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Happy anniversary, iPhone! 10 years ago Steve jobs introduced the first Apple smartphone

Exactly 10 years ago, January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone. Announced new Steve jobs stated that the device joined three gadget “iPod with a large screen that can...



How to prove the advantages of Android fan iPhone

“The iPhone is an expensive and pretentious”, “I love you live Wallpaper curve and the ugly”. Your friend came into the store, looking in the window, the seller does not...



Poll: why didn’t you buy AirPods, despite the positive reviews online?

This week Apple CEO Tim cook spoke about the runaway success of wireless headphones AirPods, although sales figures did not name. The start of sales of the device for technical...



CoolBooter: the decision to load two versions of iOS on iPhone and iPad [video]

Users jailbreak devices became available the possibility of simultaneous downloads on iPhone and iPad, two different versions of the operating system. The solution is called CoolBooter and is available for...



iPhone SE will the fate of the iPhone 5c: will not continue

Earlier in the year Apple introduced the new companies SE the iPhone, replacing the iPhone 5s. Despite the relatively high sales, this apparatus may fail to continue. This is reported...



Study: users begin to contact with iPhone less carefully after the release of new models

A new study has shown that users begin to treat your iPhone less accurately, as soon as new model comes out. To such conclusion analysts of the Journal of Marketing...



Apple has agreed to invest in Indonesia $44 million to obtain approval for the sale of the entire range of iPhone

Next year in Indonesia will start to operate the law, complicating the launch. From January 2017 all phones that support LTE have to be localized by 30%, which is a...



Apple lost the court “patent Troll” who bought 2000 patents of Nokia

The company Core Wireless has won a lawsuit from Apple accusing it of violating patents. The plaintiff operated the patents of Nokia company, which in 2011 gave her the right...



The police allowed the suspects to demand the password from the smartphone

Court of Florida ruled that the police have the right to force people to give the pin codes from smartphones. Once in Florida have arrested Aaron Stahl on suspicion of...



Sony has released one of the most affordable multimedia systems with support for Apple CarPlay [video]

Sony started selling digital car stereo XAV-AX100, specifically designed to work with automotive technology Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The device, announced in August this year, provides a convenient way...



Foxconn employee stole iPhone almost on 100 million roubles

Police arrested a senior officer Foxсonn on suspicion of stealing iPhones from their subsequent sale. Senior Manager of the company, which assembles Apple products, can receive up to 10 years...



New divorce iPhone buyers, or avaricious pays twice

We all sometimes feel a strong desire to save money on what we need. Someone able to cope with this temptation, and force yourself to pay more money for guaranteed...



Ukrainian customs officers detained on the border 400 of the “grey” iPhone and Apple Watch

In neighboring Ukraine, the cases of contraband mobile devices and Apple computers. One of the last parties has over 400 iPhones and “smart” watches Apple Watch.



A comparison of the performance 10.2 iOS beta 4 and iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone and iPad

On Monday released the fourth beta version of iOS 10.2, which includes a minimum number of visual changes. According to the description of the Assembly, the new OS by Apple...

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