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Google Pixel 2 на фото и рендерах. Что изменилось?

Google выпустит новые телефоны в ближайшие месяцы. 4 августа стал известен будущий дизайн.  Evan Blass опубликовал в твиттере рендер. Скорее всего, второе поколение смартфонов не будет обладать особенностями флагманов 2017....



As Huawei will win a share of Apple in the smartphone market?

The top Manager of Huawei Richard Yu in an interview with Bloomberg said the company will respond to the “jubilee” iPhone 8 and as strengthens its position in the industry....



Opinion: Android, not Apple, killed Windows Phone

On the news about end of support for Windows Phone, the journalist of a portal of The Verge, Dieter Bo decided to look into the reasons that did not allow...



Users of HTC smartphones has criticized the company after the appearance of advertisement on a standard keyboard

It’s one thing when a user sees an ad banner in exchange for some benefits: free application, reduced prices, etc… But quite another when the manufacturer shows ads without any...



The answer is Google 3D Touch on the iPhone is doomed to failure

Google has created a line of smartphones Pixel iPhone as the answer and claim to leadership in the mobile market. The result can hardly be called successful: as for premium...



The flagship of the Google Pixel 2 XL may obtain a pressure-sensitive side faces

This year Google is planning to introduce two new reference Android smartphone Pixel, one of which will be a big phablet XL Pixel 2 codenamed Taimen. And recently, the media...



iPhone 7 Plus was in sixth place in the ranking of the most productive smartphones AnTuTu, the iPad Pro out of reach

The company AnTuTu has published a new rating of the most powerful smartphones that were tested in June of this year. The iPhone 7 Plus lost the lead with a...



Flagship HTC 10 exploded, injuring the eyes and hand the hostess

After numerous reports of exploding smartphones Samsung users that are afraid to treat the devices of this brand. But blow not only to the South Korean gadgets that clearly demonstrates...



the iPhone 7 Plus for the first time since the release of lost leadership Android smartphone AnTuTu performance rating

The creators of the popular benchmark AnTuTu have published fresh data on the most productive smartphones on the market. The rating reflects the situation as of may this year For...



Apple accused of using other people’s patents when creating the Find My iPhone and Apple Maps

Company AGIS Software Development LLC, specializing in the development of software solutions for geolocation for military and emergency services, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of stealing its...



OnePlus copied the design of iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple trolls for a waiver from the audio Jack

Yesterday the company OnePlus officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone OnePlus 5. As expected, externally, the device strongly resembles an iPhone 7 Plus. When you first look at a model...



“Killer” flagships OnePlus 5 was accused of cheating in benchmarks

Benchmarks do not reflect the actual performance of the smartphone, especially when it comes to smartphones and tablets. However, this does not stop Android manufacturers from trying by unfair means...



Refurb Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is ahead in the GeekBench Android flagships this year, but losing the iPhone 7

In the database of the popular benchmark GeekBench appeared the test results of recovered Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come to market under the brand name Galaxy Note FE. If...



IOS 11 might tell us about the iPhone 8

2017 at WWDC Apple introduced many new products, but special attention is iOS 11. To a large extent because it can hint us on some of the iPhone 8. Last...



Apple will have to activate the FM radio in iPhone

iPhone and other modern smartphones are equipped with an FM module that is disabled by software producers. Apple devices such chip exists, although Cupertino still have not acknowledged this fact....

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