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Official iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in Ukraine will cost more expensive, than in Russia and Europe

On Friday in neighbouring Ukraine will start official sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. According to local media, the sale will be devices in all the colors,...


We have released a new version of Activator with support for iOS 9 and 3D Touch gestures [Cydia]

Owners of iPhone and iPad in iOS 9 jailbreak is already actively using the development from Cydia. Today, Activator is one of the oldest jailbreak Addons for iOS received support...


Waze for iOS gets a new design for easier navigation [video]

Waze social GPS was updated to version 4.0. In a major update, the developers have redesigned the app for easier navigation, reporting, and broadcasting trips. Download a new version of...


Success stories: how the Apple Watch changed the lives of people

To make the Apple Watch really helpful for those who are engaged in fitness, Apple was invited to the team what guru sport — famous trainer Jay Blahnik. He took...


Why 3D Touch is much better than anything Android can offer

The 3D Touch technology is the main innovation of the iPhone 6s. Previously inaccessible ways of expanding possibilities of interaction with the device, open a new change with iPhone. Application...


Case HandScape, allowing the user to “see” your fingers through the iPhone and iPad, raised funds on Kickstarter

Last month MacDigger wrote about the case HandScape, which allows the user to “see” your fingers through the tablet. Since that time, the developers have created a version of products...


Telegram received gesture support Peek and Pop on the iPhone 6s and Spotlight in iOS 9

The messenger Telegram created by the founder “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov received the update. In version 3.2.2 under the index in the application sharing function of public chat rooms (Channels) that...


Top 5 free jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 [video]

Users, actively practicing the jailbreak, long time ago a collection of favorite tweaks. First place on “jailbroken” gadgets. Unfortunately, not all of presented developments in Cydia compatible with iOS 9,...


In the third quarter of the App Store revenue was 80% higher than Google Play

Major operating systems on the mobile market are Android and iOS, the share of small competitors on a global scale is negligible. Such popularity inevitably leads to prosperity app stores...


Matrix 7416 3G: budget competitor to iPad mini

Modern tablets, as can be seen from the list of devices on turned into generic helpers who not only help to read a book or watch a movie, and...


Top 10 Cydia repositories for iOS 9 – 9.0.2 [version 2015]

Apple continues to develop iOS to add new features and missing functionality; however, the number of users who do not wish to be tied to the permitted source, not less....


The court ordered Apple to pay $234 million for patent infringement on the processors

After many hours of meetings, the jury ordered Apple to pay $234 million compensation for infringement of the patent,


Keyboard Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad is not available in Russian layout

For some the physical keyboard remains the most convenient way to work and jot down ideas when working on smartphones and tablets. Along with a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple...


iOS 9: do we need jailbreak?

Every year less and less users of devices subjected to the procedure of jailbreak. And it’s not even that the software to find “holes” all the more difficult. Not at...


Apple received FCC permission to sell the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil

Rumors about the development of 12.9-inch iPad went on the Internet for years. And this gadget has become one of the biggest novelties of the autumn, differing from competing solutions,...

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