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MyBook is the most convenient way to read books

Despite the rapidly dominant media formats and perennial mantra “books-read-all-less,” we’ll tell you about one exciting application that is possible! – will change your idea about reading books. A simple...



15 things that “kill” the iPhone

First came the mobile phone, which reduced the need for many other devices. With the release of the iPhone in 2007 began a new era. Now at the peak of...



Apple launched the Russian website “Business”

On Apple’s official website has a Russian section “Business”, revealing the details of the partnership Apple solutions for business — Cisco, Deloitte, IBM and SAP. Cisco develops leading solutions for...



Lite was released SemiRestore for iOS 10 / iOS 10.2

The popular jailbreak-SemiRestore tool got an update and is now compatible with devices running iOS 10.2. Utility allows users to return the device to factory settings, removing all installed tweaks...



Game Super Mario Run is officially released on Android

Held the Android release of the first game in the series Nintendo Mario for mobile Super Mario Run. Previously, the company offered to all who wish to pre-register in the...



Apple bought popular app for automating Workflow

Apple bought well-known application to create a optimization Workflow, reports TechCrunch. The transaction value was not disclosed. Launched in 2014, the service Workflow allows you to create your own shortcuts...



Google has promised to make Android protected the same as iOS

Security updates for devices running iOS out quickly and are immediately available on all compatible models. What can be said about smartphones and tablets on Android. But Google is planning...



Apple will equip the iPhone and iPad displays with a refresh rate above 60 Hz

New model of Apple mobile devices will be equipped with displays with a refresh rate over 60 Hz. Wrote about this in his Twitter account the famous developer Steve Tronton...



Google Maps has the ability to share routes in real time

Google announced a new feature map applications Google Maps for iOS and Android. In the next update it will be possible to share your location and travel routes in real...



IOS 11 will be available asexual emoticons

In iOS 11, the announcement of which will be held in June this year, there will be new



4 reasons for the owners of iPad 2 to update to the new 9.7-inch iPad

Although rumors about the new iPad Pro is not yet confirmed, the new 9.7-inch iPad can attract users of older tablets in the lineup.   According to research firm Localytics,...



“Tell the guys. Of Russian Apple. Change”

Director of the company “Yandex” Daniel Trabun has published an article devoted to unusual taglines for new Apple products. Text posted on his page in Facebook. The representative of the...



In the new version of WhatsApp for iOS is back the disappeared text statuses

In February of this year, WhatsApp was removed from the messenger text statuses and replaced them with new ones — with photos, videos, and animated images. However, in the new...



APFS: what you need to know about the new file system for Apple iOS and macOS 10.3

Since January of this year, Apple is testing iOS release 10.3, which the company introduces a new file system. A new way of organizing storage of data after Mac coming...



Apple released iTunes 12.6 with the new “rent, watch anywhere”

In addition to updated iPhone and iPad Apple has released iTunes 12.6 with the new “rent, look anywhere.” A new version is available for download in the Mac App store....

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