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iOS 11 beta 3: new features in one article

On Monday Apple released iTunes 11 beta 3 – third test Assembly of the new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Currently tested OS among developers, so it...



iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8: professional test durability [video]

Earlier we already could see the tests for water resistance of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The project PhoneBuff decided it was time to do the professional test, dropping the device...



iPhone 8 in maximum configuration can cost Russia 100 000 rubles

The autumn release of the new iPhone 8 is getting closer, the leaks and predictions are all accurate. This time, the network appeared information about the cost released a new...



In Japan released a case for the iPhone 7 Plus with a built-in spotlight

In Japan started selling case for the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with a powerful led backlight. Design LED accessory Case includes a large number of bright LEDs, which are located...



Samsung Galaxy S8 has failed to prevent sales of the iPhone 7

The main stormily discussed topic in the mobile market this spring was, of course, the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the real impact on sales of the iPhone 7,...



iPhone 7 Plus vs Xiaomi Mi 6: taking pictures with bokeh effect

With a light hand Apple, the market appeared a new trend in dual camera. Chinese Xiaomi has supported this direction by including in the composition of its flagship smartphone Mi...



Why the rejection of the scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 8 is a very bad idea

Users in the Network indignant about the rejection of the standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack in the iPhone 7. Now this theme has almost no one discusses because the transition...



Case for iPhone c E-Ink screen i7 InkCase Plus: when the theory is better than practice

Despite the active development of OLED technologies and ProMotion, displays, E-Ink has its advantages. For example, the excellent visibility in the sun, low eye strain and low power consumption. The...



Android competitors have no chance: 8 iPhone compared iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 [video]

More details about the flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8 fill the world wide web. We already know that the novelty will receive a radical new design and a huge frameless...



Google Calendar is a widget in the “Today” three years after the launch of widgets on iOS

Google has announced the firmware update app Google Calendar with the new Today widget



The photo for the cover of ESPN “Body Issue” bare-Javier Baez shot on iPhone 7 Plus

The network got a few shots from the photo shoot stars baseball Javier Baez for the annual special edition “Body Issue” of American sports media ESPN. As expected for such...



Wireless charging the iPhone 8 will not work at the time of release, will have to wait for iOS 11.1 (portrait mode)

Insiders spread information about the new iPhone 8 – the next anniversary of the flagship Apple. According to the journalist Firewall Daring John Gruber, the smartphone will receive support wireless...



Enthusiast have collected 8 Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi “smartphone dreams”

Ain edition brings the story of journalist Antonio Villasha-Boas, who created the “smartphone dreams” from the parts already existing on the market Gadirov. Only Villas-Boas took the 14 parts of...



Qualcomm calls to ban the sale of iPhone and iPad due to patent infringement

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm is gaining momentum. As reported by Fortune, the chip manufacturer has sent to the Federal Commission for the U.S. international trade requirement to...



Xiaomi introduced the adapter for the iPhone that turns an ordinary headphones into wireless

3.5 mm audio Jack iPhone and no longer need so decided to Apple. All iPhone support audio output through the Lightning, on the market there are few headphones with such...

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