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Police in Madrid have arrested a gang venosus iPhone from Apple stores, eating anti-theft cables

Spanish national police detained 10 young people who went to the Apple store on the city’s Central square Puerta del Sol, diverted the attention of the guards and stole 24...



The release of the Cydia 1.1.30: what’s new and how to upgrade right now

The developer of the jailbreak store Cydia Jay Freeman, known as Saurik, has released an update service. On Thursday, the release of version 1.1.29, behind which debuted update index 1.1.30....



Detector: how to find a person by phone number [+10 promo]

You need to find a person by phone number? In fact, simple ways no, because information about the ownership of phone numbers is protected by law and not subject to...



Top 10 best themes for iOS 10 – 10.2

The interface of the mobile iOS platform in ten years has come a long way, turning from the simple ugly duckling in a quite suitable to fly the bird. Although...



Pioneer introduced the “smart” headset RayZ with Lightning connector [video]

Pioneer announced the start of sales Paris, the unique headphones designed specifically for Apple devices. The headset connects to iPhone and iPad via Lightning connector. RayZ wired headset boasts a...



5 of the most annoying features of the iPhone

People who spend long hours with their mobile devices. IPhone users appreciate the device for its reliability, convenience and huge number of interesting applications. But sometimes the “Apple” gadgets irritates...



Eddy cue: the TV of the future will be interactive

Apple sees Apple TV as a replacement for traditional television. This was at a conference CODE Media said Vice-President eddy cue. According to him, the television platform Apple to stand...



Map “Troika” now you can recharge with iPhone

From today, iPhone owners can forget about queues at the ticket offices of the Moscow metro. Debuted on the iOS app for recharge universal travel “three” without a fee. With...



Apple took fourth place in the ranking of most innovative companies

The publication Fast Company has published an annual ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. For the year Apple took fourth place, behind Amazon, Google and Uber....



Opinion: induction wireless charging in the iPhone 2017 could undermine the credibility of Apple

Apple very rarely introduces new technologies. The company prefers to wait for the right moment to modify the product to not release on the market of raw device. In the...



Top 5 most essential apps for iPhone and iPad

Every day in the App store there are hundreds of new games and applications. Many of them are we out of curiosity installed on your iPhone and iPad. But stay...



In iOS 10.3 the CarPlay interface will become easier to use

Creating a car interface, CarPlay, Apple decided to stick with the standard paradigm iOS: Home button returns you to the main screen with the icons of apps. It’s pretty obvious...



How to change icons from home screen iOS

The main advantage of iOS jailbroken devices in comparison with the stock is their openness. Any owner of iPhone and iPad can set up the operating system “under itself” even...



Apple opened in TSUM updated Apple Shop, the store has become the second largest in Europe

In the Central Department store has opened Apple store Shop. New retail space has almost doubled – now there are more than a wide selection of Apple products including the...



IPhone owners are willing to change Bank for Apple Pay

Although the payment system Apple Pay work in Australia in November 2015, some banks have refused to connect their cards to the payment system of Apple. It motivates local iPhone...

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