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The designer showed the iPhone 6c concept [video]

The next model of Apple smartphone will be presented soon, however, designers from SET Solution decided to bring in rendering his vision of the iPhone 6c. The device in the...



Journalists compared the performance of the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Plus [video]

Observers of the magazine AndroidGameE conducted its own testing of the smartphone HTC One M9 Plus, comparing its performance with competing iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. The authors of...



Case COVR Photo iPhone 6 allows hidden shooting [video]

Few dare to openly shoot people on the street, in the subway or at public events. But sometimes this is impossible. But the case with “spy” lens COVR Photo allows...



The American shot the iPhone 6 from a high-caliber rifle [video]

What videoblogger’t do with popular gadgets: put them in a blender, hit him with a sledgehammer, set on fire, and sometimes even shoot at them from firearms. Since the release...



Presence of Security will turn old iPhone into a home security system [video]

IPhone line every year updated with new modifications. And the devices that came before, become obsolete. After purchasing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, boasting a large screen, thin...



Apple was ready to abandon a key function of the iPhone 6s

The first rumors about the pressure sensor Force Touch in the next generation iPhone is anticipated that it will be used only in the phablet iPhone 6s Plus. Later analysts...



Google unveiled the second generation of virtual reality helmet Cardboard and released client for iOS

Google has introduced a new version of the virtual reality helmet Cardboard and released app for the iOS platform. Premiere of the novelties was held at the conference for developers...



Meizu: do not overpay for the iPhone 6, wait for M1 Note 2

Smartphone Meizu m1 note can be called one of the best known companies in the price range of about $ 150. Machine design iPhone 5c is equipped with high-quality Full...



Moleskine has released a minimalistic calendar for iPhone and Apple Watch

The well-known manufacturer of notebooks Moleskine has released its own app for the iPhone and Apple Watch. A program called Timepage is a calendar with an airy and minimalistic interface....



Viet Nam introduced a top-end smartphone BPhone, which “will Eclipse iPhone 6” [video]

Vietnamese company Bkav presented first developed in this country flagship smartphone under the brand BPhone. At the presentation on Thursday, representatives of the company boldly compared the device with the...



Galaxy S6 will copy the camera function of the iPhone 6 in the Android 5.1 update

Samsung is going to improve the camera performance of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with the firmware update: the next release will bring with it one of the...



Apple is inferior to the Russian market competitors due to incorrect pricing policy

Over the past year, the share of Apple in the smartphone market in the pieces fell from 10.3% to 5.2%, according to “Vedomosti” with reference to the GfK study. We...



iPhone 6s could be even thinner thanks to new chips led backlight

Despite the fact that the announcement of a new iPhone expected in the autumn, rumors about smartphones have flooded the network. According to reports, Apple expects to make an iPhone...



Alpine has introduced in Russia in-car multimedia system with support for Apple CarPlay

The company Alpine Electronics began selling in Russia digital mediarecover iLX-700, which is specifically designed to work with automotive technology Apple CarPlay. The head unit provides a convenient and secure...



Attack of the clones: ZTE is preparing a flagship, similar to the iPhone 6

Copying the design of the iPhone is a common thing not only for Chinese companies of the second and third tier, but firms from around the world. Judging by published...

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