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According to Morgan Stanley, smartphone, iPhone 8 will be released without delay, but will remain in deficit until the beginning of 2018

Despite reports of a delay with the release of the new iPhone 8 with OLED display and 3D camera, some experts believe that the novelty will debut in keeping with...



Why jubilee iPhone 8 will cost more than $1000?

Recently there was information that the new smartphone iPhone 8 may set a record price. According to information from the supply chain the price of anniversary apparatus can start with...



Apple iPhone 8 will solve the problem while listening to music and charging

Before the official presentation iPhone 8 remains four months, but now the novelty has done a lot of noise. People continue to discuss rumors about the upcoming flagship of Apple....



Experts called the main threat to the iPhone 8

Apple shares are rising on the expectation that the company is about to enter in the period of record iPhone sales, but one of the key indicators of sales growth...



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one great big advantage over the iPhone 8

In the autumn of this year will be the announcement of a new anniversary flagship iPhone 8 and Samsung is preparing to meet it head-on. Along with the new high-end...



Residents of Rostov angered priestess of the temple with the gold iPhone 7

A resident of Rostov-on-don took video of the servant of the local Church, who was talking on his gold iPhone 7. The woman removed the money from the donations box....



The loyalty of iPhone users reached a record 92% in anticipation of the release of iPhone 8

A new sociological study conducted by investment firm Morgan Stanley found that more than 90% of owners of smartphones Apple is ready to buy a new iPhone in the next...



The first real pictures of iPhone 8 leaked three months before the official premiere

Many insiders continue to supply the media with new portions of information about the iPhone 8. So, the reviewers BGR got their hands on from reliable as they claim themselves,...



Samsung held a strong trump card against the iPhone 8

Recently, Samsung confirmed that the new smartphone Galaxy Note 8 will debut in the second half of 2017. This device will be released six months after the flagship Galaxy S8...



The final design of the iPhone 8: glass body, wireless charging, built-in display Touch ID

Engadget has published images of three-dimensional model of the iPhone 8, which was created on the basis of working drawings of the device. At the request of the source publication...



Apple has patented edge-to-edge display and a built-in screen scanner Touch ID

Bureau of patents and trademarks United States registered two Apple patent applications, which will allow the company to create edge-to-edge iPhone screen “edge to edge”. The new development also involves...



The network blasted the jubilee concept iPhone 8: “infinite” screen, wireless charging, built-in display Touch ID

On YouTube is gaining views original concept of the iPhone 8, which should go on sale this fall. The device in the video has got edge-to-edge screen, and the mechanical...



iPhone 8: 4 reasons to wait for the new anniversary flagship and 4 reasons not to wait

Before the official presentation of the iPhone 8 is about four months, but now the market has a lot of decent devices – Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 iPhone 7....



Even if Apple reaches a capitalization of $1 trillion, she can’t stay on top forever

Apple became the first U.S. company with market capitalization of which exceeded $800 billion, According to analysts, this figure may reach $1 trillion after the anniversary of the flagship iPhone...



iPhone 8: 3 the main innovation of the anniversary of the flagship Apple

While Samsung boasted the record Galaxy S8 sales, Apple has a reason to be nervous. Although the financial indicators in the order from the point of view of the image...

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