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Apple joined the Wireless Power consortium on the background of rumors of wireless charging in the iPhone 8

The list of companies included in the Wireless Power consortium, added another party – Apple. The news came amid rumours about the development of iPhone that supports wireless charging. Organization...



10 things the iPhone changed our lives

10 years ago Nokia was the king of the mobile market, but that all changed on January 9 2007 when Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone mobile phone, music player...



Experts have told how the iPhone affects the brain and makes us more stupid

Rest assured, your beloved iPhone weakens your brain. This writes the Nv with reference to the journalist Markham Hyde of the Motto. When the birthday of your best friend? Check...



How to kill Android: the experts identified three main issues with the latest OS versions

For the experienced user and developer of Android applications has always been a very convenient OS. Open source, rich features and the lack of strict control from the side of...



“Rostelecom” removed “killer” of Skype from the app stores

The company “Rostelecom” has removed the recently released messenger app for sharing audio and video, “alle” from the App Store and Google Play. The first users have left such negative...



Study: iPhone owners refuse to meet with Android users

IPhone owners refuse Dating with those who use smartphones running on Android. To such conclusion analysts of the service survey of 5,500 users in the United States. The experts...



Android 7.0 Nougat is installed on only 1.2% of supported devices, iOS 10 – 76%

Apple and Google have published statistics on the prevalence of different versions of iOS and Android. As it turned out, the current at the moment the Android platform 7.0 Nougat...



LG and Google officially introduced the “smart” watches Watch Sport and the Watch Style for Android Wear 2.0

LG has officially unveiled “smart” watches Watch, Watch Sport and Style. Both models created in collaboration with Google and running Android Wear 2.0. Watch, Watch Sport and Style are based...



Google learned how to recover pictures on several pixels

The team of the project Google Brain has developed a computer algorithm that is able to “recreate” the images having the source code of only 64 pixels. Scenes from the...



5 ideas that Android copied Apple and has perfected

In may and June of this year will take place the Google I/O conference and Apple’s WWDC, in which Google and Apple will unveil new versions of its mobile OS....



YouTube for iOS and Android have discovered a hidden function of fast forward

In the new version of mobile client YouTube the developers have added a feature to fast forward. This option was not stated in the list of updates, and was discovered...



FAS and Apple “close positions” in the case of price collusion between retailers when sales of the iPhone

FAS and Apple “close positions” in proceedings of a possible coordination of prices on the iPhone. About it reports the edition “Interfax”, which quoted the head of the Federal Antimonopoly...



Media: in the summer Apple will introduce augmented reality glasses created in collaboration with Carl Zeiss

Apple is developing their own equivalent of “smart” points Google Glass. A new device is created together with the company Carl Zeiss, and will include augmented reality technology. According to...



The first sample photos taken with the camera Samsung Galaxy S8

In March, Samsung will introduce its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. One of the important updates novelty should be the built-in camera. According to reports, she kept a resolution of...



Lenovo unveiled rival the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a touch keyboard and $299

Lenovo introduced a hybrid tablet computer A12 Yoga, acting in the same niche 12.9-inch iPad Pro. On the side of the Chinese universal device form factor, involving the use of...

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