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How to sell old iPad with the maximum benefit

In the world of technology there are no storms. On the market constantly come out with new hardware and software products. New devices are becoming more powerful and the apps...



How to install WhatsApp++ for iPhone without jailbreak

With the advent of mobile messengers is a need in the SMS is virtually eliminated. We use short messages, perhaps only if you want to send a message to the...



10 reasons to forget about Windows and go to macOS

Many have heard about Macs that they are better than their Windows counterparts. Often such reasoning lacks specifics, so in this article we list 10 reasons that can motivate even...



New MacBook Air could be the first Apple computers on the basis of its own ARM processors A10

New 4-core processor Apple’s A10 Fusion does not stand a chance in terms of performance competitors. To such conclusion experts of the Mobile Chip Report, studied the new system-on-chip Apple....



The government will fight with the bypass block sites in Runet

Authorities are trying to deal with undesirable information on the Internet. In the near future the state Duma will be introduced a bill to ban the placement of instructions for...



How to reinstall macOS Sierra

Most Mac users without problems moved to a new operating system macOS Sierra, but there are those who are faced with problems. If your computer has become slower or have...



iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus went to all Android competitors in performance tests AnandTech

Journalists technical resource AnandTech conducted comprehensive testing of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus equipped with a 64-bit processor Apple’s A10 Fusion. A series of tests confirmed the advantage...



WiFox: map-passwords for Wi-Fi in airports worldwide for iOS and Android

Blogger Anil Polat has decided to simplify the life of travelers, who have to while away the time waiting for departure at the airport, and has created an interactive map...



Sberbank announced the launch of Apple Pay in Russia

Sberbank announced the launch in Russia of Apple Pay. Payment service Apple became available with the release of a new version of the mobile application “Sberbank Online”. Can use it...



How to activate the app support to Siri in iOS 10

IOS 10 in Siri, you can add new basic functionality and further expand the capabilities of technology with the support of third-party applications. For the first time, developers will employ...



Users in social networks believe the advice to drill the smartphones to find the hidden headphone Jack in the iPhone 7

Users in social networks believe video blogger TechRax, who advised to drill a hole in the iPhone 7 to make it a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. The video was posted...



How to make rollback with macOS Sierra on OS X Yosemite

On Tuesday, Apple released a public version of the operating system for Mac computers — macOS Sierra. You can upgrade for free on computers with OS X Mavericks and Yosemite....



The American tried to charge my iPhone 7 in the microwave [video]

Trusting the owners of smartphones Apple again played by users in social networks. In the network appeared the detailed instructions, announcing a new “revolutionary” iPhone 7 — quick charging in...



The Apple warranty does not cover water damage “waterproof iPhone 7”

One of the most interesting features of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has become a sealed housing. Information about it appears on the official website of the...



How to detect and remove spyware Pegasus iPhone and iPad

Last week expert analysts Citizen Lab have found dangerous malicious application Pegasus. It also affects mobile devices, including iOS. Users who want to ensure complete protection of their devices, you...

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