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Apple will allow you to embed Google ads in Apple News

Apple will be allowed to use ad units in the Google news aggregator of Apple News, reports AdAge. According to the plan of the company, it will help to increase...



The answer is Google 3D Touch on the iPhone is doomed to failure

Google has created a line of smartphones Pixel iPhone as the answer and claim to leadership in the mobile market. The result can hardly be called successful: as for premium...



Why does everyone hate the new Skype

Microsoft has radically changed the design of the application Skype, and everything went wrong. The company now gets a painful feedback from users of the service. Resource 42.tut leads the...



Siri can leave clients of Sberbank and “Tinkoff Bank” without any money in the account

For the first nine months of the savings Bank and the Apple hasn’t solved the problem with Siri. At the end of last year, recall, users found that the iPhone...



How to turn your Mac or Windows PC to Apple TV

You have a 27-inch iMac or Mac mini with a large monitor. Why not use them as a replacement for Apple TV? Instead of watching a movie on an iPhone...



Apple CEO Tim cook visited Sun Valley – summer camp for billionaires

Apple CEO Tim cook visited the landmark conference Sun Valley, reports Businessinsider, who published pictures of the top Manager. Along with a major Corporation in the event participated the Vice-President...



The new Google app “& sync” is now available for download on Mac and Windows

Google has opened access to a new tool for data backup “& sync”. Presented in June, the tool became available for download on Mac and Windows after a two-week delay....



The artist has lied to Apple and Google, calling the street by its name

Artist named Yulu GE named a street in the capital of China in his name, deceiving map services from Apple and Google. The company did not notice the trick. In...



Samsung will launch its own analogue iCloud for smartphones Galaxy

Fresh rumors indicate that Samsung plans to launch its own similar to the cloud service iCloud. And, as reported, it will be available not only to users of premium smartphones,...



The flagship of the Google Pixel 2 XL may obtain a pressure-sensitive side faces

This year Google is planning to introduce two new reference Android smartphone Pixel, one of which will be a big phablet XL Pixel 2 codenamed Taimen. And recently, the media...



WhatsApp does not protect the personal data from the authorities

The WhatsApp messenger is the worst of all protects the personal data of the users, suggests a report from the human rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is best to...



Siri is still the most popular voice assistant, but the number of users has decreased significantly

Siri remains the most popular voice assistant smartphone users, according to research company Verto Analytics. The monthly number of unique users is reduced, this applies to popular technologies. Analysts surveyed...



Roskomnadzor wants to include in the register Apple, Microsoft and Google

Roskomnadzor is in talks with several major foreign companies including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and WhatsApp on inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. This was told by...



In iOS 11 changed tracking your location on iPhone and iPad

IOS 11, Apple has added a more visual notice to the user of when an application collects location information in the background. Mapping app or a fitness program can use...



Android found 7.1 detection mode panic the user

The new version of Android found the unusual function of “detection Mode panic.” It is activated if the smartphone owner is behaving strangely. The function will help to get out...

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