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Muscovite has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the lack of “normal” Bluetooth on iPhone

A resident of the capital has sued Apple, indignant that her iPhone 6s, “touted as the world’s most advanced smartphone”, can not transfer files via Bluetooth and requires the iTunes...



What does “death” of 32-bit iOS for future hardware and software Apple

IOS release 10.3 on the iPhone and iPad makes it clear that 32-bit applications will soon be in the past. In fact, the move to 64-bit architecture is a long...



Russian operators accused of selling personal data of Russians

Unscheduled inspections of operators carried out by Roskomnadzor, has led to an unexpected result. The office for the first time had caught them in the selling of user data to...



Apple iPhone 7 failed to fully exploit the performance of processors

This week, Qualcomm filed a counterclaim against Apple, accusing the chip maker in that it requires too high a fee for using its patents. The company said that the iPhone...



Gigabytes of contention: the top Manager of “MegaFon” has almost no chance to win in court against Apple

Director of communications with the authorities of “MegaFon” Dmitry Petrov is suing Apple because of the size of gigabytes. According to experts, consumers often have the feeling that something is...



How to install the application to accelerate and optimize xCleaner on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

xCleaner is one of the best tools to clean iPhone and iPad from “junk”. As the developers say, is a multifunctional optimizer and accelerator, designed to clean gadgets from junk...



Free how to run macOS Sierra in a virtual machine

Advanced Mac users will find useful the ability to run macOS or Mac OS X in a virtual machine separate from the host operating system. To configure a virtual machine...



Top Manager of “MegaFon” has filed a lawsuit against Apple and asks for help from Facebook users

Director of communications with the authorities of “MegaFon” Dmitry Petrov filed a lawsuit against Apple, which, according to him, introduces consumers to the confusion. It’s all in the size of...



How to know the number of recharge cycles of the battery iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

No matter what features your iPhone or iPad if its battery something is not right. Unfortunately, even the correct handling of the gadget and comply with all instructions may not...



Leading foreign companies actively buy Russian processors “Baikal”

In the spring of 2015, the company “Baikal electronics” announced the beginning of production of domestic processors Baikal-T1. After less than two years, the company has begun high-volume production of...



The iPhone and iPad have become victims of fraudulent campaign

It is believed that malicious advertising campaign is mainly aimed at users of Windows and Android, but the attackers are increasingly paying attention to iOS and Mac. Experts research firm...



How to install torrent BarMagnet app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

These days torrents are one of the most popular protocols of the multimedia content. We use torrent-clients on the Mac, owners of Android devices can freely download them to smartphones...



Slow Mac? 15 ways to speed up a Apple computer

Mac computers boast high performance, but over time, even Apple devices can run slower. Fortunately, there are many ways to speed up an old Mac. 1. Use the application to...



The chip manufacturer for the iPhone has launched serial production of Russian processors “Baikal”

Company “Baikal electronics” announced the launch of a large-scale production of domestic processors Baikal-T1. At the facilities of the Taiwanese company TSMC, which produces processors for Apple, March 28, we...



IPhone 7 red with black frame looks luxurious [video]

The most common complaint on the new iPhone 7 red – the color of the front panel. Brushed aluminum body in a bright red design looks great, but it spoils...

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