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MegaFon has officially launched VoLTE on iPhone in Moscow

On the eve of the soccer confederations Cup 2017 the iPhone in the network of “MegaFon” can make calls on LTE network. Traditional international name of this VoLTE services, but...



“Kaspersky lab”: Mac computers need antivirus, this is the reality

It is believed that Mac computers do not need to install an antivirus program. Integrated security macOS enough to protect the user from any kind of attacks. On the question...



Microsoft has released a task Manager To-Do to replace Wunderlist

It’s been almost two years since Microsoft bought the app app organizer Wunderlist. Now, after many months of development to the public presented organizer, created with the direct participation of...



Yandex.Navigator is now able to run routes for Parking

Yandex has announced a new feature of the app “Yandex.Navigator”. In the program the opportunity to strip “Parking” of the route — at the entrance to the destination point, the...



Muscovite has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the lack of “normal” Bluetooth on iPhone

A resident of the capital has sued Apple, indignant that her iPhone 6s, “touted as the world’s most advanced smartphone”, can not transfer files via Bluetooth and requires the iTunes...



Russian users complained about the cancellation of money for activation iMessage when updating

After a software upgrade or reboot Apple devices with a mobile account may be deducted money for activating iMessage and FaceTime services. This problem complained about the Russian users of...



PornHub has released an app with filters for photos that allow you to bypass censorship in social networks

Popular porn online PornHub has announced a mobile application that allows you to hide the unseemly parts of the body in the photos so they could pass censorship in social...



Apple has made iWork, GarageBand and iMovie completely free for all users

In September 2013, both iWork and iLife are free for new buyers of iPhone, iPad and Mac. For all the rest of these programs all the time was only available...



Google introduced an updated version of Google Earth with 3D panoramas and virtual tours

Google unveiled a significantly redesigned version of the service Earth (Google Earth) with new features. Now users will be able to view the 3D maps of certain cities and other...



The Bank “Opening” the first in Russia has launched money transfers via iMessage

The Bank “Opening” was the first among Russian banks launched money transfers via messenger iMessage. This was announced by the representatives of the credit institution. Transfer money often, you need...



The new “Navitel Navigator” for iOS offers three alternative route

The company Navitel has announced a new version of the application “Navitel Navigator” for the iPhone and iPad. The updated app is building three alternative route, and displays the congestion...



7 things the iPhone 7 Galaxy S8 superior to any other Samsung smartphone

In the mobile market there is an irreconcilable struggle between two manufacturers – Samsung and Apple. In the arms race, U.S. and South Korean companies to give it my all,...



10.3.2 iOS beta 3: what’s new?

Apple today following the version for developers has posted the third public beta of iOS 10.3.2. The update is intended for users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with...



iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

Effective work iOS 10 and the computing power of the processor A10 Apple allow Apple smartphones to circumvent a high level Android device in performance tests. Even 6 GB of...



Google Maps for iOS got a new widget “Route”

The Google Maps app for iOS has got a new widget “Route” to enable navigation from the

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