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How much RAM you need a smartphone?

In early March, the company Vivo introduced the world’s first smartphone with 6 GB of RAM — now this indicator is the flagship. Top Apple phones are equipped with 2...



Photo of the day: iPhone 7 with a screen “edge to edge”

When do you think smartphones will turn into one big screen, and everything else in them is reduced to having no value sizes? Hardly will reduce battery life, camera and...



Why Apple still sells the iPhone with 16 GB of memory

In the framework of the last presentation, Apple introduced a new iPhone SE the iPhone 5s design and “stuffing” iPhone 6s. The base cost of a smartphone is $399 for...



Analyst: Apple will kill the iPhone with their hands

Judging by how many “murderers” iPhone we’ve heard since the release of the smartphone in 2007, the largest selling product of Apple more lives than brood of kittens. Analyst gene...



iPhone 6s on steroids: the network got the live photo of Meizu flagship Pro 6

Numerous leaks of information about the new flagship



How much can you get for old iPhone recycling program Apple Renew?

This week Apple launched Apple Renew, which will allow to utilize all the components of older devices Corporation. About this presentation iPhone iPad Pro SE and in headquarters announced Vice-President...



AMOLED displays were first cheaper to manufacture than LCD

The cost of production of AMOLED displays for the first time in history were below the cost of production of the LCD panels, reports IHS Technology. According to analysts, the...



The designer showed a concept iPhone 7 with ultra-thin edge-to-edge display [video]

Experts from the project Media One Plus I really want to see in future iPhone edge-to-edge design. So much that in my concept I decided to stretch the smartphone screen...



Walt Mossberg: the iPhone 7 needs to impress users, otherwise it will fail

One of the most known technical reviewers Walt Mossberg from The Verge distanced himself from serious analysis presents Monday iPhone SE. Instead, he turned to Apple with regards to the...



Apple will sell 15 million iPhone SE in 2016

After the SE announcement of the iPhone and 9.7 inch iPad Pro, many experts made a forecast concerning the volume of sales of new Apple devices. Analysts Digitimes, citing “Taiwan-based...



Samsung is in a hurry to release Galaxy Note on Android N 6 early release iPhone 7

Judging by the latest rumors, Samsung is going to beat Apple to market the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Phablet with stylus support and 6 GB of RAM...



Media: the first iPhone with an OLED display may launch this year

According to the source, in December last year, Apple turned to Samsung and LG with the question, will they be able to supply the OLED displays in the quantities required...



In the Network leaked photos of Apple branded headphones with Lightning connector

Smartphones iPhone, starting with the first model, released in 2007, was equipped with standard 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones. However, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus may be...



Back to the future: why Apple releases a 4 inch iPhone

21 March, Apple will introduce a new 4-inch iPhone. Apple hopes to spur sales of smartphones, which are hampered by the high cost of flagship devices and the attachment of...



Opinion: with the advent of 4K video, Apple should be the first to abandon the 16 – and 32-Gigabyte smartphones

It has been estimated that Apple accounted for 94% of the profits of the global smartphone market. As you can see, Cupertino know how to make money on their products....

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