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Smartphone “for show”: why the Samsung Galaxy S8 not managed to surpass the iPhone

After review of the Galaxy Note phablet 7 because of the numerous Samsung fires back on the market with another “iPhone killer” smartphone, the Galaxy S8. The screen got rid...



Xiaomi Mi 6 vs iPhone 7 Plus: battle of the dual cameras [video]

Apple has set a new trend in the mobile market – the dual camera. The company Xiaomi, which in the media is often called “Chinese Apple”, has supported this direction,...



Photo of the day: iPhone 8 with display “edge to edge” compared to the iPhone 7

The release of the iPhone 8 might be delayed due to the use of new components. About this and also about the features of the smartphone learned the news Agency...



Android fans told why the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the countries “first wave” will start on April 21. But the smartphone has already received a lot of feedback. The experts used in...



Published the first sample photos with dual camera Xiaomi Mi6

Today Xiaomi released its new flagship phone Mi 6. The device with a 5.15 inch display, a top-end Snapdragon processor 835, dual camera and 6 GB of RAM costs $360....



KGI: the main competitor will be the iPhone 8 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with dual camera

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has prepared a report for investors regarding the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8. He has previously stated that...



First reviews of Samsung Galaxy S8: an impressive display but not a fingerprint scanner

At the end of last month at a presentation in new York, Samsung unveiled a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ “infinite screen”. This week in the network...



Xiaomi Mi 6 presents official: Snapdragon 835, 6 GB of RAM, the battery is 3350 mAh, dual camera, price $360

Xiaomi has officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6. The device has a stainless steel case, covered by a curved protective glass, the scanner of the iris, dual...



5 serious reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8

Announced in late March, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty ambiguous. Users around the world rapidly discuss the controversial new. Journalists familiar with the device, sure, that buying new is...



7 things the iPhone 7 Galaxy S8 superior to any other Samsung smartphone

In the mobile market there is an irreconcilable struggle between two manufacturers – Samsung and Apple. In the arms race, U.S. and South Korean companies to give it my all,...



A source at Apple confirmed that the iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary design, but will be delayed for 1-2 months

Although the release of the new generation of Apple’s smartphone is still a lot of time on the Internet already is an active discussion of its capabilities and design. In...



iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

Effective work iOS 10 and the computing power of the processor A10 Apple allow Apple smartphones to circumvent a high level Android device in performance tests. Even 6 GB of...



iPhone 7 Plus cheaper in Russia to a reasonable level

Flagship Apple smartphones continue to become cheaper in Russia. According to the experts, Hi-Tech Mail, now iPhone 7 Plus can be bought in our country is 30% cheaper than at...



Breaking the tradition: why Apple will release “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 8” this year

It is expected that this year Apple will introduce three new smartphones. In addition to the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus will be radically new “iPhone 8”. S-version will be...



Apple iPhone 7 failed to fully exploit the performance of processors

This week, Qualcomm filed a counterclaim against Apple, accusing the chip maker in that it requires too high a fee for using its patents. The company said that the iPhone...

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