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Lightning-headphones: big step forward or a waste of money?

According to rumors, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will not be


Drawings of the new iPhone 7 confirm the design style of the iPhone 6s

French site NWE has published drawings of the 4.7-inch smartphone Apple next generation, which the publication calls iPhone 7. Leak allows you to learn a number of technical characteristics of...


Apple is rumored to have one of the most anticipated features of iPhone 7

Despite repeatedly expressed recently opinion that the iPhone 7 Apple can introduce a new connector Smart Connector, the last message that reached us from Japan, suggests that this does not...


Tim cook: the iPhone 7 will get a feature, without which you cannot live

Before the premiere of the iPhone 7 are still months, and the rumors about him doing the intervals already in a few days. Heated interest in the new product and...


iPhone 7 will surpass its predecessors for battery life

After the release of iPhone SE journalists and market analysts turned to the next major new Apple, which should be superior iPhone 7. However, if you believe the revelations of...


Published drawings iPhone 7: design in the style of the iPhone 6s, dual camera, Smart Connector, no 3.5 mm audio Jack

This fall Apple will present new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And today, the network appeared the schematic image of the apparatus, which will replace the brand in the...


KGI: the new iPhone 7 can expect a failure because of a lack of innovation

This fall Apple will introduce a new flagship iPhone 7. How successful will the “Apple” smartphone of the new generation? A number of experts believe that investors of a California...


iPhone 7s in 2017 will be a new iPhone 8 with OLED display, wireless charging and without Home button

Traditionally, the lineup of the iPhone with the letter “S” is an update of the previous generation of Apple smartphones. So it was with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s...


Apple showed a “frameless” iPhone 7 in the video celebrating the Earth Day

Apple posted on the official YouTube channel a new promo video for Earth Day. In the video the robot Liam communicates with voice assistant Siri. According to observers, the video...


7 reasons not to buy iPhone 7

Not yet officially released iPhone 7 has become a bone of contention. Users around the world actively discussing the controversial device, and we are not far behind. While judging about...


KGI: in the year 2017 Apple will refuse aluminum enclosure, the iPhone in favor of all-glass smartphone with AMOLED-display

In 2017 Apple is going to completely renew its line of smartphones. In particular, the company will introduce the iPhone in a fully glass body with a curved AMOLED display....


8 “chips” iPad Pro, which will appear in the iPhone 7

In March, the media learned that the new iPhone 7 will get a more accurate plastic strip, behind which on the iPhone 6/6s are the antenna and lose the headphone...


A source at Apple has confirmed the authenticity of the picture of the iPhone 7 Plus c dual camera

New iPhone 7 will be unveiled only next autumn, but this does not prevent the informants to find out the latest details about the features of the new generation of...


iPhone 7 will be released in a new unusual color

After the release of iPhone SE the views of many analysts turned to the next Apple product, which should be the iPhone 7. We can hardly expect serious changes in...


In the Network appeared photos of dual camera iPhone 7 Plus

Despite the fact that the official presentation of the iPhone 7 will be held at the end of the year, the Network has already appeared the first images of the...

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