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5 features we expect in iOS 11

5 June will open the annual conference for developers WWDC 2017. At this event Apple will unveil a software update for the iOS platform 11. The first version of the...


iOS 10.3 with APFS vs iOS 9: comparison of speed [video]

This week was the release of the final iOS version 10.3, which includes many changes, including file system APFS. The main issue of concern to users, how much performance iPhone...


69 how to add new Emoji from iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

Among the innovations of the iOS operating system 11 will be 69 new symbols Emoji. In March, the Unicode consortium added pictograms in Unicode 10. A little trick allows to...


The concept of the home screen iOS 11 with interactive widgets and Siri 2.0

Many users believe that Apple’s time to make your home screen more functional iOS 11. Its design is virtually unchanged since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. During...


iOS 11: top 5 most anticipated features of the new platform

iOS 10 is a worthy update of the mobile platform with lots of innovation. However, there are features which are still not enough users that Apple should pay attention. Besides,...


In iOS 10.3 view a list of 32-bit applications that will not work in iOS 11

In one of the following editions of the operating system iOS (most likely the 11th) Apple refuses to support 32-bit applications. This is evidenced by the message that appears when...


Siri in iOS 11 will get integration with iMessage and iCloud

According to Israeli news site The Verifier, Apple is planning to seriously upgrade voice assistant Siri in iOS 11. In the new operating system technology will include adaptive artificial intelligence...


The 8 best new features that has appeared on your iPhone in iOS 10.3

In the announcement the updates of the iOS operating system 10.3, which debuted on Monday, March 27, Apple said not all functions of this release. There were several non-obvious features...


Top 10 most anticipated features in iOS 11

Every year since the release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple released a new version of the mobile software platform. So it will happen in 2017: in early June we...


What function of iOS 11 you most interested in?

As you approach the final version of iOS 10.3 all the attention of users looking for the biggest iOS release 11. Apple will hold a pre-announcement in June at WWDC...


69 new emojis that will appear on your iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Great news for all fans of virtual communication: iOS 11 is coming big update emoticons. Just imagine how the people of the Unicode Consortium to discuss the necessity of introducing...


Is it worth to wait for iPhone 8 or better to buy the iPhone 7?

Every year in September is the same. Apple releases a new flagship smartphone, and people faced with a choice: buy it or wait for the next model? Axiom: have a...


Application for process automation Workflow after purchase by Apple was free

As we reported earlier Thursday, Apple acquired the application to automate Workflow. After purchasing the popular service, the company made it free. Before the deal with Apple developers asked for...


IOS 11 will be available asexual emoticons

In iOS 11, the announcement of which will be held in June this year, there will be new


4 reasons for the owners of iPad 2 to update to the new 9.7-inch iPad

Although rumors about the new iPad Pro is not yet confirmed, the new 9.7-inch iPad can attract users of older tablets in the lineup.   According to research firm Localytics,...

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