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10 years with the iPhone: the smartphone has changed the life of Russian officials and businessmen

10 years ago, on 9 January 2007, Apple presented the iPhone first generation smartphone, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of technology and industry. Russian officials and businessmen...



Roskomnadzor has commented on the deletion of the LinkedIn application from App Store

Roskomnadzor has confirmed the appeal to Apple and Google with the requirement to remove from its online stores in Russia LinkedIn application. This told the press Secretary of Department Vadim...



Mozilla recognized as most secure browser-2016

Safari is recognized as the most secure browser of 2016. This is evidenced by the results of research conducted by CVE Details about the number of serious errors in software...



New Trojan for macOS causes computer to stop responding by opening multiple Windows Mail

Experts of antivirus company Kaspersky Labs has discovered a new malware for macOS, which lead to “denial of service” by creating multiple drafts in mail app Mail. In the result,...



GSC Game World has warned about the increase of prices in Russian Steam because of the “tax on Google”

Valve introduces Steam in the Russian additional sales tax digital content. First this was announced by GSC Game World. Prices are expected to rise for all games will be a...



How to prove the advantages of Android fan iPhone

“The iPhone is an expensive and pretentious”, “I love you live Wallpaper curve and the ugly”. Your friend came into the store, looking in the window, the seller does not...



Apple removed the LinkedIn app from the App Store at the request of Roskomnadzor

Apple removed the application from LinkedIn, the online App store at the request of Roskomnadzor. The Agency has included the social network in the register of banned resources on the...



The Ukrainians announced a “killer” AirPods wireless headphones AirPhones, with autonomy of 12 hours and Siri support

Wireless headphones existed before the AirPods, but since Apple presented a completely wireless headset, many considered it their duty to show their vision of such a device. Ukrainian startup Concepter,...



Apple removed the application from The New York Times from the App Store at the request of the Chinese authorities

Apple removed a news app American edition New York Times from the Chinese App Store at the request of PRC authorities. It became known on Thursday, January 5. The Chinese...



ASUS introduced the world’s first smartphone with 8 GB of RAM

Not so long ago in the Network appeared information about the fact that ASUS is preparing to release a smartphone with the technology of Google Tango. On passing these days...



The blogger asked 50 questions Siri and Google Assistant and compared the quality of answers [video]

Apple continues to improve Siri. In iOS 10 personal assistant began to better understand voice queries and more accurate in their responses, found blogger Matt Birchler, which compared the technology...



The new “smart” Samsung TV to replace Apple TV

A new generation of “smart” Samsung TVs will include similar functionality to set-top boxes Apple TV and Google Chromecast. This became known thanks to the updating of the Samsung Smart...



What would you change in iCloud?

iCloud provides a variety of Apple services, including contacts, reminders, calendar, mail, notes and others. All photos, videos, documents, music, apps and other user content stored in the cloud and...



Perfect ten: the first 10 Apple employees

Unlike many other Apple closely associated with only one person — Steve jobs. That is, jobs turned the “Apple” of the firm into the most expensive technology company in the...



Apps in Google Play have risen by 18% after the entry into force of the “tax on Google”

From 1 January in Russia came into force a law that introduces the so-called “tax on Google”. We are talking about the introduction of value added tax to foreign companies...

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