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According to the study, Android surpassed iOS stability

Research of working capacity of mobile devices from Blanco Technology Group showed that smartphones on iOS more often than Android devices send error messages. The study for the third quarter...



Apple keeps a history of calls iPhone users, even off the backup feature

Experts of the Russian company Elcomsoft has found that data on calls users, go to Apple’s servers even disabled backup to iCloud. As reported by the Expert centre of electronic...



Vulnerability in iOS 10 allows access to photos and SMS to bypass lock screen [video]

IOS 10, now installed on most Apple mobile devices, found a very dangerous vulnerability that allows to gain unauthorized access to the personal data of the owner. The security gap...



The NYPD can’t hack 423 iPhone, contain crucial evidence

In the district attorney’s office in Manhattan are more than four hundred of Apple’s smartphone. The police are not able to uncover dozens of crimes due to the fact that...



MTS and Tele2 Russia’s first launched technology Wi-Fi calls

Operators MTS and Tele2 first in our country has launched a service that allows smartphone users to make voice or video calls over Wi-Fi. The technology, which first appeared on...



As Apple has ceased to be an ideal company

This year, Apple introduced several new products, which received a mixed reaction from users of the device was quite innovative, but, for the first time in a long time, in...



A scientist from New Zealand has written an article on nuclear physics using the predictive typing on the iPhone

Professor Christopher Bartneck from New Zealand was sent on a scientific conference on nuclear physics work was fully generated by Siri. Despite the fact that the scientist, in his words,...



“Apple” flea market: the best prices for Apple equipment

The opportunity came to buy an iPhone two times cheaper than in the store. Here and now sold by the perfect original iPhone 14 500 rubles. Under the cut options...



In the standard keyboard of iOS have discovered a hidden feature of the kit with one hand [video]

Developer Steve Trenton-Smith discovered hidden code in iOS mode of operation of the standard keyboard. A special function is intended faster and easier typing, holding the iPhone with one hand....



iPhone 7 Plus is not needed: how to create photos with bokeh on any iPhone and iPad

One of the major advantages the iPhone 7 Plus is a dual camera with optical zoom and shooting mode portrait photos. Built-in algorithm creates a so-called “depth map” image, highlighting...



Sedan 2017 BMW 5 Series will be the first car with CarPlay wireless

In February last year in a test version of iOS 8.3, the developers have discovered a new function for managing wireless version of the interface CarPlay. Then first it became...



“Rostelecom” plans to the end of the year to launch a paid analogue to Skype

“Rostelecom” till the end of 2016 will start in commercial operation your messenger with reference to the number of urban phone. This was stated by the President of the operator...



Two-thirds of iPhone and iPad users moved to iOS 10

27 days after public release of iOS 10, this operating system was installed on two of the three compatible devices



iOS 10 vs iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6: comparing performance on the old iPhone [video]

After each presentation of the new iPhone on Google Trends the number of requests with the phrase “Slow iPhone” (iPhone brakes) sharply increases. Boom takes place for several weeks since...



Presented the world’s first wireless flash drive for iPhone and iPad [video]

The company announced iLuun wireless flash drive for iOS devices, a feature which is the built-in wireless module Wi-Fi. The novelty shown in the illustration below, called iLuun Air. The...

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