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The worst year cook? Journalists called the 8 main failures of Apple in 2016

In 2016, Apple tried again to surprise the fans and market analysts. Visitors to Internet forums to actively talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the new MacBook Pro, wondering...



Apple could dramatically cheaper in Russia after the New year

Monday on the Moscow exchange has accelerated the strengthening of the ruble. Immediately after the opening of the national currency has updated the annual maximum, for the first time since...



Apple Pay has been available for travel on the Moscow Central ring

Passengers of the Moscow Central ring (ICC) can now pay the fare with Apple Pay. Also MasterCard and the Moscow metro c 12 Dec launch a joint campaign. Apple Pay...



How to pay traffic fines by using Apple Pay

Now to pay traffic fines by using Apple Pay service. Yandex has announced the update of the application Yandex.The fines that support the new functions. The service is available on...



“Smart” glasses Bridge for iPhone make science fiction a reality [video]

In early 2015 Microsoft press conference, which demonstrated the holographic glasses HoloLens designed to turn the idea of augmented reality technologies. The device, which had been developed for five years,...



Sony has released one of the most affordable multimedia systems with support for Apple CarPlay [video]

Sony started selling digital car stereo XAV-AX100, specifically designed to work with automotive technology Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The device, announced in August this year, provides a convenient way...



In the ranking of the most popular cameras on Flickr and continues to lead iPhone

Positioning the iPhone as a camera device for capturing digital photos – has intensified after the announcement of the iPhone 7, is equipped with a dual camera with two-times optical...



The Chinese authorities demanded to investigate the frequent cases of spontaneous combustion iPhone 6, Apple denies the allegations

The Shanghai public organization for the protection of the rights of consumers turned to Apple with demand to investigate the cases of spontaneous combustion iPhone. The Ministry said that in...



The percentage of U.S. stores that support Apple Pay has grown from 4 to 35% in two years

Today, every third shop in the United States support payment service Apple. About it told the Vice-President of the direction Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey. Speaking at the Code conference in...



Fan iPhone called 8 reasons why he decided to switch to Google Pixel

Which is better, iPhone or the new flagship phone the Google Pixel? Most Apple users hardly consider the options, but there are those who deigned to question the infallibility of...



Apple Pay became available to Visa cardholders of Raiffeisenbank

Among banks, whose clients are available payment service Apple Pay with Visa, joined Raiffeisenbank. The corresponding message on Tuesday issued a financial institution. First payments through Apple Pay become available...



3 reasons why trump will not be able to bring back production of the iPhone in the US

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump calls for Apple to move production of its products in the United States. In the course of the race, trump...



iPhone 6 Plus caught fire in the pocket of a student during a lecture [video]

In September 2014 Apple unveiled its new smartphones – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Very soon, new items on sale, but the joy of users was marred by the...



Life without iPhone: journalist for three weeks, declined smartphone and told about their impressions

Once the journalist Mihkel Raud broke his faithful friend — the iPhone 6 Plus. And then he’s, well, not quite voluntarily decided to experiment on survival without a smartphone and...

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