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Apple closed the site to developers prior to the presentation of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Portal for software developers for Apple products was closed for updating. When you try to access the site, users see a splash screen announcing the unavailability of the online service....



What will Apple at WWDC on Monday

On Monday, 8 June, Apple will officially open world developer conference – WWDC 2015. The event, which will be broadcast live, is held every year for the past 22 years...



Why are all the best apps come out on iOS before Android

Despite the fact that Android is much more widespread than iPhone, best apps always come out on iOS before: to recall, for example, the application launch Periscope from Twitter, which...



Google Maps go under the water with new views of the underwater world

On panoramas Google, you can view not only the streets of different cities or get lost in the wilds of the Amazon, but also to admire the scenery of the...



The Russians under the guise of Apple employee lured Nigerian fraudster $600

Co-founder of the service mobile advertising AdtoApp ” Artem made who pretend to be a girl from the US of a Nigerian spammer to transfer him $ 600, promising in...



Apple has registered in 2015 in 3 times less patents than Samsung

The U.S. patent office has updated the list of companies that have registered the most patents in 2014. It is believed that the total number of patents is a key...



A survey of retailers indicates low demand for Apple Pay

The results of the survey of retailers indicates a low demand for Apple Pay in the US. The retail network has shared that Apple doesn’t want to take their skepticism...



Google Chrome will extend the lifetime of laptops due to the “smart” block Flash content

Following the criticism of the Chrome browser for excessive load on the battery MacBook Google has implemented in the program mode auto locking Flash on a web page. According to...



Tony Fadell explained why Steve jobs always focused on the “invisible problems”

A former top Manager at Apple, Tony Fadell, who is considered one of the creators of the iPod, shared the secrets of design at TED Talk. He said that the...



Shooter based on the movie “Terminator: Genesis” was released on iOS and Android

In the app store App Store and Google Play debuted game project Terminator Genisys: Revolution. This is the official game based on the new movie “Terminator: Genesis” in which the...



Pebble: Apple deliberately delaying the application for Pebble Time

The owners of the smart watch, the Pebble Time, deliveries of which began in late may, was faced with a serious problem: in the Apple store there is no application...



The Finance Ministry has rejected the idea to tax Apple and Google

Apple and Google will not pay VAT from applications sold to the Russians through online stores of companies. The Finance Ministry has rejected the idea to tax telecommunications services, which...



Kingston introduced a flash drive with two connectors – Type-C and Type-A

Kingston, a well-known supplier of memory modules and the external storage, provided the USB flash drive with reversible USB interface-C. Initially, the new device will be aimed at use with...



Apple vs. Google: who’s who borrows ideas?

Last week, Apple fans accused Google of that Corporation is copying ideas from Apple company. This week already users who prefer devices Google, argue that Cupertino shamelessly steals the unique...



Google has updated the interface of Google Drive for iOS with Material Design

Google continues to update their apps after the release of the operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now the new interface Material Design received the customer service Google Drive. The program...

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