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New 3D animated model demonstrates the iPhone 8 from all sides

According to rumors, the next-generation iPhone may be the most expensive smartphone in the entire history of the existence of “Apple” phones. Thus, according to the latest insiders, new 4.7...



Sales of the iPhone 7 in Russia has fallen to historic lows ahead of the release of iPhone 8

Sales of the iPhone 7 in Russia dropped to a historic low amid sales training iPhone 8. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to own sources in retail. It is...



A source at Apple confirmed the unusual location of the scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 8

In a Forbes magazine were the images of the final design of the iPhone 8. The journalists claimed that they had received information from a source in Apple. Presented renderings...



Apple spends millions of dollars to release iPhone 8-in-time

Apple has faced serious problems related to the release of the iPhone 8. According close to the company sources, the Corporation had problems with the technology to identify users and...



Published new photos of the iPhone 8: still the best

This year, Apple will spend the most radical redesign ever was the brand of smartphones. New iPhone 8 will be equipped with a screen “edge to edge”, wireless charging and...



The journalist explained why decided to switch to the iPhone after 10 years on Android

Android users have multiple flaws in the operating system. The most common mobile OS is present on hundreds of millions of devices, but is less stable and reliable than iOS....



iOS 11: the five coolest new features available in Russia. And three – not available

In September this year after the presentation of iPhone 8 Apple will release iOS 11. It offered hundreds of changes and improvements, big and small. We chose eight of the...



Jubilee iPhone 8 will surprise you with a variety of body colors

Judging by the new rumors, the iPhone 8 will come in four different colors, including a completely new mirror. Reported by Techradar, citing its own sources. The meaning of the...



Opinion: Apple has long decided whether Touch ID in the iPhone 8

Many online sources claim that Apple is still undecided where it will be is the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 8 and whether it will at all. Despite...



The best features that iOS and Android have not yet managed to steal from each other

Last month Apple introduced the eleventh version of iOS, but Google has shown the public a prototype of a future edition of Android, code-named “O”. Both the software platform live...



Samsung wants to divert attention from the iPhone 8 the August release of Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has made no secret of the upcoming debut of the high-end smartphone Galaxy Note 8, intended to compete with the main flagship of the year. First, the official Twitter...



Media: Apple may delay the start of sales of the iPhone 8 indefinitely

Rumors that Apple may delay iPhone shipments 8 has received a new confirmation. According to MarketWatch, the company has faced technical problems at the production stage of a smartphone. Apple...



Apple is better to postpone the release of the iPhone 8, or to deprive it of certain functions? [poll]

The first month of summer was extremely stressful for the engineers and designers Apple. The company is working feverishly in an attempt to fix a number of bugs in the...



Samsung “accidentally” unveiled flagship Galaxy Note 8

Before the announcement of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a little over a month. It is expected that the South Korean giant introduced a new phone...



Barclays: the iPhone 8 will be able to surpass the success of its predecessors, but easily will give odds to any Android flagship

Analyst at Barclays Makr moskovitz is confident that the hotly anticipated iPhone 8 will

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