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3 reasons why no Xiaomi smartphone will not be able to replace the iPhone

More and more often hear this phrase: “Took the smartphone for 20000 features — like the latest iPhone, but still the screen is bigger. Well, without the Apple on the...



They killed the iPhone: named 10 of the most unusual phones of the previous epoch

Portrait of a modern smartphone — aluminum “pan” with an enormous screen, fingerprint scanner and camera. If it is good pay, around the display a little “cut” the frame, here...



iPhone not included in the five best smartphones on the version of Roskoshestvo

Apple did not get into the top five according to Roskoshestvo. This is stated in the report on the results of the study quality of mobile devices, presented on the...



Google failed delivery of the main Android competitor to the iPhone 7

Reference smartphones based on the software platform Android Pixel and Pixel XL – not available for purchase in most regions of the world. According to The Verge, Google will have...



Users of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has started receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat 5 months after the release of OS

Samsung has announced the launch of Nougat 7.0 Android update for the flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It is noteworthy that the release of the final version for...



Smartphone HTC U Ultra officially presented: dual display, no 3.5 mm audio Jack

HTC has officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone U Ultra, which was an extra display at the top of the front panel. Along with them the company showed the model...



The flagship HTC officially presented U Ultra: dual display, advanced AI, no 3.5 mm audio Jack

HTC has officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone U Ultra, which was an extra display at the top of the front panel. Along with them the company showed the model...



The new flagship HTC U Ultra with additional display declassified the day before the official presentation [photos]

Thursday, January 12 HTC will officially unveil the new flagship smartphone U Ultra. Prior to the event, network sources declassified new. The day before the official announcement of the new...



The new flagship HTC will receive the Ocean touch sensitive faces [video]

This week, HTC will hold a presentation of its new flagship smartphone, codenamed Ocean. He could be a model HTC 11. The company itself has been silent about this device,...



14 the main pieces of the new flagship of Samsung, which will compete with the iPhone 8 in 2017

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to grow into the details. To this point we know almost everything about your hardware model, which will replace the model of...



What everyone hated Apple, but in the end she was right

The last technical decisions Apple made a lot of noise. The iPhone 7 has gone a 3.5 mm audio Jack, the new MacBook Pro replaced the usual connectors on the...



the iPhone 7 has headed a rating of the most popular smartphones of 2016

the iPhone 7 has become the best-selling smartphone in 2016 the results of the study Counterpoint Market Technology. This is stated in the report of the research company. In the...



Media: the flagship HTC will receive 11 dual camera, 8 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon chip 835

Network sources released information about the future flagship smartphone HTC 11, which now appears under the code name Ocean. The device will come in several versions: in particular, given the...



Compare iPhone 2G with the first Android smartphone [video]

It is no secret that a close friendship between two giants of the Silicon valley ended with the release of the first iPhone. Steve jobs never forgave Google-developed operating system...



Samsung copy to Galaxy S8 one of the best features of the iPhone 7, and it’s not the camera

Recently the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the subject of many speculations in the Network. Every day there are dozens of new rumors about the features of the new...

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