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Analysts: the transition to a three-year update cycle of the iPhone would be a huge mistake Apple

Apple would be making a mistake if she will extend the release cycle of new iPhone up to three years. This opinion was expressed by analysts, quoted by the business...



iPhone 8 will glass: users are tired of metal smartphones

In 2017 Apple will return to the design of the iPhone 4 and 4s and will again use the glass enclosure of their smartphones. Recently stated by the CEO of...



The network got the pictures case for iPhone 7 with a larger camera and four speakers as the iPad Pro

Discussion of the upcoming new products of Apple always causes the interest of the public, whether fans of “Apple” products or its ardent opponents. In anticipation of the event, in...



Media: the first OLED displays will appear in the 5.5-inch iPhone models

It is no secret that Apple has decided to move the iPhone from LCD displays to OLED. According to the newspaper Bloomberg, the South Korean company Samsung will be the...



iPhone 7 first appeared on the “live” photo

According to one of the most common rumors about the iPhone 7 smartphone, the device will retain the design of its predecessor iPhone 6s. Today in the Chinese microblogging network...



Media: the iPhone 7 will be a touch Home button and waterproof design

Analysts claim that Apple will change in recent years the tradition of alternating the release of the significantly updated numbered iPhone models and is slightly improved versions that get the...



KGI: the new iPhone 7 can expect a failure because of a lack of innovation

This fall Apple will introduce a new flagship iPhone 7. How successful will the “Apple” smartphone of the new generation? A number of experts believe that investors of a California...



iPhone 7s in 2017 will be a new iPhone 8 with OLED display, wireless charging and without Home button

Traditionally, the lineup of the iPhone with the letter “S” is an update of the previous generation of Apple smartphones. So it was with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s...



Media: the first iPhone with an OLED display may launch this year

According to the source, in December last year, Apple turned to Samsung and LG with the question, will they be able to supply the OLED displays in the quantities required...



The manufacturer of processors for the iPhone announced a partnership with ARM to go to 7-nm process

The owners of lithographic industries continue to invest in the development of increasingly thin “technological” standards. As it became known, the company TSMC, which supplies the processors for iPhone, iPad...



Why the iPhone will never work more than one day without recharging

With each new model of iPhone, the users expect a substantial increase in the autonomy of devices. Ideally, smartphones should work two or three days away from an outlet. Unfortunately,...



Chinese-American company bought the concept of the iPhone 8 from Kyrgyzstan to create a real smartphone

In November last year, the Kyrgyz designer, known under the nickname Steel Drake, introduced the concept of the iPhone 8. The work caused a wide resonance in the Network: the...



The designer showed a concept iPhone 8 with an extra screen in the side panel [video]

The designer of the project ConceptsiPhone has prepared a video that demonstrates the iPhone 8. It is noted that the gadget will receive a 5-inch display “edge to edge” powerful...



The designer showed a concept iPhone 8 ultra [video]

Some designers are fond of creating “perfect” phones and forget about the fact that the device must remain practical and work — to perform the functions of the mobile device,...



iPhone 7: 10 things we know about the new flagship Apple

Every year Apple wants to drastically improve the iPhone. The company is proud that leverages the best of mobile devices, and therefore, when it comes time for a new model,...

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