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The Application Yandex.Transport learned to build routes

Yandex has announced that applications Yandeks.Transport. Now it is possible to learn how to get from one point to another on public transport. The routes will be particularly useful in...


How to turn the set-top box Amazon Fire TV $40 in AirPlay receiver

The users of iPhone and iPad had a great opportunity to save money on buying Apple TV, if it is necessary to transmit the television content to the TV screen....


Media: Samsung will make a TouchWiz “smoother and faster” than iOS

Samsung has decided to bring its proprietary software TouchWiz on the level of optimization to the product of its main competitor. In November of this year appeared the information that...


The developers have admitted, why they choose iOS and not Android

Despite the fact that Android smartphones are much more widespread than the iPhone and iPad, the most popular apps always come out on iOS before. Why is it so? The...


What is on the main screens of the iPhone entrepreneurs and representatives of the IT industry

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the app on the home screen of his smartphone or on the number of notifications in


Android 6.1 with the split screen feature will be released in June 2016

Operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow received only 0.5% of the smartphones and tablets ecosystem Google, and companies are already working on version 6.1. According to sources, it will be called...


How to answer SMS messages on the iPhone and Android smartphones without hands

If you drive a car, wash dishes or just too lazy, you’ll probably want to listen to text messages and answer them without physical contact with the smartphone. Just recently,...


A user iPhone 6 Plus refused for a day in favor of the Nexus 5X and told about their impressions

Change your usual smartphone and mobile platform on a new device with a different operating system is not the easiest step. Many users will soon begin to regret the substitution....


71% of Apple mobile devices are running iOS 9, while Android 6.0 Marshmallow has 0.5% market

The final version of iOS 9 came out almost three months ago. Apple has published new data showing that during this time the platform has been installed on 71% of...


Pebble smart watch learned to follow the activity and sleep of the owner

The company Pebble has updated the firmware of its smart watch to version 3.9. Now one of the world’s most popular brands of smart wotcha can be used as an...


iPhone 6s, Apple Watch and iPad Pro has entered the top 10 searches, in Google [video]

In mid-December, Google has traditionally named the ranking of the most popular search queries in the past year. The company analyzes the requests as a whole and the people and...


Smart watch on Android Wear got nine of the dials from designer fashion brands

Owners of smart hours on Android Wear can get nine new design dials. Each of them is decorated in the style of some popular brand. The interfaces are diverse: from...


PhotoFast Card Reader iOS allows you to expand the memory of the iPhone and iPad at the expense of memory cards microSD

Taiwanese company PhotoFast has announced the beginning of sales of its new product PhotoFast Card Reader iOS – the smallest and most versatile on the world market the device for...


The blogger compared the performance of iOS 9.2 and iOS 5 on the iPhone 4s [video]

The Google service that tracks popular search queries, the number of phrases “iPhone Slow” (slow iPhone) after the release of the new iPhone increases dramatically. Boom takes place for several...


Google maps for iOS received support offline mode

Until recently, Google-maps and Bing-maps belonged to the so-called online navigation – we have worked exclusively with the use of mobile Internet, necessary to route and maintain on it. Accordingly,...

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