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Wait if the iPhone 6c this year

From the beginning, the media scrupulously collected all of the information leaks about the upcoming release of a new line of smartphones from Apple. However, the rumors about the appearance...


The Facebook application “kills” the battery of the iPhone

Users of the official Facebook client for iOS complain that the app consumes large amounts of battery even if it is closed. The problem drew the attention of the Daily...


Live GIF will turn live photos with iPhone 6s in gifs

The Live Photos – is a key feature of the new Apple smartphones. Adding photos a little animation, the user turns it from ordinary into a truly interesting and alive....


In night club of Perm Krai two girls undressed for iPhone 5s

The Internet is gaining popularity video, the contents of which outraged the public. In the city of Berezniki of the Perm edge in night club girls participated in the competition...


The court ordered Apple to pay $234 million for patent infringement on the processors

After many hours of meetings, the jury ordered Apple to pay $234 million compensation for infringement of the patent,


Released the first update to jailbreak iOS 9 with bug fixes

Team Pangu has released a new version of jailbreak for iOS 9. Update under the symbol 1.0.1 contains a fix for the major bugs that users complained iOS devices. Download...


“Yandex” has Apple solved the problem with one update

In App Store we have released a new version of the browser “Yandex”, which is characterized by a small but very significant change. In particular, the program fixed a common...


How to jailbreak iOS 9 on the iPhone and iPad using Pangu9

A month after the public release of iOS 9, the hackers released the solution for jailbreak. To jailbreak iOS 9, you can use Pangu9 for Windows on all devices running...


The court found Apple guilty of patent infringement on mobile processors and agreed to pay $862 million

The University of Wisconsin in matters of patenting and intellectual property protection (WARF) proved guilty in Apple patent infringement when creating processors A7, A8, and


Jailbreak released for iOS 9 – 9.0.2

Team Pangu has released jailbreak for iOS 9.0. The exploit called Pangu9


iOS 9.1 Beta 5, iOS 9.0.2 or iOS 8.4.1: who is faster?

In Google Trends, which tracks popular search queries, the number of hits with the phrase “iPhone Slow” (slow iPhone) after the presentation of the new iPhone 6s have increased. Blogger...


iOS 9.1 beta 5 became available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Despite the recent release of iOS 9, the American company is already working hard on the next firmware version. The developers and beta testers can download to their iOS device...


iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 release 2015 equipped with Bluetooth 4.2

Apple rarely changes the specifications of the already released devices. However, sometimes it happens. On one of these changes drew the attention of the blogger Jeremy Horwitz. After the presentation,...


How to restore access to your iPhone in case of blocking the intruders: a practical experience

In Russia there is frequently a new way of extorting money, which has developed a phone Scam. Attackers block iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and demand money for unlocking. Nvpress told...


Belkin has introduced a combined charging station for the Apple Watch and iPhone [video]

If you have already purchased a Apple Watch, you may well be interested universal dock station for smart watches and smartphones Apple. Original accessory presented the famous American brand Belkin....

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