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Seng: a worthy alternative Auxo for iOS 8 jailbroken [video]

After a long wait the jailbreak community finally got an alternative to the popular jailbreak tweak Auxo. As Auxo 3 is not yet updated to support iOS 8.4, users who...



Snapster from “Vkontakte” was supported photo in landscape orientation

Social network “Vkontakte” has updated the app Snapster that allows you to post pictures with applied filters. In the new version for iPhone users got the ability to post pictures...



Users of Android smartphones were loyal iPhone owners

Owners of iPhone and Android smartphones are amazing loyalty – the vast majority of users when changing buys a new gadget with the same operating system, according to a recent...



Emergency button for smartphones Wearsafe Tag successfully raised money on Kickstarter

Emergency situations can happen to anyone, and often, getting to them can get confused, not knowing what to do and whom to ask for help. Gadget called Wearsafe Tag –...



Microsoft released a beta version of a new application for remote management of Windows-based PC with OS X

Microsoft released a beta version of the new Remote Desktop app for desktop the Apple platform, through which the Mac can be used as an interface for remote management of...



iPad mini 4 will support the multitasking Split View in iOS 9

Important new feature in iOS 9 has been multitasking for the iPad, which allows more convenient to work with applications. Developer Hamza, the Court found some features of this function....



Advertising blockers in iOS 9 will take away advertising platforms millions of dollars

In the operating system, iOS 9, is set for release this fall, Apple will allow you to use native advertising blockers for Safari. Innovation, according to analysts PageFair, a “game...



Password Manager LastPass was free for iPhone users and iPad

Typing passwords in various applications and services in the modern world has become a real Sisyphean toil, especially if you are actively using iPhone or iPad. For security purposes, the...



“Classmates” launched group video

On the platform of the social network Classmates have become available video channels that can be subscribed to separately from the subscription on the group. Watching videos in them is...



Vulkan: Google’s answer to Apple technology Metal

Google and the Khronos Group has introduced a new graphics API for Android, created with the aim to minimize the load on the CPU and let the GPU more efficiently...



Tweak Ariki makes the iPhone keyboard is transparent, allowing you to write messages on the go [Cydia]

No time to stop and read the message, you go and simultaneously write the answer, while collecting all the pillars and touching passers-by? In a big city, the situation is...



How free download “goat Simulator” for iOS cost 280 rubles

Service IGN has launched a campaign distributing promotional codes for “goat Simulator,” which caused a sensation after the release on computers and mobile devices. A few days after the start...



A source at Apple has described the features Force Touch technology in the iPhone 6s

It’s no secret that the main feature of iPhone 6s will be supporting proprietary technology Apple Force Touch. Rumors that the company intends to use in its smartphones which are...



Parallels has released a third version of Parallels Access with a new game mode and support for Apple Watch

Parallels introduced a new version of Parallels Access app for remote access to PC and Mac. It was released for mobile devices running iOS and Android and includes features that...



Roundme: travel around the world through 360-degree panoramas

Various virtual reality systems is increasingly part of our lives. Service called Roundme lets you instantly find yourself in the most remote corners of the planet. A network of spherical...

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