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10.3.2 download iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The release of the final version of iOS 10.3.2 designed for iPhone and iPad. The update was



Dora sells the iPhone 7, and how much we overpay for him?

The Russians compared to citizens of the USA and Japan overpay for every iPhone about 270 dollars and pay for Apple smartphones more than people in Italy, Norway, Czech Republic,...



As for a few seconds to speed up any iPhone

If your iPhone isn’t as fast as I wanted, the first thought may be a need to carry the mobile to the service center. However, this is not the only...



iOS 11: the 5 things you need to know about the world’s most advanced mobile OS

After a few weeks Apple will unveil a new mobile platform iOS 11. While the company has not officially confirmed the upcoming announcement, but on the basis of the annual...



New app for the iPhone almost instantly digitizes negatives

Independent developer Abe Fettig launched a campaign to raise funds to develop iOS applications in a matter of seconds to digitize the negatives with your smartphone. The programmer found a...



Why would Apple release a new 4-inch iPhone in 2017?

On Wednesday on the website SlashLeaks has pictures of the back of the iPhone successor to the SE. According to the leak the new smartphone in addition to a compact...



iPad 2017 does not support the background work of Siri, despite the presence of the coprocessor M9

C release of the iPhone 6s Apple mobile device learns the user’s voice commands in the background. The feature “Hey Siri” allows the gadgets continuously “listen” to the person and...



The main competitor of iPhone 8 for the title of best smartphone of the year

10-year anniversary of the iPhone – an important event for the entire industry. You can refer to Apple, but to deny its impact on the global smartphone market, hardly anyone...



Media: iPhone 8 will be equipped with AirPods headphones, iPhone 7s will receive a glass case and wireless charging

Since the first generation iPhone was equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. However, iPhone 6s was the last machine interface of this type. The iPhone 7, which debuted last...



Bosch will supply Apple with motion sensors for the new iPhone 8

Apple has a huge power over the suppliers of components for the iPhone. Choosing components of a producer, a California Corporation fully determine its fate. In turn, for the provider,...



MegaFon: iPhone users are much more active Android-users on the Internet

The share of Android in the mobile market exceeds 86%, iOS owns 12%. However, when examining user activity is that fans of both platforms will generate approximately the same activity...



In the fall of sales of the iPhone accused design three years ago

On Tuesday, Apple published financial statements for the second quarter of 2017. Revenue increased from $50.2 billion to $52.9 billion, and net income amounted to $11 billion. the disparity between...



As Apple struggles with leaks about the new iPhone, and why these measures do not help

It is no secret that the development of Apple products is carried out in secrecy. This is a simple explanation: the whole world does not should know in advance that...



Bilan burned my iPhone and now use a Chinese smartphone over 12 000 rubles

Russian singer Dmitry Bilan publicly abandoned Apple products. After he burned his iPhone, Bilan went to the Chinese smartphone Neffos X1, shows the official Instagram of the musician. Back in...



According to analysts, Android users are less likely to switch to iPhone

To assess the popularity of a particular model of iPhone analysts use not only the overall sales figures, but indicators such as the number of defectors – the proportion of...

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