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7 features that we never saw in iOS 11

This week, the annual conference for developers WWDC 2017, in which were presented many new products. Special attention was paid to Apple iOS 11. Platform this fall will find a...



Apple at WWDC 2017 showed the end of an era iPhone

In 1997, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy and was forced to take Microsoft’s investment of $150 million to stay afloat. 10 years later, the company from Cupertino introduced...



8 iOS 11, which is not enough for Android users

Eternal holivar between the followers of iOS and Android, apparently, never stops. Some users advocate the stability and security of the Apple platform, others for the flexibility and openness of...



PayForInstall – easy money with your smartphone

Each of us has a smartphone on iOS or Android, but did you know that you can earn money with your device? Service PayForInstall pays from 10 to 50 rubles...



Journalists in awe of the HomePod: incredible sound quality, impressive bass

On Monday at WWDC Apple unveiled in San Jose a number of new products, including a “smart” music column HomePod with built-in Siri, which is able to communicate with the...



Apple has updated tariff plans for cloud storage iCloud

At the presentation of June 5, which was the announcement of iOS 11, High Sierra macOS and Apple HomePod was announced the reduction of tariffs on iCloud. Now for the...



Tim cook: most devices will never receive Android 8

Despite desperate attempts by Google to solve the problem of fragmentation of Android OS every year the problem is only getting worse. Apple CEO Tim cook drew attention to this...



Column Apple HomePod compared with the bin and women’s tights

Yesterday the curtain of WWDC, when all hope is gone on One More Thing, came on the scene, Tim cook and dispelled doubts. Of course, talking about home column HomePod,...



Yandex.Navigator is now able to show Parking spaces that just opened up

Yandex.Navigator learned to show Parking spaces that just opened up. Now drivers will see where you can put the car, and can save time in finding Parking. The Application Yandex.Navigator...



HomePod: a first look at the “smart” column Apple [video]

Among the novelties presented by Apple in the framework of the WWDC 2017, was “smart” column HomePod with voice assistant Siri. It is not only a sound system, but an...



Apple has announced a “smart” column HomePod

Apple at WWDC 2017 in San Jose introduced the “smart” speaker system HomePod. As expected, the device is a “smart” home assistant to support proprietary voice assistant. In the sale...



Why iMessage will never appear on Android

Before the start of WWDC 2017 hours. In the network, a lot of rumors about software and hardware innovations that Apple will unveil at this event. In October last year...



The app “Moscow-Putin”: ask a video question to the President

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold session of answering questions of Russians live. With the beginning of preparations for the traditional “direct line” which will be held June 15, available...



How to watch the broadcast of the presentation of the WWDC 2017 on iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Apple TV

Monday at 20.00 Moscow time will begin the presentation of new Apple products. The company will broadcast worldwide developers conference live. How to watch the live coverage of WWDC 2017...



Google has improved the speech recognition accuracy to the level of human capabilities

Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana – today, all know these names. Virtual assistants from leading IT giants today are popular among mobile device users. They already arrange a competition among them...

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