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FSO will purchase 80 Windows tablets by price 78 000

Service of special communication and information of the Federal security service will purchase 80 tablets running on Windows operating system, for a total amount of 6.3 million rbl. the tender...



British designer introduced the concept of dynamic icons for iOS

British designer Matt Sayward developed the concept of application programming interface for iOS that allows you to create dynamic icons, reports Lookatme. His development he called IconKit. According to Saward,...



Apple literacy: why Apple Watch best activity trackers

In order to make their first smart watches really helpful for those who are engaged in fitness, Apple invited a team of developers of the present guru of sports —...



Apple ordered manufacturers of accessories visit packaging white color with an approved fonts

In the hands of journalists got Apple internal document certifying the change of policy on clearance of goods retailers. According to the company requirements, manufacturers of covers, protective films, bags...



Announced store tweaks for iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking

One of the main concerns of the practitioner jailbreak to do with the upcoming release of iOS 9. In new OSes applied technology Rootless, which will complicate, if not make...



Apple releases iOS 8.4.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple has released the final version of iOS 8.4.1. The update is available for download on the company website, as well as on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 8.4.1...



The advantage of the new iPhone, which will not be able to copy the Android manufacturers

Apple soon may start to use “liquid metal” in the manufacture of its products. Exclusive rights to this lightweight and durable alloy of zirconium, titanium, Nickel and copper, the company...



Microsoft has released Office for iOS updated with push button to change case and integration with Outlook

Microsoft has released an update for its mobile package of office applications. Office for iPhone and iPad contains all the basic functions of a desktop package and synchronized with the...



Crimean resseler Apple opened a flagship store in Kiev

The network of Apple stores equipment iCom, numbering seven points on selling iPhone, iPad and Mac on the Peninsula, entered the market of Kiev. This was reported by the local...



iPad mini 4 will support the multitasking Split View in iOS 9

Important new feature in iOS 9 has been multitasking for the iPad, which allows more convenient to work with applications. Developer Hamza, the Court found some features of this function....



Apple adds 3D Flyover for 20 new cities in Europe and USA

Service virtual tours Apple Flyover has received a significant update, extending the range of tours offered two dozen new routes. Three-dimensional virtual tour on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac is...



“Architecture-M”: how to build a house using your iPhone

Private home became a trend – buyers stopped to consider the apartment as the only possible option: many are thinking about her, standing apart from all the dwelling throughout the...



Password Manager LastPass was free for iPhone users and iPad

Typing passwords in various applications and services in the modern world has become a real Sisyphean toil, especially if you are actively using iPhone or iPad. For security purposes, the...



Samsung: Dmitry Medvedev happier with the Galaxy S6 than iPhone 6

The visit of Dmitry Medvedev in Kazan suddenly provoked a strong reaction in the blogosphere. All the fault of the smartphones that brought in Tatarstan the head of the Russian...



Vulkan: Google’s answer to Apple technology Metal

Google and the Khronos Group has introduced a new graphics API for Android, created with the aim to minimize the load on the CPU and let the GPU more efficiently...

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