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iPhone 7 have not got to ten the best smartphones on the version of Roskoshestvo

The flagship smartphone of the company Apple was in the top ten according to Roskoshestvo. This is stated in the report on the results of the study quality of mobile...



The share of Windows Phone fell nearly to zero, iOS 15% of the market

In 2017 the share of smartphones running Android on Board reached 85%, while the share of iOS fell to 15%. This is stated in a new report by research company...



The Chinese were trying to smuggle themselves across the customs 102 iPhone – given gait

The popularity of “Apple” phones very often forces the enterprising people from different countries to break the law. In China there is a shortage with the iPhone, so the flow...



And Incase Olloclip introduced a set of accessories for shooting Filmer”s Kit for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus [video]

Manufacturers of Android smartphones regularly changes the design of their devices, so companies specializing in the production of mobile accessories, has a difficult life. Especially if we are talking about...



New 3D animated model demonstrates the iPhone 8 from all sides

According to rumors, the next-generation iPhone may be the most expensive smartphone in the entire history of the existence of “Apple” phones. Thus, according to the latest insiders, new 4.7...



Sales of the iPhone 7 in Russia has fallen to historic lows ahead of the release of iPhone 8

Sales of the iPhone 7 in Russia dropped to a historic low amid sales training iPhone 8. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to own sources in retail. It is...



The former creative Director of Apple: the era of Steve jobs ended Apple “has changed dramatically”

The former creative Director of Apple Hugh Duberly believes that the company from Cupertino is likely to remain in the shadow of Samsung. According to him, the era of Steve...



Published new photos of the iPhone 8: still the best

This year, Apple will spend the most radical redesign ever was the brand of smartphones. New iPhone 8 will be equipped with a screen “edge to edge”, wireless charging and...



The journalist explained why decided to switch to the iPhone after 10 years on Android

Android users have multiple flaws in the operating system. The most common mobile OS is present on hundreds of millions of devices, but is less stable and reliable than iOS....



Jubilee iPhone 8 will surprise you with a variety of body colors

Judging by the new rumors, the iPhone 8 will come in four different colors, including a completely new mirror. Reported by Techradar, citing its own sources. The meaning of the...



The most expensive iPhone 7 Plus cheaper in Russia to a critical level

Prices on flagship smartphones Apple in Russia continue to decline. At this time fell sharply iPhone 7 Plus in the most expensive configuration with 256 GB of flash memory. The...



iOS 11 will offer new applications for NFC-enabled chip in the iPhone

In June 2017 at WWDC, Apple introduced a new framework for iOS CoreNFC 11, which will expand the options of using NFC chip built-in iPhone and Apple Watch. As in...



The flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 will not be able to surprise the Apple performance

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 was presented in the spring of this year, and the next generation device Galaxy S9 will debut early next year. However, in the popular benchmark...



iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary camera with laser for measuring the depth of the image

Edition of Fast Company in a recent report claims that iPhone 8 will be the revolutionary system the main camera with a laser module for three-dimensional scanning space. The new...



Apple has outdone Android in the main

Since how iOS and Android started to compete with each other, the smart phone market was divided into several price segments, Apple and Samsung sold premium smartphones, other manufacturers were...

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