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Users report first problems with iOS 10

IPhone and iPad users who tried to switch to iOS 10, misleading error 14 in iTunes. Judging by the number of complaints to the Network, the failure is widespread and...



Apple has updated its CarPlay iOS 10: to sort the applications, new design Apple Music, alternative routes

In iOS 10, Apple has produced a pack for the car platform CarPlay, allowing you to connect your iPhone to the onboard system of the vehicle. At WWDC 2016 was...



Named 13 10 iOS features that Apple copied from Android

It is known that Google’s new Android platform N copied a number of features of the iOS operating system. Among the obvious borrowing – multiwindow mode in Android N how...



It’s time to upgrade the iPad: with the release of iOS 10 40% of the Apple tablets will be obsolete

Every model of iPad, with the exception of the devices released in 2010 and discontinued a year later to work with the latest version of the iOS operating system. With...



Farewell to “Slide to unlock”: 10 iOS to unlock the iPhone uses the Home button

After nine versions of the iOS operating system it’s time to say goodbye to one of the most frequently used functions of the iPhone and iPad. Get ready to abandon...



How come iOS 10 beta for iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Some users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has already managed to estimate advantages of the iOS operating system 10, the benefit to install a software update can be...



iOS 10: how to remove Stocks, Compass and other standard applications on the iPhone and iPad

On June 13 in California opened WWDC 2016, where every year Apple tells developers about upcoming changes in their operating systems. The main announcement of the event was the new...



Apple has confirmed that interactive notifications in iOS 10 will appear on devices without a 3D Touch

Demonstrating at WWDC iOS 10, Apple showed a new system of interactive notifications. A simple tap on the lock screen users can reply to a mail, view a video or...



Wallpaper from iOS and macOS 10 Sierra are available for download

On Monday at a special conference Apple unveiled iOS 10 and macOS Sierra – two major software updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac. These releases allow the “Apple” gadgets become...



Apple has accused of copying the logo of Dota 2 for iOS 10

On Monday at WWDC 2016 was presented to the new iOS operating system 10 with an updated app Apple News. The users noticed that the logo of the news service...



iOS 10 will solve the problem with finding the car in the Parking lot

To solve the problem of finding Parking, you can use regular cards, but you need to fulfill the main condition: the user has to remember to open the program and...



30 iOS 10, which are silent Apple

On Monday at WWDC Apple talked about their new software products. This time expectations were met almost entirely – the company showed a new version of mobile operating system iOS...



Apple will completely encrypt calls and messages on iPhone

Apple announced that its devices will now use the principle endpoint encryption — in particular, the new messenger, iMessage, as well as for voice calls. Data will be zashifrovat on...



How to install iOS 10 beta without developer account

On Monday, after long months of waiting, Apple announced operating system iOS 10



Apple has rejected the app Game Center in iOS 10

In iOS 4.1, which debuted six years ago, was launched a new Game Center service. This game application Apple, which leads the statistics of games and allows you to chat...

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