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Roskomnadzor has recognized that it can’t verify Apple and Google according to the law on the storage of personal data

Roskomnadzor can’t check Google, Facebook, Apple and other foreign companies for compliance with the law on the storage of personal data of Russians in Russia, admitted in the Department. However,...



Smartphone with unlimited memory Nextbit Robin day gathered on Kickstarter of $500,000 [video]

Startup Nextbit has opened a Kickstarter project to create a cloud-based phone. On a mobile device, in which a never-ending memory, it is necessary to $500 000. The authors of...



Google changed its logo – the sixth time in 17 years

1 September Google changed the logo: now the letters look flat, which corresponds to the modern tendencies of simplification of the interface. About innovations reported in the official YouTube account...



Published instructions on connecting hours Wear on Android to iPhone [video]

On Monday Google released an official app that allows you to use a smart watch on Android Wear to pair with Apple mobile devices. Officially the app currently supports only...



In Russia came into force the law on personal data

Some companies have already reported about the readiness to follow the new rules, however, American Apple, Google and Facebook have not yet made any official statements about compliance with this...



Watch on Android Wear is now officially compatible with iOS devices

What was waiting for many iPhone owners, it has happened. Smart watch on the platform Android Wear has received the official support of mobile gadgets Apple. This was reported on...



Apple is developing augmented reality glasses

Analyst gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has information according to which Apple is working on its own consumer devices augmented reality, reports Holographica. Munster pointed to a number of facts...



In the Google+ app for iOS has earned selection in the style of Pinterest

The Google+ social network hopes to make iOS devices more. The service has launched a mobile application, a new feature “Stacks”, which allows you to create collections of favourite materials....



Experts have discovered why people don’t talk to Siri

The moment when the machine spoke in a human voice, began to understand speech and learned to a meaningful dialogue, it is. Smartphones and other gadgets can not only be...



Published “live” photos of Android-smartphone BlackBerry Venice

Despite the fact that key features of the smartphone-BlackBerry slider Venice were disclosed in mid-June, the question of what software platform it is built, remained open. Early photos of the...



Has released a mobile application that allows you to catch violators of Parking rules

Moscow authorities have launched a new service for smartphones, which allows each resident to become a Parking inspector. Any person with a mobile app “Wizard of Moscow” will be able...



What would happen if a defective Galaxy Note 5 Apple has released

The media often exaggerate the noise, when Apple makes mistakes. Even the most minor. At the same time, the problems with tableta Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not hit the...



Apple did not have time to transfer the personal data of Russians in Russia until September 1

From 1 September in Russia comes into force the law “About the storage and transfer of personal data”. It requires all foreign companies that own email services, social networks or...



What will Apple at the presentation in San Francisco on September 9

This week Apple has officially confirmed that September 9 will be a press conference in San Francisco. Traditionally, the event company does not disclose the reason, but experts in Silicon...



Samsung is willing to pay $200 to those who will abandon the iPhone in favor of the Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+

Last week Samsung launched a marketing campaign, intending to attract iPhone users to its new smartphones. The program, which received high-profile name, Ultimate Test Drive, offers owners of Apple smartphones...

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