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The new concept iOS 11 with a new circular style interface Apple Watch [video]

Theme interface for iOS with a circular design has long occupied the minds of designers. It all started with the Apple operating system watch OS for the Apple Watch. The...


What is the function of iPhone 8 you most interested in?

Every year, Apple seeks to update and improve the iPhone. In Cupertino are proud to release the best technique, but because when it comes time for new products, we should...


It looks like Apple decided to “kill” Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung is the market leader plantations since the first Galaxy Note. The devices of this line have not only a larger screen, and stylus and specialized software to work with...


iOS 11: 40 functions that we expect in the new operating system

In iOS 10 there are many things that annoy users and that Apple should change in iOS 11. The company will introduce a new operating system next summer. Many expect...


Presents 50 new emojis that will appear on the iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Good news for all lovers to communicate with using emoticons: iOS 11 is coming big update of the set of Emoji. The Unicode consortium is responsible for the content of...


Apple has offered in iOS 11 to make a free backup to iCloud

Introducing the new smartphones Pixel Phone, Google offered customers unlimited cloud storage space for photos. Apple could respond to this unlimited space in iCloud to store backups of the

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