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Jailbreak iOS 10.2: why do you want to save SHSH2 blobs right now

Developer iOS 10.1.1 Luke Todesco urged iPhone and iPad users to save the certificate blobs for iOS 10.2. About this he wrote in his microblog. It must be done ahead...



CCRecord: how to record video from iPhone screen “one-click”

Recently gaining popularity of the record screen of mobile devices. Users often prefer to watch video instead of flipping through screenshots. People read less and watch more of the instruction...



How to return to the status menu MacBook information about the remaining time of battery life

Updating macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Apple not only fixed various bugs and made improvements to the security system of the operating system. One of the innovations of this issue was the...



How to dual-boot iOS 6 and iOS 9 on the iPhone

The authors of the project CoolBooter offered iPhone users the ability to simultaneously load two different operating systems – iOS 6 and iOS 9. To take advantage of the decision...



4 most popular myths about charging iPhone and how to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery

On the Internet you can find a lot of tips and instructions on how to extend the battery life of smartphones. As a rule, users are recommended to disable the...



Jailbreak 10.1.1 for the iPhone 7, 6s, iPad Pro

As expected, the Network has made available a solution to jailbreak iOS 10 / 10.1.1. A tool called Yalu allows you to hack the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s and...



How to save .shsh2 blobs for iPhone and iPad using TSSchecker

Last week, the hacker Tihmstar announced the Prometheus app that allows you to downgrade the operating system on your iPhone or iPad. We are talking about OS versions that are...



IOS 10.1.1: how to prepare your iPhone and iPad to release the exploit

On Friday, the jailbreak developer Luke Todesco announced iOS 10.1.1 for all compatible Apple devices, including the iPhone 7. A hacker is determined to produce open tools to hack the...



Device for $300 allows you to steal passwords on Mac in seconds [video]

Swedish researcher and pentester Ulf frisk created a device with which you can bypass the FileVault 2 encryption on Mac computers. The expert told in detail the principle of operation...



As Apple broke geometry: users Troll the company due to error in instructions on how to clean MacBook

Users of the site Dirty drew attention to an error on the page of the Apple website that explains how to clean the keyboard 12-inch MacBook. The company has signed...



Is there enough performance AMD Radeon “professional” MacBook Pro

The network continues to actively discuss the new MacBook Pro, and especially “get” the 15-inch laptop – according to some users, the prefix “Pro” is not compatible with AMD graphics...



Optimization of iOS 10 and removing unnecessary files using iCleaner Pro

As the mobile device changes to the operating system level. And they are not always positive impact on the performance of the iPhone and iPad. To increase the efficiency of...



New in iOS 10: how to enable or disable the notification flash on calls and messages in silent mode

Since 2010, Apple equips the iPhone built-in led flash. Special LED designed to improve shooting in low-light conditions, is located on the rear panel of the smartphone near the camera....



Enthusiast gathered mini PC on macOS, which is two times cheaper and three times more powerful Mac mini

Workstation Mac mini is the most affordable desktop solution in the line of Apple. However, in the best tradition of the “fruit” of the company at the car quite a...



ReiBoot: a program that allows to solve most of the problems with the iPhone “one-click”

Lately the iOS operating system is becoming more complex in terms of settings and features, and devices based on it – iPhone or iPad – more powerful and more productive....

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