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Apple did not protest against the immigration ban trump

58 companies in Silicon valley endorsed filed in the court of the state of Hawaii’s claim against the second the immigration Ordinance Donald trump. However, Apple and other companies, which...



Google Chrome has tempered the appetite of background tabs to save battery

In the new version of Google Chrome browser developers have implemented reduced energy consumption by background tabs. The program learned to “kill” the activity tab that have a positive impact...



IOS users can view web pages without Internet connection

Now users of iOS devices can view web pages without connecting to the Internet. This was announced by the developers of mobile Google Chrome browser. Many Internet users use the...



Expert: the us Apple and Google know the location of one third of the population of Russia

American Corporation Apple and Google know the location of one third of the population of Russia. It is reported by RNS with reference to the report of research company InfoWatch....



Mazda will add support for Apple CarPlay for all cars with Mazda Connect

According to Mazda Motor Corporation, soon all cars of the brand will get on-Board infotainment systems that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. At the moment none of the Japanese...



Presented the world’s first iPhone case with built-in Android smartphone [video]

ESTI, the Israeli company announced an unusual accessory for the iPhone called Eye. Novelty is a case that turns the Apple smartphone into a phone running Android. The user has...



Microsoft have implemented ads in the menu “start” Windows 10

Microsoft recently more aggressive promoting and advertising inside of Windows 10. It was recently reported about is the OneDrive cloud in the default Explorer of the OS, and now it...



Murtazin called the law about slowing down the Internet “madness at the level of the law Spring”

The leading analyst of company Mobile Research Group called “crazy” amendments to the legislation that would allow the court to slow down access to the sites to offenders. This opinion...



Smart jacket from Google and Levi’s will appear this fall at a price of $350

Google and Levi’s have developed a “smart” jacket Commuter Trucker Jacket. Users can answer calls, control music playback and navigation and other tasks without taking your smartphone out of your...



Media: the Russian authorities plan to slow down access to sites.

A number of foreign Internet companies ignore the decisions of the Russian courts and state authorities, citing the fact that they work according to the laws of the countries in...



Samsung and Xiaomi are sold with pre-installed viruses

The Android operating system has long holds the reputation of being the most filled with viruses the mobile platform, ahead of iOS and Windows. Google is trying to counter the...



Experts recommend to stick with the iPhone camera after the latest WikiLeaks revelations

While some of the American public were waiting for dirt on the President of the United States Donald trump, wanting to reason for impeachment, became a real sensation of new...



8 functions and features from Android that Apple needs to copy iOS 11

Hard to call it Android lagging behind iOS. In many aspects of the operating system Google is not just equaled the ease of use with the “Apple” platform but surpassed...



Swiss TAG Heuer next week will present a “smart” clock on Android Wear 2.0

At the beginning of year it became known that Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer is preparing to release a new smart watch running Android Wear 2.0. The presentation of the...



Sailfish OS Rus, the first Russian mobile OS, which will replace the iOS and Android

Scientists city Innopolis has developed several innovative projects, which after a few years can change the lives of every Russian. One of these projects will be the Russian smartphones running...

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