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New Apple patent confirms the display is “edge to edge” iPhone 8

This year, Apple plans to completely rethink the design of the iPhone. Instead of aluminum case will get all-glass shell and OLED display. According to a patent application Apple next...



Why Apple does not use the USB-C instead of Lightning for the iPhone?

In the Network there is ongoing debate regarding the decision of Apple to abandon all connectors in favor of USB-C on the new MacBook Pro. Some agree, saying it will...



Sharp is investing $864 million in the production of OLED displays for iPhone

In 2017, it is expected, will enter the market when the first iPhone equipped with an OLED display. Another confirmation came from sources GSMArena. It is reported that this year...



Samsung is already testing smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy X1 X1 Plus with curved displays

Chinese social network Weibo has brought information about what will be called the first bendable smartphone Samsung. According to sources familiar with the development, now being tested phones called the...



8 iPhone forced Chinese companies to unite for the sake of survival

More data says in favor of using AMOLED panels in the iPhone 8. Several Chinese manufacturers have decided to form a consortium to provide the supply of AMOLED displays for...



Apple iPhone 8 will replace aluminum on stainless steel

Apple intends to abandon aluminum in favor of stainless steel in the manufacture of the chassis of the iPhone 8. This was reported Tuesday by Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes. The...



This year iPhone, iPad and Mac will overtake the sales of the device on Windows

In 2017, desktop and mobile software platform will overtake Apple’s popular OS, developed by Microsoft. To such conclusion analysts of Gartner, the results of the study. Both companies are experiencing...



The new concept iOS 11 with a new circular style interface Apple Watch [video]

Theme interface for iOS with a circular design has long occupied the minds of designers. It all started with the Apple operating system watch OS for the Apple Watch. The...



“The best is yet to come”: Apple celebrates 10-year anniversary of the iPhone

10 years ago, January 9, 2007, Apple founder Steve jobs presented the scene of the first iPhone. Smartphone sales, which many experts considered a failure, began on 29 June. The...



iPhone 8 will become the most popular smartphone in the history

A locomotive called the iPhone continues to rush forward despite some signs of slowing down. But before to discuss the upcoming sale of Apple’s smartphone, there is more detail on...



Chapter Energous has hinted at wireless charging with a large radius of action in the new iPhone

CEO of Energous that specializiruetsya on the creation of wireless charging with a large radius of action, hinted at a collaboration with Apple. In an interview with The Verge, he...



Samsung wants to Eclipse the iPhone 8 the world’s first foldable smartphone Galaxy X

In December, sources reported that Samsung in 2017, will present its first smartphone with foldable design. Today insiders first called the timing of release of the innovative device. As expected,...



Media: iPhone 2017 will receive quick charging and the function “tap to wake”

The information published close to Apple sources, indicates the company’s intention to release next year, three iPhone. New smartphones Apple will be iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and 5-inch iPhone...



New technology will allow Synaptics to unlock iPhone 8 in the cold without removing your gloves

At the end of last year, Synaptics announced optical fingerprint scanner Natural ID, which can be placed under protective glass. The device will find application in mobile devices of the...



What is the function of iPhone 8 you most interested in?

Every year, Apple seeks to update and improve the iPhone. In Cupertino are proud to release the best technique, but because when it comes time for new products, we should...

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