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The designer showed the concept of “jubilee” iPhone 8 with a curved display and ceramic casing

The media attributed to Apple developing iPhone with curved display. Maybe, Apple will actually adopt this idea. If this happens, the upcoming iPhone 8 might look like, as suggested by...



iFixit in honor of the 10-year anniversary showed the dismantling of all models of the iPhone

The first iPhone was announced exactly 10 years ago, January 9, 2007 at Macworld 2007 event in San Francisco. It became the first commercially successful mobile phone touch screen, for...



Phil Schiller: iPhone was a revolution 10 years ago and remains out of competition

To treat iPhone differently, but to deny the impact of the smartphone on the mobile market it is unlikely that someone will become. iPhone 2G was announced 10 years ago,...



Happy anniversary, iPhone! 10 years ago Steve jobs introduced the first Apple smartphone

Exactly 10 years ago, January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone. Announced new Steve jobs stated that the device joined three gadget “iPod with a large screen that can...



iPhone 8 will become the most popular smartphone in the history

A locomotive called the iPhone continues to rush forward despite some signs of slowing down. But before to discuss the upcoming sale of Apple’s smartphone, there is more detail on...



What is the function of iPhone 8 you most interested in?

Every year, Apple seeks to update and improve the iPhone. In Cupertino are proud to release the best technique, but because when it comes time for new products, we should...



iPhone 4s exploded while charging adapter for iPad [photo]

Spontaneous combustion of smartphones and cheap Chinese adapters that caused this eternal story. But it happens so that ignitions occur even certified accessories. In any case, so says the reader...



4 most popular myths about charging iPhone and how to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery

On the Internet you can find a lot of tips and instructions on how to extend the battery life of smartphones. As a rule, users are recommended to disable the...



2016 MacBook Pro was the first Apple laptop that was not approved by Consumer Reports

Experts publication Consumer Reports, produced by nonprofit organization Consumers Union (consumers Union of U.S.), have conducted comprehensive testing of the latest MacBook Pro. In the end, the new generation of...



Apple lost the court “patent Troll” who bought 2000 patents of Nokia

The company Core Wireless has won a lawsuit from Apple accusing it of violating patents. The plaintiff operated the patents of Nokia company, which in 2011 gave her the right...



Media: sale headphone AirPods will start in the coming days

Apple CEO Tim cook has promised to release AirPods wireless headphones for the holiday season, but the output device still did not take place. The hitch with the release of...



The buyer of the iPhone in Denmark, 5 years later won a lawsuit from Apple

A Danish resident David Lusher won a lawsuit from Apple. The district court in GLOSTRUP ruled that Apple violated local law, to give the consumer refurbished iPhone instead of a...



99% sold in online stores fake Apple adapters pose a risk to users

Guide Amazon has decided to intensify the fight against counterfeit products. Fake products became a big problem in the Internet in recent years: recently it became known that 90% of...



31 of this year, Apple discontinued support for the four models MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini

31 Dec Apple discontinues service support and maintenance of four models of Mac computers. This fact drew the attention of 9to5Mac. Users of Apple devices can obtain service and spare...



Created concept iPhone 8 based on the rumors: the glass enclosure, frameless display, wireless charging [video]

This week with new vigor renewed rumors that the iPhone 8 has got a completely new design in honor of the 10th anniversary of “Apple” smartphones. This was reported by...

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