple connectors are an average of 15 years, the 3.5-mm port lasted 32 years

As you know, this year Apple will abandon the model of the audio interface in the iPhone 7, which many consider to be quite radical. Explorer The Verge of Nali...



Why Apple stripped the iPhone 7 audio Jack for headphones

Informants have long agree that Apple will not use a 3.5 mm audio Jack in the iPhone 7. It is believed that in place of conventional connector will accommodate another...



Media: touch button with support for Touch Force will replace the physical Home key iPhone 7

This year Apple will change the well-established tradition to alternate the release of a substantially updated modifications to the iPhone and slightly improved versions that get the letter “s” to...



Samsung is investing several billion dollars in the production of OLED-panels for the iPhone 8

As a leader in the market of OLED panels, Samsung continues to invest heavily in the development of this direction. As it became known, the South Korean giant intends to...



“Jubilee” iPhone: in 2017 Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and will release an all-glass iPhone 8

Next year Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and show the world a brand new iPhone 8. According to Credit Suisse, the company intends to revise the design of the...



The photo was lit 7 iPhone touch Home button

It is known that Apple decided to change the established in recent years, the tradition to alternate the release of a substantially updated numbered iPhone models and slightly improved “S”version....



Analysts: the transition to a three-year update cycle of the iPhone would be a huge mistake Apple

Apple would be making a mistake if she will extend the release cycle of new iPhone up to three years. This opinion was expressed by analysts, quoted by the business...



iPhone 8 will glass: users are tired of metal smartphones

In 2017 Apple will return to the design of the iPhone 4 and 4s and will again use the glass enclosure of their smartphones. Recently stated by the CEO of...



The network got the pictures case for iPhone 7 with a larger camera and four speakers as the iPad Pro

Discussion of the upcoming new products of Apple always causes the interest of the public, whether fans of “Apple” products or its ardent opponents. In anticipation of the event, in...



Media: the first OLED displays will appear in the 5.5-inch iPhone models

It is no secret that Apple has decided to move the iPhone from LCD displays to OLED. According to the newspaper Bloomberg, the South Korean company Samsung will be the...

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